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Another police chase ends badly

By Skidbladnir - 19 December 2007 123

According to the The ABC, the Clea Rose coronial inquest is due to publish findings today.
But in a bad case of unfortunate timing, the ABC are also reporting that a 17 year old male is in a serious condition after a bungled police chase last night.

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123 Responses to
Another police chase ends badly
Sammy 2:18 pm 19 Dec 07

The use of the term ‘bungled’ in this post is both inflammatory and potentially erroneous.

vandam 1:50 pm 19 Dec 07

Skidbladnir – try driving down that street at night (when the crash happened) and see if you can spot every car in the everyones driveway doing probably lets say 80Km/h! How can you comment on Police actions when you don’t even know the circumstances? That street is a very dark street with very poor lighting. If Police are chasing a car, they are hardly looking for a car into a tree!

Mr Evil 1:49 pm 19 Dec 07

I wasn’t alleging anything; just curious that’s all. I thought it was interesting that so many of the little pieces seemed to fit together.

Anyway, just because the Police intercepted this idiot in Tyson St doesn’t necessarily mean he lives there.

Thumper 1:45 pm 19 Dec 07

Old enough to have a licence then old enough to be treated as an adult in the courts, I reckon…

Skidbladnir 1:43 pm 19 Dec 07

@Mr Evil: Either way, he is still a minor so will not be identified, and alleging it was he who did this may be pushing a fine line too far.

Skidbladnir 1:38 pm 19 Dec 07

1) After the chase, he crashed. Something went wrong, and I’m hesitant to believe police’s initial statements about anything requiring internal investigation.
2) They drove past and failed to spot the crashed vehicle in ‘pursuing’ it.

vandam 1:38 pm 19 Dec 07

People forget the whole thing about pursuits. If Police dont engage in pursuits, then every person out there will not stop if being pulled over for a minor traffic offence! So what would happen if Police stopped traffic stops altogether? There would be dangerous unroadworthy cars on the road. crime would skyrocket. Cars being stolen, stolen property being transported, pissed drivers – which would result in higher taxes to compensate insurance claims, more deaths on the roads, more road rage, more crashes, more people in hospital…..the list goes on!

People need to realise that Police need to chase to protect so many other issues in the wider community. It’s not just about the Police chasing the bad guy!

Mr Evil 1:34 pm 19 Dec 07

17 yr old male – Tyson St, Ainslie?

Mmmmm, wouldn’t Clea’s killer be 17 by now, and didn’t he come from Ainslie – coincidence?

vandam 1:32 pm 19 Dec 07

Sounds like the Police were doing their job! Good on them. It will be the best punishment for him. If only the courts could issue injuries! lol. Anyway he deserves what he gets. ‘A teenager well known to Police’ He must have great parents!! No doubt they’ll blame the coppers and make a nuisance of them selves. Media loves that sh*t!

Sands 1:31 pm 19 Dec 07

Hmm, probably a bit too simplistic. Yeah, they speed more than others. But this issue is about accidents that occur during a police chase and who’s ultimately responsible for that accident.

There’s a line. Obviously police aren’t going to chase a car at excessive speeds during a residential suburb. But if they need to pull a car over for whatever reason (RBT, speeding, stolen car etc) and that car speeds off – of course they’re going to chase them!

Jonathon Reynolds 1:30 pm 19 Dec 07

I hardly see how the chase was “bungled” (I assume you are implying causing the crash) when the Police were at least 30 seconds behind the vehicle. But I guess you would rather the police did absolutely nothing to apprehend individuals breaking (or reasonably suspected of breaking) the law.

la mente torbida 1:26 pm 19 Dec 07

Seems to me it’s more a case of another 17 year old speeding ends up badly.

Sands 1:14 pm 19 Dec 07

lucky the little sh*t didn’t have anyone in the car with him. I doubt he would have taken their safety into consideration when hooning off.

Thumper 1:10 pm 19 Dec 07

I agree.

“Police say the teenager was well known to police and was wanted in relation to several criminal offences.”

And then he thought he could out run them? Obviously no respect whatsoever for the law, for other people, for other people’s property, and other people’s wellbeing.

Yes, it’s sad that he crashed and has serious injuries, but he made the decision to take off, as much as he made the decision to possibly be involved in other crimes.

Put simply, it’s all of his own doing.

piperdoon 1:05 pm 19 Dec 07

sorry, why am I supposed to feel sorry for a scrote whose own actions led to his situation?

When they take someone else out why do we blame the police?

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