Another one bites the dust

16 February 2010 13

I have just heard that Fruitylicious in Gungahlin has closed its doors and is moving to Spence. It is a brilliant vegie/deli/coffee shop run by people who care. This is very disappointing as it was one of the better places to shop in Gungahlin. But I can’t blame them – they have to go where the customers are.

It follows in a long line of businesses closing, or moving out of the area. I was very sad when Retro Kids had to close down. I think the problem is a real lack of office space, meaning that there are hardly any customers during the week.

It seems that Gungahlin is destined to become a precinct full of coffee shops, take-aways and For Lease signs, with all the locals travelling to Belconnen or Civic to do real shopping. How has it come to this? The lack of planning in this area is appalling.


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13 Responses to Another one bites the dust
MudLark MudLark 5:47 pm 14 Jun 10

Apparently Fruitylicious is due to open in Spence in a couple of weeks (it wasn’t open on Saturday when I tried to get some groceries there!).

hawko47 hawko47 10:53 am 18 Feb 10

I have to agree with H1NGO. i used to be a loyal customer when they were primarily fruit/veg and deli but when they decided to “diversify” it started to smell of the desperation of a business in decline. I live in Hibberson St and I actually ended up having to make a complaint regarding the megaphone which was constantly being used under my window and annoying the crap out of my partner and I. It’s noisy enough as is but this had us feeling like we were living in a supermarket! While the management made appropriate apologies they also used the excuse that other customers thought it added to the “market” atmosphere. Unfortunately it was the death knell for what was once a great shop.

H1NG0 H1NG0 3:34 pm 17 Feb 10


Unfortunately I now get my vegies at Woolies simply because they stock most of the vegies I am after. On the odd occasion I will travel to Belco markets but its a bit out of the way to do it regularly. I would kill for Harris Farm Markets to come to Gungahlin. Nothing beats a good green grocer.

Same goes for fresh seafood but luckily we have the van that appears in the Gungahlin Magnet Mart carpark every weekend. It is awesome.

Even though I had no real need to shop there, its too bad Fruitylicious has moved on. The variety was good for Gungahlin and seemed to have a select bunch of loyal customers.

hax hax 1:03 pm 17 Feb 10

Gungahlin shopping sucks – it seems a real pain to get to ANY shop, never able to park near where I want to go, and I generally hate driving anywhere near the place.
Always willing to go out of my way to shop elsewhere… who cares?

SolarPowered SolarPowered 12:10 pm 17 Feb 10

H1NGO, I can definitely see your point about Fruitylicious trying to do too many things, but I didn’t mind too much. Where do you get your greens from now?

And I never saw them out with a loud speaker – that’s a bit cheeky.

I wonder what will move in, if anything?

Crypto50 Crypto50 11:12 am 17 Feb 10

Well, I’ve posted before about the state of the Spence supermarket. It would be good if that shop was contributing to the amenity of the ‘hood. Yes and I empathise with the lack of a decent vibe in Gungahlin. Sad fact is that the proprietor has burned an awful lot of goodwill with the way the Spence supermarket was run down. The takeaway shop at Spence had several different owners and is now a pharmacy so maybe this move will be a good fit. wait and see

H1NG0 H1NG0 9:52 am 17 Feb 10

Fruitylicious suffered the problems of not knowing what it wanted to be. It couldn’t decide whether it was a cafe, deli, patisserie or grocer. Unfortunately the only thing it seemed to be good at was the deli side of things.

When it opened, it was a rather good grocer and was worth the trip. As they started tacking on other sections, there was increasingly less fresh fruit and vegies. Thats when I stopped going. In my opinion, they gave up on the one thing that Gungahlin needed.

I also didn’t appreciate them aiming their loud hailer at Gloria Jean’s and telling their customer to try “real coffee”. Poor form.

Danman Danman 8:21 am 17 Feb 10

I remember a few summers ago, I was waiting in line at Frutylicious and it was a particularly hot day.

The line was about 7 people long on both sides, so the lady that seemed to be manager came out and started handing out those mini gelato cones to all the waiting customers.

That is the kind of service we shopped there for, and they had a great variety of deli meats and cheese, including Jindy triple brieas well as fresh f+v (Better than coles or woolies FF+V).

I note that there is a new deli/wog shop (I say wog shop in th emost endearing way, as I am only 1st generation Aussie/Maltese) outside Woolies, but its nowhere near as big, or have as much variety.

Vale fruitylicious, another one bites the dust to what must only be exhuberant lease charges along that strip.

lizw lizw 7:44 am 17 Feb 10

Fruitylicious went at the end of January. They have gone to Spence because the owners also own the little supermarket out there. I was also sad to see Retrokids go.

Planning for Gungahlin was stuffed up years ago, despite the numerous meetings, workshops, and planning sessions member of the community attended and contributed to. Years ago (I’m talking early to mid 90’s) we were promised a government department, but they’ve gone to the airport. We also had one section of a federal department, but they also have disappeared.

We were promised so much, and so little has been delivered. I love living out here, but the lack of a quality town centre is disappointing. After 18 years of development, I think we could reasonably expect better than we have.

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 9:35 pm 16 Feb 10

I don’t understand how Spence is better then?

futto futto 9:16 pm 16 Feb 10

i wonder how many people live in Gunghalin and commute to the barren office ghetto at the Airport? It’s sad that we can’t do a better job at putting these large offices closer to where people live.

The centerlink offices in Tuggers has been really good. They are really getting a decent cafe strip going there now which is nice to see. People can live close by, work, go to the shops and out to lunch.

annoyedcan annoyedcan 9:14 pm 16 Feb 10

It does not help the roads are not in the right spot as planned. Access into town centre from GDE is pathetic. And the Fed Govt refuses to move a department out this way instead moving to snowtown or civic (department of workplace relations and education office could of been built instead on the old QE hospital site). Each town centre has two Fed Govt departments but none for Gungahlin. Maybe when Fraser becomes liberal things might change (as if !!!!!!!! it will be labour and they won’t do anything cause people will vote for them).

But the ACT govt will not move anyone ACT public service out that way either when they a building a big building in civic for all departments (in the car park next to the assembly)

grumpyrhonda grumpyrhonda 9:07 pm 16 Feb 10

I heard this on the news tonight and was so disappointed. Fruitylicious is a great shop. The staff were always welcoming and attentive in their services.
Gungahlin now seems to be made up of larger grocery stores, office space and coffee shops. There’s nothing worth shopping for there.

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