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Another road discussion!

By 00davist 22 July 2012 63

So, with the recent discussions surrounding the fatal crash in Chifley, and the eating of pie while driving in conversation, I have been left again with the thought, ‘What can be done?’

In the end, I thought that might be something to throw over to everyone, and see what ideas are out there.

To help kick this off, here’s some of my thoughts:

I agree with the idea of power limits for younger drivers, yes, there is the argument that even smaller cars can hit high speeds, but more powerful cars and cars with turbo’s etc, can be easier for inexperienced drivers to lose control.

Trucks are (meant to be) fitted with speed limiters, and other devices, why not look into devices that can be fitted to the cars of repeat offenders, such as phone signal jammers for those who have been caught on the phone, speed and rev limiters for hoons, or traction control that can’t be disabled for those caught doing burnouts.

I realise a number of these things could, and would be overridden by those intent on breaking the law, but like disabling the speed limiter in a truck, that would become an offence in itself.

There is a lot of technology already in use for other purposes, which could be put into use for the protection of other road users.

Most modern cars have chips inside the keys that will not allow the car to start, unless a scanner in the car recognises the key, this helps prevent theft by forcing the lock, or cutting another key, could similar technology not be applied to licences in some way?

The issues that irritate me most:

    1)      Young drivers, and high speeds, they become out of control flying steel death traps.

    2)      Older drivers, and low speeds, if it’s a sunny, dry day, and you’re doing 50 in an 80 zone, you are a dangerous obstacle to the flow of traffic.

    3)      Over cautious drivers, they become very unpredictable and erratic.

    4)      Drivers who don’t understand rules and courtesy’s surrounding lanes, merging and roundabouts.

    5)      Tailgating, it is a problem that seems (by my observation) to be big in the ACT.

Does anyone have any bright ideas, other pet peeves, steam to vent or comments to make about road safety in the ACT and Surrounds?

What’s Your opinion?

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Another road discussion!
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JC 5:23 pm 24 Jul 12

Felix the Cat said :

Postalgeek said :

Felix the Cat said :

What about at a roundabout, if you are going straight ahead and there are two lanes and someone approaches from the right on the inside lane and you are in the outside lane are you allowed to proceed in the clear lane? I thought you could and had a guy road rage me quite badly two days in a row at the same roundabout. He had his own lane to go around in and was indicating that he was going right.

Forgive me if I’ve got this wrong, but are you asking if it’s okay to drive across traffic entering or that has already entered the roundabout on your right (not the adjacent lane running parallel to yours on your right)?

They are coming from my right and turning right while I’m going straight ahead and we are both in seperate lanes (I’m in left, he’s in right lane). This illustration below of a similar roundabout may help to work out what I’m trying to describe.

I realise the rule is give way to traffic already in the roundabout but as we could both continue our respective journey without impeding each other I didn’t think anyone needed to give way.

To be clear lets say you have a 4 way round about, with each of the approaches numbered clockwise from 1, 2, 3 and 4. If I understand correct you are saying is you are entering in the left lane at 1 and exiting on 3 (straight ahead) and the other car is entering at 4 and exiting at 3.

In which case you would be well within your rights to enter as you will be using the left hand lane and he the right hand lane.

Having said that the way some cars drive I wouldn’t be game to do it in the interest of avoiding an accident. Same too with give way at roundabouts. I just give way to anyone approaching from my right (and anyone else already on the roundabout), even though by law if I enter the round-about first they have to give way to me.

Antagonist 3:07 pm 24 Jul 12

Felix the Cat said :

They are coming from my right and turning right while I’m going straight ahead and we are both in seperate lanes (I’m in left, he’s in right lane). This illustration below of a similar roundabout may help to work out what I’m trying to describe.

I wait until those cars in the right lane have passed. That car in the right lane that appears to be turning right only has to flick his left indicator on and proceed straight ahead (instead of turning right) and he will T-bone you as he tries to exit the roundabout. You will be at fault because you did not give way to the right. A car in the right lane is under no obligation to turn right. They can continue on straight ahead if they so wish.

Personally I don’t risk it. I wait until both lanes are clear. If impatient d!ckheads want to get on the horn – not my problem. I hope they have a brain anuerysm from their self-influcted stress. And I will blow them a kiss in the rear view mirror just to wind them up some more.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 1:13 pm 24 Jul 12

Innovation said :

VYBerlinaV8_is_back said :

Most people honk because they are idiots. I’ve been honked for not entering a roundabout because a B-double was using both lanes to ease through and I figured I’d just let let him go.

The best thing to do is simply to drive sensibly, defensively and make sure you are always in full control of your vehicle.

The funniest one I had was a guy that honked me when I was turning off the M2. I paused on a green light because there was a semi turning on my left (and I thought he might go right across without seeing me) and I couldn’t clearly see past the bushes on the right to see if there was any red light runners. The funny bit was this guy then roared past me and 60 km’s later I was still only about 100 metres behind him…..

Amazing, isn’t it. I had family members injured in an accident with a red light runner some years back, so I always check first too.

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