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Arboretum madness continues.

Thumper 18 December 2006 17

The Canberra Times is reporting that all is not well in the aboretum business. While Stanhope stubbornly pushes along to get his memorial started, experts in the field are warning that up to 90% of trees planted may be lost due to drought conditions.

I await Mr Stanhope’s next media release on the issue.

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17 Responses to Arboretum madness continues.
Thumper Thumper 10:01 am 20 Dec 06

Yeah, some contour grading and planting of quick growing natives, such as wattle, and reseeding with Kangeroo grass or whatever should be enough to hold it all together.

Also use of dune netting which is used in coastal and riparian regeneration and revegetation could help.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 9:50 am 20 Dec 06

Hey – I’d be the first to agree that the whole thing has be mismanaged. However, what’s done is done. There’s no point in making it any worse than it already is.

Thumper – the bits I was referring to are the sections near Scrivener Dam, rather than on the other side of the parkway. The grasses might hold it together, and they might not. Maybe a little contour grading might be in order…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:15 am 20 Dec 06

“They’ve gotta do something with that big patch of dirt, or it will all end up in the lake at the first decent rain…”

That patch of dirt was fine, until they took all the cover of shrubs, weeds and grass off it to start work on the arboretum – now when it rains it really will all end up in the lake.

They should have left well enough alone until autumn in the first bloody place!

Thumper Thumper 12:20 pm 19 Dec 06

Mr Shab,

The pines have been regenerating quite nicely on their own without any watering. In fact I was quite surprised while riding a horse around some of the previously burnt out areas at how well the pines had come back.

The grasses are growing quite abundently as well.

Anyway, the sensible conclusion has been reached and the plants are not being planted.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:54 am 19 Dec 06

“I wish Sonic would die from lack of watering.”

No, it will never happen – weeds always survive without water. 🙂

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 10:03 am 19 Dec 06

They’ve gotta do something with that big patch of dirt, or it will all end up in the lake at the first decent rain…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:56 am 19 Dec 06

+1 Non-sequitir.. good call – too many whingers… who would probably whinge either way!!

Non_Sequitur Non_Sequitur 9:46 am 19 Dec 06

I can’t see the point in complaining about this – would we prefer to have the trees planted and then die? No of course not. good on em for deciding that a drought isn’t the best time for tree planting. Does the drought mean we should never have attractions like an aboretum for future generations to enjoy? No I don’t think so. I believe that a full society should have attractions purely for the enjoyment, culture and appreciation of its citizens. Its far too easy to simply whinge and complain. The aboretum will be a worthwhile addition to a city that I personally love.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 11:18 pm 18 Dec 06

They can plant the expensive trees in my backyard. I’ll tend to them.

I don’t obey the water restrictions. Just lookout for the huge green backyard block in Google Earth in a few years time. That’ll be mine.

miz miz 10:30 pm 18 Dec 06

Agreed about the desert landscapes – yet the ‘Live in Canberra’ spiel shows people prancing about leafy, deciduous inner Canberra and not the ‘orrible dying-gum-tree ‘burbs where most of us live . . . Walter and Mr Weston must be rolling in their graves.

diprotodon diprotodon 10:20 pm 18 Dec 06

If Stanhopeless wanted to do something worthwhile with trees – he should look at the example of Lyndfield Park at Gunning ( as soon as the drought breaks long enough to plant trees.
The Canberra “Nature Parks” along the Monaro Highway and Parkway are virtual deserts at the best of times, providing bugger all for anybody or anything. At least a few trees might reducing the impacts of the greenhouse effect by removing CO2 and making the land a bit more temperate.

gurunik gurunik 10:10 pm 18 Dec 06

he seems to have eaten some humble pie on this one, as even he can’t be so dumb as to put baby trees in the parched earth that we have just now. or can he? griffith library will pay for the repotting of those poor baby trees that they already have.

Pandy Pandy 10:06 pm 18 Dec 06

I wish Sonic would die from lack of watering.

Maelinar Maelinar 4:53 pm 18 Dec 06

Look at a $10 note, $9 of that is going to be deliberately burned by the village idiot elect.

He has told you he is going to do it.

There is nothing you can do about it.

Welcome to todays democracy.

seepi seepi 1:14 pm 18 Dec 06

Rebellious posturing fails to impress the rain gods.

simto simto 1:11 pm 18 Dec 06

I think it’ll be much easier than that – Stanhope will stand in front of the trees, and we’ll all spit on him.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:09 pm 18 Dec 06

Everyone will be required to save their shower water and carry it in buckets to the arboretum site everyday.

The Chinese did this kind of thing for Mao, so why can’t we?

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