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Any new ideas on portable gas bottle refills in Canberra?

By Morgo - 10 November 2013 17

So I found out recently, after traipsing around the usual suspects of BCF, Bunnings, and whichever servo I could remember, that I can no longer refill my gas bottle at these esteemed outlets.

Some research through PhD Professor Google suggests this is due to some safety inspections revealing poor refill practices by spotty faced 17 year olds who say “unhhh?” a lot. Fair enough.

I’ve also heard of a couple of places you can get a refill, but not on a Sunday, and apparently the old reliable BBQ’s Galore is always out of gas.  Probably because it’s the only place in Canberra that can refill gas bottles for 350,000 people.

My gas bottles are for camping appliances (cookers and such) which need a 3/8 connector. Has anyone ever seen a Swap & Go (who have obviously won the Canberra gas refill lobbying wars) gas bottle with anything but the regular (big) POL fitting? It’s just that if I buy a Swap & Go bottle I have to use an adapter, which doubles the number of connections, and therefore potential leak points, in my gas hose line. Since when was that safer for me?

I do get it though – at least the supplier doesn’t get sued.

Anyway, if anyone does know anywhere in Canberra I can get a gas refill without taking half a day off work, I’d be much obliged.

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
Any new ideas on portable gas bottle refills in Canberra?
c_c™ 10:58 pm 10 Nov 13

bigred said :

Anyone know where to drop expired gas bottles?

– Mugga and Mitchell resource centres for disposal at the designated place

– Swap and Go (they’ll take end of life ones out of service through the usual cycle)

– Scrap metal place for a few dimes

EvanJames 10:52 pm 10 Nov 13

bigred said :

Anyone know where to drop expired gas bottles?

ACT Government’s doorstep is looking good.

460cixy 7:58 pm 10 Nov 13

I’m not suggesting any one does this. But I made a hose to decant from the 9kg cyls in to my camping cyls. And another to fill the 9kg from the cyl in the car and if you think that’s bodgy I won’t tell you about the hose to fill a 9kg from the gas pump at the servo

bigred 7:50 pm 10 Nov 13

Anyone know where to drop expired gas bottles?

Waradon75 7:45 pm 10 Nov 13

Yeah, I’ve had to do the run- around as well.

Burning Log Megastore, Fyshwick does refills.

Deborah 7:16 pm 10 Nov 13

I had this problem at the beginning of October (Barbecues Galore were expecting gas ‘the following week then too).

Auto Basics in Townsville Street Fyshwick can refill your bottles or Karabar Home Hardware across the border (great service and advice there too).

Deref 5:50 pm 10 Nov 13

I’ve given up. I just use the cylinder swap service at my local servo.

Pork Hunt 5:17 pm 10 Nov 13

Metro service station in Tharwa Rd, Queanbeyan does refills. If you do end up using an adaptor don’t forget that it can be permanently fitted. In any case, you can carry a couple of spare o-rings.

Trimega 5:06 pm 10 Nov 13

Southern Plumbing at Mitchell do and so does the Bunnings there, however that closes at midday Sat and doesn’t open Sunday.

JimCharles 4:52 pm 10 Nov 13

I gave up…tried the BBQ places and they had none, servo’s were expensive and all sorts of dodgy bottles.
Went to Masters even though i had to swap my pristine once-used bottle, the ones they had seemed pretty good and i think they’re cheapest (so i was told). They only do the 9kg ones i think.

Felix the Cat 4:47 pm 10 Nov 13

Giralang servo used to do it but it’s lierally been years since I’ve been there (are they even still open ?).

dks00k 4:41 pm 10 Nov 13

I used to have my bottles refilled at BCF in Tuggeranong until they stopped offering that service apparently in response to the ACT government telling them that their refilling facilities were sub-standard. At the time, the guys there told me that BCF in Fyshwick still filled bottles. I have just resigned to the Swap & Go way of life so I’m not sure if that is still the case.

andym 4:28 pm 10 Nov 13


JC 4:27 pm 10 Nov 13

If the only reason you don’t buy an adaptor is because of double the potential troubles why not just by a complete new POL to 3/8 line. That way no second connector to cause problems (as if it would anyway) and no issues getting a gas bottle when ever you want. Problem solved.

Morgo 4:12 pm 10 Nov 13

So FYI as of this arvo BBQ’s Galore were out of gas but will get some more in tomorrow. Apparently they run out every week, but they reckon they’ll be getting another bottle or more regular deliveries to cater for the, surprise surprise, captive Canberra market.

Nice guys though.

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