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Arboretum charging but want your pix anyway!

By johnboy - 21 October 2013 26

@hil_clix_pix is having a right old blowup at the cheek of the National Arboretum’s piratical photography policies:

OK!! I have had a call from the National Arboretum and they want to charge me $200 for a permit for our PHOTOWALK Canberra group to have our event at the National Arboretum!!! I am seriously pissed off!

PHOTOWALK Canberra is a FREE community event, just for the joy of creating photos… I am absolutely gob-smacked!!

They agree that PHOTOWALK Canberra is not a commercial enterprise but still maintain that they need to charge $200 for a permit. Considering we would all be paying for the privilege to park there and we would more than likely have a coffee or other refreshment whilst we are there, and we will be sharing our images on the flickr group and possibly social media as way of promotion of their venue, I feel that their terms are truly exorbitant!!!

The also asked if we were we willing to have our images used by them to promote the National Arboretum…… for free! I realise as enthusiasts it may seem a wonderful thing to have one of your images used by the National Arboretum, but to what extent would they use it/them??? You may see your image(s) that you created used many many times and its no use if there is no with no recompense, recognition for your efforts or authorship…Would you unknowingly waive your rights to this image? Who knows!!

So they want free access to any images we capture and the want to charge us $200 for the privilege, so I am sorry to say PHOTOWALK Canberra WILL NEVER BE HELD AT THE NATIONAL ARBORETUM.

PHOTOWALK Canberra has done walks at numerous places around the national capital and NEVER been subjected to such ludicrous demands.

The coming photowalk has been cancelled as a result.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Arboretum charging but want your pix anyway!
Innovation 7:15 pm 21 Oct 13

I haven’t read the policy but I had assumed that the fee was for reserving public space for professional photographs to be taken. A policy of charging for anything else, especially in this case, is appalling!

Amanda Hugankis 6:57 pm 21 Oct 13

I often attend a Meetup group called ’14 things’ which is a photography based social group. About 15 of us lobbed up early one winter Saturday morning this year and wandered all over, photographed plenty and thoroughly enjoyed the bonsai display. We bought coffee & food, paid for parking, I don’t think we impacted on anyone … we were just enjoying the arboretum and it’s facilities, just like all the other people at the arboretum were doing, including the large contingent of cyclists. No one said anything to us. I really am struggling to figure out how the could even enforce this. Tools.

wildturkeycanoe 6:38 pm 21 Oct 13

What is the rule if you go there and take photos of your child playing in the playground, or in the park somewhere, as part of a school group? Is that considered to be covered under the commercial enterprising umbrella? Really, I’d like to know if school groups, tour groups are exempt even if their photos end up on Facebook and such..

psychopoesie 6:36 pm 21 Oct 13

The Arboretum officially sucks for doing this. Can understand charging for weddings and commercial stuff but members of the public generally who come for a walk and to take some pics – seriously? They already get paid for parking.

Tell them they’re completely out of their trees.

arescarti42 5:10 pm 21 Oct 13

I actually find this really infuriating.

As a tax paying, ACT resident, I feel I am absolutely entitled to go with my free open membership, community group to a public place and take as many photos as I damned well please and not pay them a cent. It shouldn’t be a privilege.

If i were Photowalk Canberra, I’d go anyway, take lots of photos and tell them where to stick their $200.

Roundhead89 4:43 pm 21 Oct 13

With their policy of charging for parking and now charging for photos the Arboretum is fast becoming a no-go area. Perhaps when the saplings grow a bit and the place gains a reputation as a must-go tourist attraction they can start acting like this but while they are still in the embryonic stage and making a name for themselves it does nobody any good to act in such an arrogant and precious way. Meanwhile if you want to take pics of an arboretum you can go to the Lindsay Prior Arboretum (the former Yarramundi beat) across the road or even the Botanic Gardens.

Deref 4:40 pm 21 Oct 13

I took heaps of photos there and nobody said boo.

Aeek 4:32 pm 21 Oct 13

What about helmet, bar and dash cams? The video fee is even higher.

watto23 4:31 pm 21 Oct 13

And it probably all occurred because Photowalk had the decency to ask them for permission etc. If a group just turned up and started walking around taking photos they probably wouldn’t even care or notice.

PorkChops 4:24 pm 21 Oct 13


Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 4:16 pm 21 Oct 13

How exactly can they even enforce any of this crap? Just go do your photo walk and ignore them.

Erg0 4:10 pm 21 Oct 13

Interestingly, the wording of their fees and charges page has changed slightly to specify “professional” and “commercial” photography, rather than photography in general (as was the case when this was first discussed). And yet, they’re still trying to charge for a non-commercial activity. Hmmm…

curlylocks 4:08 pm 21 Oct 13

Shocking. What did they say when you advised them that you are not going to be there? So if I go and take say 10 people up there all armed with Hi Tech cameras they are going to want to charge me for it, how absurd.

Holden Caulfield 4:02 pm 21 Oct 13

Erg0 said :

…but where do they get off thinking that they can charge a group of people $200 to take photos of a public place for personal use?

And then request that they get free use of said pics.

Poor form all round, really.

Erg0 3:50 pm 21 Oct 13

Ugh. Whoever wrote the Arboretum’s photo policy needs a good kick in the arse – it’s far too open to interpretation and was bound to lead to own goals like this when applied too literally. It’s one thing to charge for a wedding shoot or other commercial enterprise on the premises, but where do they get off thinking that they can charge a group of people $200 to take photos of a public place for personal use?

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