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Army surplus/disposals

By misspris - 18 February 2010 33

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can tell me if there is still an army disposal store in Canberra?  I know that there was one in Fyshwick (? Second Wind) but I can’t seem to find them.  I need some khakis for a party next week.




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33 Responses to
Army surplus/disposals
sexynotsmart 7:27 pm 18 Feb 10

Hmmmm… maybe wear a dress and go as Klinger?

grunge_hippy 5:42 pm 18 Feb 10

they used to be everywhere didnt they? now not so much. There used to be one in the civic interchange but its long gone too. I wonder why you don’t see them so much anymore? they always had such a distinctive smell.

dtc 5:30 pm 18 Feb 10

real oldies may remember the disposal store in the civic bus interchange, around about where Iori is now . . . just next to the takeaway shop that did fantastic 15c potato scallops on a winters evening (yeah, it was the 80s)

misspris 5:18 pm 18 Feb 10

Thanks everyone for the advice. Will check out Jamo Trash and Treasure 🙂

Niftydog – I’m not going as Steve Irwin (God help me), rather a shorter, more rotund, less attractive Hotlips Houlihan (it’s an 80’s party). I thought it’d be an easy costume to put together – I just wanted to buy some army pants, a blonde wig and a khaki tshirt and stencil M.A.S.H. across the front.

niftydog 4:52 pm 18 Feb 10

Jeeper said :

Jurkiewicz… now BCF. It would be worth a try…

Doubtful. BCF = Big Cluster F#@&.
Chris Jurkewicz runs Belconnen Camping World, but again there’s not really much in the way of true disposals stuff.

Katietonia said :

There may be one at the Weetangera shops.

Definitely not – drove past there two weeks ago… tumble-weeds everywhere.

akpv 4:49 pm 18 Feb 10

Second wind is long gone, the manager now owns Wetspot Water Sports. They do have some second hand water sports gear but no army disposals type stuff.

deye 4:26 pm 18 Feb 10

A few years back I went to one at the Scullin shops. No idea if it is still there and Yellowpages is useless.

Katietonia 3:40 pm 18 Feb 10

There may be one at the Weetangera shops. There used to be one at Kippax but they closed.

Jeeper 3:39 pm 18 Feb 10

Jurkiewicz Adventure Store on Newacstle St in Fyshwick used to sell some disposal stuff, but this store is now BCF. It would be worth a try to see if they still carry some of that stock.

PBO 3:22 pm 18 Feb 10

Go to Trash and Treasure @ Jamo. There will be a guy there who has a covered stall which sells Jams and such but he also sells models and war stuff. His name is Ian, he is a big bloke with a beard and he used to run the Disposal shop at Page. He will be able to help you out.

misspris 3:05 pm 18 Feb 10

I remember that shop – but I think it’s been NRMA for ages now. Not sure if they moved elsewhere though. My yellowpages/Google searching wasn’t helpful at all. There is a disposal store in Goulburn (why am I not surprised!) but I’d rather buy closer to home if I can. I did check out Salvos at lunch time but didn’t have any luck there either. Might have to revise my costume idea 🙂

spinact 2:52 pm 18 Feb 10

There use to be one at the Kippax shops but that was about 8 years ago! Would be interested to hear if it’s still operating. The ‘rotund’ guy running it was a complete military nut and would talk your ear off especially if you were service or ex-service, but he had some good stuff!

niftydog 2:45 pm 18 Feb 10

Khaki what, exactly?

I would imagine your average fancy dress party probably attracts about 6 or 7 Steve Irwins…

Second Wind was above Jurkewicz, but not sure if they’re still there now the place has been taken over by BCF (who are next to useless). Their surplus supply was sporadic at best anyway.

I’ve resorted to these two places as proper disposal stores just don’t exist any more.

blueberry 2:42 pm 18 Feb 10

If you are really desperate i’m pretty sure that there is one in golbourn.

MsCheeky 1:56 pm 18 Feb 10

To my recollection, Second Wind did more second hand water gear such as kayaks etc, not sure that they did army disposals. There used to be an army disposals store in Woden on the bridge above the pawn shop, though it’s a few years since I was there.

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