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[First filed: Jul 20, 2010 @ 9:58]

[UPDATE: The bread is truly sensational! Popped in last night!]

I’m intrigued to see this event coming up, this weekend, at the Front.

As a student who recently finished her phd in political science (which was a feral and evil, hard slog – something I would recommend to no one) I *adore* that this is a part of an art student’s phd process… a part of me wishes I’d done my phd in art, not pol sci. but then, i’d’ve never been creative enough to come up with something like this.

I wonder if he’ll swap a loaf for my recently acquired graduation ceremony program…


Art-Is-An Bread at The Front.
(Friday 23rd 9am to Sunday 25th 10pm)

It’s like breathing.

Flour in; bread out.
Stuff in; bread out.
Money in; stuff out.
Flour in; money out.

Robert Guth will channel the souls of the former baker tenants of The Front Café and Gallery in Lyneham, Canberra by setting up his first Art-Is-An Bread baking installation in that location for three days, from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th July. During that time he will bake half a ton (500kg) of artisan sourdough.

How do you get some? Well, what is bread worth to you? A toaster or tea cup, salad or an old TV? Maybe another loaf of bread? Or a bunch of carrots? Perhaps even some art?

Whatever you think a loaf of bread is worth, bring it in and swap it for a loaf of sourdough Art-Is-An Bread. The stuff you bring to swap will then be offered to others at the event, in exchange for a voluntary donation. It’s a simple transmutation – Bread turns into stuff, stuff turns into money, money turns into paying expenses.

Why is this happening? Robert makes work that encourages the viewer to think about the value of their time, stuff, and money. He likes baking bread and has found a way to use his passion as part of his PhD at the ANU School of art. This artwork is part of his research into how participants (people who like bread) value objects and participation. You may be documented and chatted to when you come down for your bread.

If you don’t come what will Robert do with 500 loaves of bread?

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8 Responses to Art-Is-An-Bread
Jivrashia Jivrashia 9:46 pm 26 Jul 10

Thanks for the offer chow, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to read your post @7 until now.

I’ll probably come for the Tuggeranong or Belconnen edition, and this time I’ll come with something in tow. 🙂

I-filed. You just summed it up by saying “but one I’m attached to”. 10 cents or not, it is a valuable thing, at least to you. I honestly could not think up one even after spending some time rummaging around my house. Not sure what that says about myself… An eye for an eye, a bread for a bread perhaps??

chow chow 10:07 am 26 Jul 10

Jivashia, thank you for putting so much thought into the process. Sorry I was too busy at the time to explain what was going on. I’ve left a few loaves at the Front and will be going in this afternoon, I’ll get them to leave one aside for you if you want to pick it up today. If you don’t collect tomorrow it will be toast, or at least someone else’s lunch.

I-filed, you are correct, it is all about “things of value to you.” The only reason the process works is that I’m un-judgmental about the trade. Enjoy the breadcrumbs.

Look towards possible Tuggeranong and Belconnen editions.

Sorry to all for being terse and not particularly entertaining in my post here. After successfully making the 500kg of bread with no major burns or injuries my brain and half of my fingers (oven shenanigans of last night did claim one) are all pleading reduced responsibilities.

I-filed I-filed 10:37 pm 25 Jul 10

Jivrashia @5 you should perhaps have chatted to the artist rather than the “people hanging around”. Did you check out the shelf of exchanges? There’s a can of cat food there! Absolutely “things of monetary value” isn’t a requisite – I think he meant “things of value to you”. I exchanged a ridiculous little item worth 10c, but one I’m attached to. Had I chosen to offer nothing, I could have. It’s a thesis on exchange … not a market stall or swap shop. Do go back and get some bread, it’s just beautiful. So delicious that I cut all the crust off mine, dried out the middle for breadcrumbs, and had eaten the entire crust within in 24 hours ……
Big kudos to the artist, too, for photographing only the middle section of participants, and not requiring their faces to go online. He’s really focused on what matters.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 4:22 pm 25 Jul 10

Since this is still in action at the said place I thought I’d comment…

I have to admit failure on my part for not reading this article properly, and stopping by at the place as an afterthought. The people hanging around the place advised me that Robert was not really interested in a gold coin donation (or the Queen) but something else, preferably of value.

Of value? To whom? To me? To him? To someone else?

I walked back to the car and looked in the boot where the groceries laid. Cookies, bottle of red wine, detergent, tea, casserole meat, shaving cream, all the kind of stuff that an urban guy requires to survive. But none of them have any significant value… (monetary, yes, but I wouldn’t miss them should they be stolen. So, no real value to me).

Although I wanted to try out these huge sour dough bread, moral dilemma kicked in and I was too embarrassed to try to exchange it for something that could be seen as inappropriate. In the end, after going through the complete inventory within my car (my car being excluded from consideration) I concluded that I had nothing of value and decided to leave.

So, what did Rioters themselves offer in exchange for Robert’s sour dough?

I-filed I-filed 4:14 pm 24 Jul 10

johnboy said :

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried the bread! Free slices at the bar!

It’s delicious bread, rosemary scented – and don’t worry about free slice at the bar, cheapskates can walk in and offer nothing, and still get a loaf …

vg vg 2:42 pm 24 Jul 10

Baking gets you a PhD?

Jesus effing Christ

    johnboy johnboy 3:07 pm 24 Jul 10

    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried the bread! Free slices at the bar!

54-11 54-11 10:15 am 20 Jul 10

And Robert’s a top bloke – I know him from another life.

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