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ANZAC Day wash-up

By Thumper 27 April 2006 7

The Canberra Times, and virtually every Australian newspaper, reported that crowd figures for ANZAC Day were up again.

The CT were quick off the mark telling us that an estimated 27K went to the dawn service. How they came up with these figures I’ll never know but a figure of over 20K would not have been out of the question.

The march, as Mael has pointed out, was a great success with tens of thousands of people lining the sides of ANZAC Parade and the general feeling was one of respect for all servicemen and women, especially at Olims who seemed to go out of their way to make the day a memorable one for ex services. (Unlike the City RSL which seemed to be filled with dodgy punters out on the piss and had never buttoned up a uniform or tied a boot lace in their life.

My 18 year old son and his mates went to the dawn service and the march. He left home at 0330 to get there. And then they stayed for the march.

The day keeps getting bigger and bigger and seems to have take on a great deal more importance and significance through the late 90’s and early 00’s than it did back in the 80’s. Is this because we had Timor? Is it because we have troop deployments all over the world? Is it because the youth of today are searching for a national identity that was denied them in the days of educational social engineering that was led by anti war, rabid left wing feminists?

I don’t know but the youth of today seem to have gained a respect for the ocassion and I thank all for turning up.

CT has some words here. Although they didn’t put in Mael’s and my interview.

What’s Your opinion?

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ANZAC Day wash-up
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LurkerGal 1:49 pm 27 Apr 06

The boy and I made front page of the Canberra Times at the Dawn Service. It’s always cold and awful, but I wouldn’t miss one for anything (except the year that I had just given birth, but surely I am forgiven that one….)

Thumper 1:48 pm 27 Apr 06

Well said….

Sssanta 1:34 pm 27 Apr 06

word. mr shab

Mr_Shab 1:29 pm 27 Apr 06

I’d say it’s because the new generation was not exposed to the self-flagellation that national conciousness was subjected to after Vietnam. We are prepared to hold our head up again. I don’t think it’s as much of a conspiracy by the pinkoes as you might think, Thumper.

Also, the preponderence of various worthies (our fearless leader, most notably) casting themselves as little ANZACs, and various sporting teams invoking the “ANZAC spirit” has raised the public conciousness of our military traditions.

I think we saw an uglier manifestation of this new found “ANZAC pride” in Cronulla, where some invoked the “ANZAC spirit” in a desperate attempt to demarcate themselves from those who subject them to some real or imagined threat.

I’ll leave you to decide the merits of that for yourselves; but I shall continue to mark ANZAC day as a day to remember that thousands of men, mostly younger than me, went overseas to fight for sometimes just, sometimes unjust causes; and a lot of them died horrid, lonely, ignominious deaths on those foreign fields.

Thumper 1:25 pm 27 Apr 06
Thumper 10:18 am 27 Apr 06

Caf, I’m anti war and slightly left in my views.

I just think that there was a period about 15-20 years ago when this part of our history was ignored by teachers.

It is not a pro war occasion.

Anyway, good on you for attending. it’s quite incredible.


caf 10:10 am 27 Apr 06

I’m anti-nationalist, anti-war, possibly left wing and may even be rabid. Yet I go to the dawn service.

I don’t feel that it is a “pro-war” occaision, whatever that may be – if I felt it was becoming that way then I would probably stop coming.

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