Are you ready for “Enlighten”?

johnboy 13 December 2010 34

Andrew Barr has this morning launched Enlighten an Autumn festival intended to keep Canberra’s hotels full.

This from their “About” page:




Enlighten: See Canberra in a whole new light is an exciting new event that will premiere over four nights on 11, 12, 18 and 19 March.

The stunning foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin will be transformed into a festive hub, abuzz with an exciting program of major concerts by international artists and surrounded by spectacular lighting effects canvassed across the vast facades of surrounding national attractions.

The National Gallery of Australia, Parliament House and Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House will open their doors for special after-dark experiences and exclusive platinum offerings. Don’t miss George Benson (Friday, 11 March), Chris Isaak (Saturday, 12 March) and Frankie Valli (Saturday, 19 March) performing live in Canberra this autumn. Stay tuned for the announcement of the final headline act in early 2011.

Mark it in your calendars and tell your interstate friends.

UPDATE: Andrew Barr’s media release is in with this extra info:

“Visitors and locals alike will see the capital in a whole new light as the stunning foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin is transformed into a festive hub and national attractions come to life with spectacularly lit facades and after dark activities,” Mr Barr said. “Canberra is beautiful in autumn as the city’s parks and gardens burst with colour and crisp clear morning skies are speckled with hot air balloons as part of the Canberra Festival.

“In conjunction with the Canberra Festival, this event will bring a new dimension to Canberra’s birthday celebrations, enhancing the vibrancy of Canberra during autumn by creating a ‘city in festival’.”

The ACT Labor Government has committed $5.3 million over four years to establish a new annual event.

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34 Responses to Are you ready for “Enlighten”?
farnarkler farnarkler 10:37 pm 15 Dec 10

I wish George would give Lionel Richie a call and get him to play here after he’s done his Bowral gig!!

Amanda Hugankis Amanda Hugankis 11:06 am 14 Dec 10

Pommy bastard said :

Holditz said :

So wait, if you think the headlining performers are pretty underwhelming who is it that you’d want to come and perform?

Muse headlining, with Radiohead and Manic Street Preachers in support.

Though if they are too expensive, John Otway.

I’ve seen Muse and Radiohead live. Awesome. But then I equally love Chris Isaak and George Benson. I’ve seen Chris everytime he’s performed here – he’s funny, entertaining and he can damn well sing (I have a major crush – but then I also have a major crush on Thom Yorke – its a lyricist/songwriting thing).

My suggestion for anyone who doesn’t like Chris or George – don’t go. Just like I don’t go to John Farnham or Pink concerts. Or those bloody Whitlams, for that matter. Or Bryan Adams … or …

Kerryhemsley Kerryhemsley 10:48 am 14 Dec 10

I could see cool Canberrans like KRudd rocking out to artists like these.

Waiting For Godot Waiting For Godot 10:25 am 14 Dec 10

gingermick said :

Frankie Valli is 76! God bless him!!

I remember watching the clip of Frankie Valli singing Grease on Countdown in 1978 and thinking how old he looked back then. Even my mother said “he’s a bit too old to be a rocker”.

barzma barzma 9:17 am 14 Dec 10

Feathergirl said :

The ACT Gubberment will pay $5.3 million for a crappy event and can’t even fork out the measly amount of money to install a sink in the ‘Play and Learn’ kiddies room at Noah’s Ark in Rivett! Argh, makes my brain hurt. I’m sure RiotACTers have plenty of other examples of more useful things they could improve/invest in.

Also who wants to bet the final headline band will be either Guy Sebastion or Kate Cebrano?

Its simple – installing a sink in a school won’t turn a profit (aside from the multiplier effect associated with government expenditure).

D2 D2 8:41 am 14 Dec 10

Thumper said :

Is Bogue a posh way of saying bogan

Le bougaine….

Wouldn’t that be le bougain and la bougaine? 😉

gospeedygo said :

Neil Young.


And having seen the Emmanuel brothers on Sunday night – them.

luther_bendross luther_bendross 8:14 am 14 Dec 10

OMG! Food, wine and roving entertainment! Just like every other festival here! Yay! Now that I’ve got the cynicism out of my system, it’s good to see something, anything going on. Not my taste in music but I’ll go along anyway.

Steve D Steve D 6:49 am 14 Dec 10

More bread an circuses from Andrew all Barr none. And what is so Enlightening about these ageing performers. Soporific is how I’d describe it. Which pretty well sums up the Stanhope government.

Throwing scraps of money – that is to say our money – back at us is a pretty poor substitute for good government. Think about that next time you pay the rip off parking fees in this town.

All show, no go

gingermick gingermick 10:55 pm 13 Dec 10

Frankie Valli is 76! God bless him!!

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 10:07 pm 13 Dec 10

vg said :

Because all your choices would be acceptable without question?

Some more of that ripping Goa trance?

My choices would appeal to the few. Goa trance has its following, as do other musics I enjoy.

I doubt whether my choices would be acceptable without question.

The best of taste is always decried by those with none.

peterepete peterepete 9:33 pm 13 Dec 10

Just had a quick scan of the ‘attractions’ happening in the festival in addition to the music. They actually look pretty good though not designed expressly to appeal to the Rush Hour crew. Not your bog-standard nights out in Canberra. No sign of price though and not yet listed on Ticketek.

Jethro Jethro 9:17 pm 13 Dec 10

Hadley said :

Do you think they purposely chose the festival title, website design and that photo of Frankie Valli to make it look as much like an Evangelical Christian event as possible?

My thoughts exactly….. until I read the article I assumed it was one.

peterepete peterepete 9:00 pm 13 Dec 10

George Benson is pretty great. That said it does have the look of a really strong RSL show about it. Hope they have a meat raffle.

Mr Lubberlubber Mr Lubberlubber 8:49 pm 13 Dec 10

I can’t wait to hear the complaints about the loud music . . .

el el 7:49 pm 13 Dec 10

I think I’m most excited to see what musicians/performers they announce that are Canberra-based,

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, probably none.

and from the wider Australian music scene!

Jessica Mauboy (or Paulini if she’s otherwise booked for some other ‘event’) and Guy Sebastian without doubt. They ARE the wider Australian music scene for these types of events don’t you know?

duckylucky duckylucky 7:39 pm 13 Dec 10

No – I’m ready to be enlightened by Weird Al Yankovic, at the Royal Theatre, 12 March…

Primal Primal 6:49 pm 13 Dec 10

or I could go see Eddie Vedder at the Royal Theatre on the 15th.

Yes, I think I’ll do that instead.

AndyC AndyC 6:18 pm 13 Dec 10

Pommy bastard said :

Muse headlining, with Radiohead and Manic Street Preachers in support.

Though if they are too expensive, John Otway.

I’m there. You stand for the next election PB and I’m votin for ya. (as long as you promise to bring those bands out..).

But Chris Isaak is meant to be pretty good live – never heard of the other 2. But they could have picked a better name – unless they want the happy clappers out in force…

karmacarrier karmacarrier 6:15 pm 13 Dec 10

I only hope the ambos will be in attendance.
For the performers.

niftydog niftydog 5:22 pm 13 Dec 10

Stonefest – a bit too vapid.
Foreshore & Wharehouse – a bit too doof.
Folk Festival – a bit too unshaven.
Corinbank – a bit too self aware.
Enlighten – a bit too snoozy…

Am I bit too picky?

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