Are you going right?

idea_authority 19 January 2008 73

A rather concerning pattern of blinker usage has cropped up over the past six months and is becoming more and more common.

People are using there right blinker on round-a-bouts when going straight. Now sometimes it can be an honest mistake when people in the right lane decide they don’t want to go right and instead go straight. However more and more people are putting their right blinker on even in the left land causing confusion and a couple of near misses I have witnessed. Even the ACTION drivers are now doing this, going straight in the left lane but indicating right as they come off.

So I want to make it clear to Canberra drivers, that if you are going straight at a round-a-bout, as per the Jan 07 revision of the ACT Road Rules Guide, no blinker is mandatory. You may choose to indicate left as you exit the round-a-bout but you should not indicate right unless you are off the round-a-bout and merging.

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73 Responses to Are you going right?
Deano Deano 12:15 am 21 Jan 08

So people who come blasting up to a roundabout assuming they have right of way over the car on their left, are wrong. If the car on the left gets ON the roundabout before them, it has right of way.

ant, I think you are going around roundabouts the wrong way round. Cars on your left should be travelling away from you and those on right should be coming towards you.

howdy howdy 11:58 pm 20 Jan 08

I noticed that larger roundabouts have specified 35km etc speed limits. So if someone is speeding who cares if they ‘shouldn’t think you aren’t going to give way to the right’ (as ‘according to the road rules’) – they are speeding -look out!

Do you tell serial killers to “stop it please” – No, so give way to serial speeders and look out!!

(Geez most Canberran’s speed as the norm…what about that ROAD RULE. That’s ok, we all fix that by tailgating anyone doing the speed LIMIT….)

Ok, on topic now, the the left lane is only and will ever be only for going straight, so there’s usually no need to indicate left off a roundabout in this situation. The right lane is for going right OR going straight so you might like to avoid a collision by indicating left to exit, making clear up your intentions for other roundabout patrons.

howdy howdy 11:27 pm 20 Jan 08

I love these ‘revised’ road rules. Seeing as you are supposed to take them literally and legally down to every word rather than also assuming some sort of common sense I’m quite happy to do burn outs on roundabouts and and not give way to kangaroos! yeeeharrrr, thank’ you road rule book!

ant ant 11:24 pm 20 Jan 08

Let’s get really controversial here. People assume that on roundabouts, the rule is “give way to the right”. That is not so. The actual (national) rule is: the car that is ON the roundabout has right of way. So people who come blasting up to a roundabout assuming they have right of way over the car on their left, are wrong. If the car on the left gets ON the roundabout before them, it has right of way.

If people knew this rule, roundabouts would work, as everyone could enter them simultaneously, rather than everyone having to stop and wait for “I’m on the right” bullies who assume it’s theirs.

JC JC 9:07 pm 20 Jan 08

Smokey, yes the rules apply in NSW, VIC and everywehere in Aus. The road rules got changed from state based to National about 5 maybe more years ago.

smokey4 smokey4 7:49 pm 20 Jan 08

Are the rules the same in NSW? PS I come from Vic and have no idea what the rules currently are. I just drive and avoid hitting Kangaroos, Peds and other cars – generally in that order.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 4:29 pm 20 Jan 08

Indicating on roundabouts is obviously unrelated to road safety because it:
a) Does not involve speeding, and
b) The Police never seem to care, or book people failing to indicate anyway.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 12:56 pm 20 Jan 08

I have had to take evasive action a couple of times because people did not see my nissan patrol!

Mate, I used to drive a truck – people managed to not see it on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter, you could have a fleet of ambulances/fire trucks/cop cars barreling down on some of these guys and they wouldn’t have the faintest fking idea.

hingo hingo 12:48 pm 20 Jan 08

I don’t know how people drive four wheel drives when their heads are so firmly up their ass. Usually its the soccer mums that you have to watch out for. Full of rage from watching soapies on TV all day.

calbelsam calbelsam 12:30 pm 20 Jan 08

I drive an old four wheel drive with a big bullbar, I follow the road rules and brain dead drivers loose if they want to argue with me. Bullbars must have been invented with some canberra drivers in mind, I have had to take evasive action a couple of times because people did not see my nissan patrol!

