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Another whacky flailing-arm non-inflatable headless chopstick man sprouts up on the shores of Lake Tuggeranong

By fnaah - 19 December 2008 71

According to the ABC, the “sister-sculpture” of the public artwork on the Yamba Drive roundabout has swung into life on the shores of Lake Tuggeranong.

People are apparently complaining that the ACT Government probably could have found a local artist instead of a Kiwi to do the work, thereby wasting a perfectly good chance to complain about the relative merit of the piece itself (especially since we have one already).

Pics anyone? One might assume that it’s not terribly different from the aformentioned sculpture in Woden.

[ED – I particularly liked the chiefly saying his art purchasing should be judged on the same standard as the national gallery]

UPDATED: Skidbladnir has sent in some photos. Slideshow below:


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71 Responses to
Another whacky flailing-arm non-inflatable headless chopstick man sprouts up on the shores of Lake Tuggeranong
Pommy bastard 1:05 pm 19 Dec 08

I’ve always thought the Yamba Drive excreta was a broken clock? You’re telling me it’s a “sculpture?”

Thumper 1:01 pm 19 Dec 08

It’s absolutely horrendous…

R. Slicker 12:55 pm 19 Dec 08

Didn’t you love the comment on the ABC this morning when someone said that the new artwork “would help people make sense of their lives”.

Skidbladnir 12:49 pm 19 Dec 08

How long will it be before Price has more sculptural spawn swinging all over town?

There’s a note on this one saying that its the _final_ Whirligig Man.

Skidbladnir 12:48 pm 19 Dec 08

Just emailed Jb some photos.

New Yeah 12:44 pm 19 Dec 08

We now have a ‘sister-sculpture’! How long will it be before Price has more sculptural spawn swinging all over town? I’ve got no problem with his work or with the ACT Govt purchasing them, or other large public sculptures for that matter.

p1 12:44 pm 19 Dec 08

I can’t believe that people will protest against wind farms because they don’t like the look, then the mayor can put up a non-functioning wind turbine in the city.

barking toad 12:36 pm 19 Dec 08

The mayor has delusions of grandeur and is becoming unhinged as he erects monuments to himself in his last term in office as he attempts to emulate brother kim, dear leader.

Insignificant mayors of bush municipalities should really just concentrate on the basics – roads, rates and rubbish.

Although, in an obscure sense, I guess he has concentrated on the last of the three.

ant 12:31 pm 19 Dec 08

peterh said :

no, blue poles was painted by a 3yo.

Drunks Did It.

wishuwell 12:31 pm 19 Dec 08

peterh, Blue Poles isn’t worth millions of dollars because it will never be for sale. It can only ever be worth its original purchase price. Less of course the cost of keeping securing and restoring which I have heard is anything up to 85 million so far and rising. I’m not going to be sarcastic and say something like “wow what a bargain that purchase turned out to be” ’cause it is a significant painting. I just use it as an example of how people can get carried away with art. Want to make money out of publicly owned works of art? Insure then destroy.

E.L.K 12:25 pm 19 Dec 08

i’ll answer that for you…. No

E.L.K 12:24 pm 19 Dec 08

I agree that blue poles is rubbish, and I agree that we dont need two pieces of phil prices sculpture, but I feel that Phil Price is a creative genius, could your 3yo make Diornus Maximus?

sepi 12:24 pm 19 Dec 08

I like blue poles and the whirlygig chicks!

fnaah 12:21 pm 19 Dec 08

I happen to like Blue Poles, but I hardly think you can compare the Whirlygig Men Statues to it.

peterh 11:56 am 19 Dec 08

the CM’s comment:
“Is it seriously suggested that the National Gallery shouldn’t have purchased Blue Poles because the artist is an American, that’s trite and nonsensical.”

no, blue poles was painted by a 3yo. my daughter turns out similar works for the sake of art. Blue poles is rubbish. expensive, but still rubbish. and a 3yo wants their payment in toys, or lollies. not millions of dollars…

the orange arm swinging thing is a waste of money. to call it art is a bit far fetched.

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