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I-filed 12 April 2007 15

Those who still feel for Joe Cinque’s family nearly ten years from his death at the hand of Anu Singh can watch Stateline on ABC TV tomorrow night (Friday) 7.30 for an update…

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15 Responses to Anu Singh on Stateline
I-filed I-filed 9:56 am 31 Dec 08

By the way, several of the law student ‘dinner party guests’ who knew Singh’s intentions on the night are practising law … it’s disgusting that the legal closed shop has protected their identities.

imhotep imhotep 11:52 pm 30 Dec 08


From memory, Garner quoted Ken Crispin (before becoming a judge) as saying that he never understood the faith that people place in the judicial system. He did nothing to improve that faith.


Pandy Pandy 11:27 pm 30 Dec 08

Is she still in Australia?

sepi sepi 10:26 pm 30 Dec 08

She has no remorse for killing someone who never did a thing against her. She says things like ‘what happened that night’ instead of ‘when I killed him’.

I am normally quite sympathetic to people, but I have none for her at all.

Thumper Thumper 10:18 pm 30 Dec 08

Singh only escaped life in prison due to the incomprehensible rulings of the ACT court system. The legal fraternity here should hang their collective heads in shame.

I-filed I-filed 9:59 pm 30 Dec 08

Undecided, Anu Singh is a narcissist and a sociopath. Please don’t make the mistake of sympathising with her. Singh murdered Joe Cinque in cold blood, and it’s unfortunate for all of us that she went through the Canberra court system, or she would have been put away. She has never expressed remorse.

Most telling is the fact that even that old libertarian Phillip Adams found her chilling to interview. And I don’t think the sympathetic documentary about her ever saw the light of day – the film-maker must have decided he couldn’t handle being tainted by her.

undecided undecided 9:03 pm 30 Dec 08

I’ve only just sort of been made aware of this tragic story, although it was definitely there in my self-absorbed youth, but to be perfectly honest, I’m torn? After reading the book I was outraged but after reading Anu’s words I had to stop and think, do i really want to persecute a person who is similar to us all in a way? Obviously she had/has issues, but what support was really made available to her, but on the other hand, how is the system supposed to identify such issues? Confused, but saddened from knowing that it happened.

bonfire bonfire 9:17 am 17 Apr 07

she is a demon.

but the cinques have another child.

they should let go.

singh should be sterilised.

I-filed I-filed 9:26 pm 16 Apr 07

Absolutely don’t let Singh off the hook, seepi. In her interview with Phillip Adams she referred to her crime in the third person, never acknowledging her role. But I so wish the poor Cinques could move on – or just start to.

seepi seepi 10:24 pm 14 Apr 07

The whole thing is very bizarre, and very sad.

Yet again psych services in Australia falls short. the book details Anu behaving oddly for some time before she killed her boyfriend and her own parents trying to have her committed, but nothing was done.

julie julie 8:58 pm 14 Apr 07

I am halfway through Joe Cinque’s Consolation after watching Stateline last night. I bought the book several years ago and it sat on the shelf … Helen Garner is a bit too self referential in the telling but it’s truthful and powerful … Anu Singh is not to be pitied and the Cinques did not get fair treatment.

bobbo123 bobbo123 4:47 pm 13 Apr 07

Singh is a low life psycho

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 12:26 pm 13 Apr 07

Anu went to ANU lol

Kate of Meat Kate of Meat 11:09 am 13 Apr 07

Anybody know if Anu has been admitted for legal practice yet? Heard she’d finished off her Masters and was putting the application in.

morgan morgan 9:13 am 13 Apr 07

post production is pretty much finished on THE DINNER PARTY… full length feature loosely based on the Joe Cinque murder

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