Deano Deano 12:21 pm 20 Jan 08

Not withstanding my previous advice, I always thought the logical way to deal with roundabouts was to treat them as infinitely long one way streets – if you were exiting at the next ‘intersection’ you signaled left otherwise you gave no signal to continue one. This way there are no false signals even if someone exits without signalling. However this doesn’t work so well for the average suburban overgrown ‘silent cop’ which masquerades as a roundabout these days.

Sammy Sammy 10:48 am 20 Jan 08

I think the answer is for everyone to engage their hazard flashers while travelling through a roundabout. Split the difference.

ant ant 1:31 am 20 Jan 08

The amount of confusion in this thread goes some way to explaining the confusion on roundabouts.

So, to make it simple, if you are EXITING a roundabout, you should NOT be indicating right! Right means you are continuing around the roundabout, and you’re not. You’re leaving it. You’re turning the wheel left. So don’t indicate right. Indicate left, tell people you’re exiting. But don’t indicate right.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 11:45 pm 19 Jan 08

My current pet peeve, not related to roundabouts but related to giving way:

Exiting the Tuggeranong Parkway (northbound) to turn onto Lady Denman Drive. You exit from the left lane down a hill, then come to a small T-section where you need to hang a right and drive under the parkway for 100 yards or so to get to Lady Denman Dr. Cars exiting the parkway have right of way at this intersection. Cars trying to enter the northbound lanes of the parkway from Lady Denman at this intersection have a large give way sign to indicate this.

Twice in the space of a couple of months I have seen near misses for HUGE pileups, simply because someone exiting the parkway feels the need to actively disobey a traffic sign and give way (Stopping COMPLETELY and ‘waving through’) to the traffic trying to turn. Seemingly oblivious to the potential catastrophe unfolding behind them, until they hear the screeching brakes, swearing and horn beeping. I’m sure they get warm fuzzies which makes it all worthwhile for them, but they’re still breaking the law. I feel sorry for anyone who slams into the back of one of these idiots, as they’ll likely be deemed ‘at fault’ regardless.

pierce pierce 11:29 pm 19 Jan 08

Indicating right to indicate that you are going straight actually makes a lot of sense on that big dual lane roundabout in Woden – because you often have to cross over in front of a driver in the right lane who may not be aware that you are in fact going to do so.

(But again, don’t get me started on how stupid that intersection is.)

+ I saw a cop doing it the other day so I’m happy to follow their lead.

Pandy Pandy 11:27 pm 19 Jan 08

I just pulled out a wad of cotton from my anus. I am no longer anally retentive.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 11:01 pm 19 Jan 08

A large semi trailer was travelling from Gungahlin along Gundaroo Drive and wanted to turn right (from left lane) at the roundabout on the Barton Hwy. Several cars that were going straight ahead in the right lane were nearly squashed by the turning semi. Luckily for the car drivers the truckie was looking out for idiots like this and managed to avoid a collision. Pity. Might wake some of the retard drivers up.

NathanaelB NathanaelB 10:45 pm 19 Jan 08

When entering a roundabout, just stand on the horn to let people know you’ll be exiting the roundabout at some point … 🙂

NathanaelB NathanaelB 10:43 pm 19 Jan 08

Not quite on-topic, but I was nearly cleaned up by a 4WD about a month ago when they tried turning left from the right lane entering the roundabout while I was going straight in the left lane. Sorry, they didn’t try … they actual did. I stomped on the brakes and swerved; they pulled up in front of me, on the roundabout before proceeding to continue turning left in front of me … grh

Devil_n_Disquiz Devil_n_Disquiz 10:35 pm 19 Jan 08

Something else that is cropping up more and more recently is the habit of police turning on lights and sirens to get them through a red light and then switching them off out the other side. Late for donuts and coffee again ??

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