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Any Good *Delivered* Pizza in Canberra?

By nhand42 26 November 2013 29

Is there anywhere left in Canberra that makes and delivers good pizza?

To clarify, Dominos and Pizza Hut are both abominations. And Crust is not that far removed from the garbage served by Dominos and Pizza Hut.

Good Pizza is something assembled by a 60+ year old man from the old country; for example, the pizza from Steve’s Melba Takeaway. But he doesn’t deliver 🙁

I’m suffering from the absolute hell-hole that is Canberra pizza franchises. They are all insults to pizza. Which restaurants know how to make pizza and also deliver?

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Any Good *Delivered* Pizza in Canberra?
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sj20 10:20 am 21 Jan 16

Pizza Gusto +1, but also 10” Custom Pizzeria in Hamlet!! Beautiful; the meatballs were delicate and tasty little homemade meatballs on a light but incredible tomato base, some basil and a touch of cheese all on very light, crispy woodfired crust!! Can you tell I love it just a little? 😉

batmantrilogy 6:19 pm 18 Jan 16

Would have loved if pizza gusto would have started the delivery !

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 8:39 pm 26 Nov 13

Got ham, I miss KC’s. Best pizza ever.

Failing that however, watch and so this. So easy and so awesome.

IrishPete 7:46 pm 26 Nov 13

I’m too lazy to make the dough. Mosaics Bakery does it for me and sells them fresh (not chilled or frozen) through IGAs (in the bread section) – see this guy’s review

I love ’em. At about $5 for a pack of 4 they are incredibly good value too. The spares go in the freezer (they don’t actually freeze very well, but they’re still better after being frozen than any other brand).

Because I am really lazy I buy the squeezy bottles of pizza sauce in the supermarkets (Leggos or Woolworths own brand which is cheaper and identical), pizza cheese mix or Mozzarella usually from Aldi (Mozza makes me REALLY thirsty; is it salty?) and just a single topping like Chorizo or bacon bits. I don’t cook them in the oven really hot – fan forced ovens and pizzas don’t seem to mix well, and I don’t use a stone because they are bugger to clean.

Could live on them.


Persephone 7:22 pm 26 Nov 13 for their website.

Persephone 7:19 pm 26 Nov 13

Archie’s pizza in Isaacs is delicious pizza, and they deliver.

Their salads are so good, I usually order 2 and have one for lunch the following day.

troll-sniffer 6:53 pm 26 Nov 13

Pizza Arte is very good. I live 10 mins away. Just perfect time to order my pizza, put the griller on in the stove so the black tray gets smokin’ hot (20 minute timer set for safety of course), pop over the lake to Kingston, pick up hot pizza, drive home, slide pizza on to griller to reheat and crisp up a little after its journey, and then munch away to my heart’s content. Perfect.

I’m thinking you could apply the same technique to a delivered pizza, and you too could enjoy one of Canberra’s bestest pizzas.

thatsnotme 6:09 pm 26 Nov 13

switch said :

thatsnotme said :

It’s the easiest food to make at home – all you need is a reliable recipe, and the ability to measure properly, and you’re away. 90 minutes in the bread maker later, and it’s ready to go.

90 minutes? Mine only needs 50 for pizza dough.

Bread makers can be had for peanuts at school fetes and the like. My last one was all of $5. They’re one of those fabulous inventions that gets used three times and then pushed to the back of the cupboard to join all the other hi-tech food preparation junk that seemed such a good idea at the time.

I can finish it at 60 if I want, but 90 seems to work well. 30 minutes mixing, 30 proofing, a knock down, then a 2nd 30 minute proof. There are times when the smell of the dough almost makes me want to eat it raw! That’s something that no delivery place can bring you 🙂

MERC600 6:05 pm 26 Nov 13

Have found the greatness of a piza coincides with how far away lunch was, and how much booze consumed.

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