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Any great (and true) flying saucer stories?

nanzan 20 May 2008 38

I am researching a 42-year-old flying saucer story (as you do) from Melbourne’s (then) south-eastern fringe.

On 6 April, 1966, at a place called Westall, a large number of people at two schools (and surrounding areas) in Westall, witnessed a classic flying saucer-shaped object fly over and then descend in a nearby paddock near a thicket of pine trees. Large circles in the grass were later found by people in the paddocks where the objects were seen to descend. The media visited the school and paddock, and the story ran on the Channel Nine news that night in Melbourne, and was featured in the local newspaper “The Dandenong Journal”, and was briefly mentioned in “The Age”. This event occurred mid-morning on a fine day, and the witnesses numbered approximately 200, including a couple of teachers from the high school. Many of the witnesses – and I have interviewed about 150 thus far – talk about the event being hushed up at the time and that any open discussion of the incident was actively discouraged. (For more information please refer to my web site:

My query is whether anyone out there has any recollection about this flying saucer event, or any event like it from around the same time (1966), or, indeed, any authentic stories about UFOs in or around Canberra (from then, or perhaps more recently).

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38 Responses to Any great (and true) flying saucer stories?
andy pandy andy pandy 7:11 pm 20 May 08

walking home thru campbell after a night of orange juice and fun at jolly jugs, I turned around and realised I was being followed by a green ball with sparks coming off it. It wasn’t particularly threatening, I therefore decided that it had as much right to be there as my good self and left it at that. It might have lived at the old convent,has any one else encountered it? ; )

Demosthenes Demosthenes 6:29 pm 20 May 08

I saw some UFO’s doing doughnuts in a parking lot one night. Got arrested for reckless flying.

toriness toriness 6:25 pm 20 May 08


CanberraResident CanberraResident 4:50 pm 20 May 08

… alien with a pepper “saucer please waiter …


Tonka Tonka 4:42 pm 20 May 08

Alien with ginger and lime washed down with a nice chilled white is just superb.

Might have it tonight.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:06 pm 20 May 08

Has anyone eaten alien? i particularly like grey salad. Tastes a bit like kangaroo.

NH NH 3:45 pm 20 May 08

Wow pretty brave question to ask on here..!

Wish I’d seen one 😉

Tonka Tonka 3:17 pm 20 May 08

Aliens landed in my backyard and offered to share futuristic alien technologies with us all. My NIMBY neighbours were upset cos their view of the new power station was blocked and they had a whinge to Paul McCartney about it on RIOT ACT.

CanberraResident CanberraResident 3:12 pm 20 May 08

Went to a wedding once … father of the bride had a bit too much Ouzo …

… saucers went flying all over the place …

aaah, those Greeks, gotta love ’em …

My eleven year old got a laugh out of that, and that’s all that matters …

No, seriously. After watching the very convincing Independence Day the other night. I believe in aliens. No doubt about it. Will Smith convinced me. They exist.

justbands justbands 2:29 pm 20 May 08

Demosthenes said :

I met a guy at a party who believes reptiles live under airports and control the world. This also warrants serious investigation.

We should excavate Canberra Airport immediately, I will start a petition.

& I once met a guy at a party who believed that some all powerful being called “God” created & now rules over all of existence!

Demosthenes Demosthenes 2:25 pm 20 May 08

I met a guy at a party who believes reptiles live under airports and control the world. This also warrants serious investigation.

We should excavate Canberra Airport immediately, I will start a petition.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:23 pm 20 May 08

I remember being disappointed when Skylab didn’t land in my backyard at Scullin.

S4anta S4anta 1:43 pm 20 May 08


Maybe he was watching the 5th release of stars wars, attack of the cones?

Avy Avy 1:04 pm 20 May 08

My neighbour, an ex chopper person, claims he and his wife saw a ufo in canberra some years ago. He’s very good with aircraft, can identify them by the sound (and helicopters by the ‘whup whup’ of the blades). sorry, no more info than that.

Ari Ari 11:46 am 20 May 08

I met a bloke at a BBQ who claimed aliens abducted him from Black Mountain Peninsula and gave him the full treatment … including the anal probe.

At least that’s what he told his wife.

S4anta S4anta 11:38 am 20 May 08

Maybe some people have been stung by the Tranquiliser(sp?) darts hence their drug addled thoughts?

Thumper Thumper 11:29 am 20 May 08

Hey, maybe they are clearing the roos from lawson because they know the truth about the old navy base there.

You know it makes sense…

Thumper Thumper 11:27 am 20 May 08

I remember the Frederick Valentich episode from 1978.

Indeed, a number of friends and myself witnessed what appeared to be a large glowing tennis ball land in some marshy area west of Sale, Victoria, about a week previous to Valentich’s disappearance. It could quite possibly have been a flare given that Sale has RAAF Base East Sale and an old airbase at West Sale. However, flares don’t usually take off again 😉

We also saw something odd in the sky to the West a few days after that and I recall that there was a huge amount of sightings of UFOs before he (Valentich) disappeared.

Demosthenes Demosthenes 11:23 am 20 May 08

Maybe authorities were embarassed that a untested water additive caused hallucinations. Would explain the hushing up. I would be embarassed too.

realityskin realityskin 11:21 am 20 May 08

yeah, there are aliens in belco

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