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Another tilt at the windmill of pay parking in the parliamentary zone

By johnboy - 30 July 2009 69

[First filed: July 29, 2009 @ 08:42]

The Canberra Times brings the happy news that a “joint taskforce” of the National Capital Authority and the ACT Government (what a meeting of great minds that must be) is having another go at working through the issues of getting paid parking going in the green and leafy environs of Parliament House.

    The National Capital Authority confirmed yesterday it would chair an inter-governmental committee to review parking in the Parliamentary Zone as well as Barton and Russell, where tens of thousands of Commonwealth public servants currently park for free.

    ”The committee will develop options for managing parking on national land, taking into account the special needs of visitors and volunteers,” NCA chief executive Gary Rake said.

The wily procedural warriors who currently enjoy the free parking have quietly killed off every previous effort. Representing significantly more accomplished individuals than anything the NCA or ACT Government have to offer.

Allocated free spaces for everyone higher than EL1 might just crack it though.

UPDATED: Gary Humphries has come out with all guns blazing declaring this paid parking will come in “OVER MY DEAD BODY“.

And then, perhaps demonstrating considerable faith in the ongoing misery of the ACT’s public transport system, Gary finished with this:

    “My message to Jon Stanhope is this: fix the buses, then we’ll talk about paid parking!”

Senator Humphries has gone so far as to start a petition.

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69 Responses to
Another tilt at the windmill of pay parking in the parliamentary zone
ant 12:16 pm 29 Jul 09

DFAT aren’t actually in the Parliamentary Triangle, although I think they’ve got some other definition which is larger, a precinct. Either way, when they start building the Climate Change building on their carpark, things will get interesting.

A question though, if pay parking is introduced, then that surely will change the FBT situation for all departments, and Parliament House, too? Where there’s no pay parking it shoudl be fairly simple for those departments who have special places for the SES people, but once there is pay parking, they’ll have to salary package these peoples’ parking payments or cop the liability?

dr phil 10:48 am 29 Jul 09


johnboy 10:25 am 29 Jul 09

Well, local politicians don’t pay for their cars either, so it all works out!

indigoid 10:24 am 29 Jul 09

I love being a motorcyclist! Free parking pretty much everywhere, and it is always quite close to where I want to be, too, and easily accessible. I truly relish the smug, gloating, pitiless look I can give car drivers struggling for a park in their Falcodores and urban terrorist 4WD vehicles. 🙂

If you work 9-5 at Russell (I don’t, but my SO does) you can apparently shave 10-15 minutes off each end of your working day by riding a bike instead of driving a car. Park directly outside your building, instead of what is locally known as Siberia…

TBH I haven’t had a need to park my bike at APH yet. Is there good motorcycle parking there?

housebound 10:03 am 29 Jul 09

Bring it on, I say. We desperately need short-stay parking that is properly policed. Pay parking is the only way I can see that it could happen. It is currently very difficult when you have a 1-hour meeting.

By the way, our local politicians also don’t pay for parking. How about some real pay parking equity?

neanderthalsis 9:55 am 29 Jul 09

So what happens to tourists visiting our national attractions such as the NGA, OPH, APH, National Science Centre and the National Library? Will they have to pay?

Parking in Barton is a bit of a nightmare. Even with DAFF gone it still seems like you need to be here by 7:30 to get a park. I’m lucky in that I have an allocated basement carpark and don’t have to fight for a spot on Macquarie st or the horrid mud puddle on Blackall.

PigDog 9:22 am 29 Jul 09

realityskin said :

It is actually in DFATS CA that employees get free parking.

Where does it say that?

Pandy 9:19 am 29 Jul 09

The truth would be that the Federal government would get proabaly get a 50% cut. Lets not forget that parking in Belconnen near and on the government buildings is in many cases on Federal land. Guess what folks, you pay.

DFATS might have free parking, but the department cannot escape the FBT. In some Departments, the employee pays for the FBT and gets a rostered car park. Seems fair to me.

Thumper 9:13 am 29 Jul 09

+1 for VY’s comment and PBO’s as well.

PBO 9:12 am 29 Jul 09

Just another example of our local government trying to milk all it can from the federal government. Local government trying to charge people for parking on federal land does not seem right to me.

arescarti42 9:01 am 29 Jul 09

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

Why do we need pay parking at all?

Some would say it is because the ACT Government enjoys the revenue, others would say it is an effective way of managing the demand for parking (i.e. if it were free, demand would outstrip supply).

The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

realityskin 9:00 am 29 Jul 09

It is actually in DFATS CA that employees get free parking.

Pandy 8:59 am 29 Jul 09

Because everyone else has to pay.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:56 am 29 Jul 09

Why do we need pay parking at all?

Pandy 8:50 am 29 Jul 09

EL2’s in many departments already get an allocated berth. Sure they pay for it. But hey, are they not human like the rest of us and also have to drop of kids etc and then have to fight for a park?

If the Government continues to insist that new buildings in the Traingle have to provide some parking (looks they are not guaranteeing this) and the parks are then balloted to the employees taking into consideration shift workers, than I don’t have a problem with paid parking. Everyone gets a chance to get a space. Oh better public transport is also a must too.

Anyone who complains about being forced to pay for paid parking gets no sympathy from me.

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