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Ask RiotACT: $140 p/h for an electrician?

AndyGibson 19 August 2019 67

Ask RiotACT

Hi, Rioters,

Can someone share with me what the going rate for an electrician is in Canberra? I’ve been quoted $140/ph which is just ridiculous- even if it’s the going rate it just sounds crazy. All we are doing is changing some lights and light switch panels – no rewiring of the walls at all.

Also I know that tradies charge a callout fee, but why? I don’t charge my boss at work for me to drive to work each day, why do tradies have to be any different? I feel if they have the work confirmed then they can drive to it like everyone else – not my problem if they live a few suburbs away.

Keen to hear what people think.


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64 Responses to
Ask RiotACT: $140 p/h for an electrician?
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9:39 am 20 Aug 19

I agree and Butchery would be the worst paid trade of all!!!

9:29 am 20 Aug 19

Recently got quoted $5400 for curtains on 4 windows... sparkies should pick up a needle and thread to make more money

9:27 am 20 Aug 19

Why is it that people under rate a trade qualification? They do a 4 year apprenticeship, just like a uni degree but for some reason people think tradies should be paid a pittance. Try getting a lawyer to work for $140 an hour.

Trades people should be respected and paid accordingly.

    9:41 am 20 Aug 19

    5 years once GDLP is included. When doing an electrical trade costs tens of thousands of dollars maybe it’s a neat analogy. Apples. Oranges.

    11:26 am 20 Aug 19

    Its amazing that by the time they are qualified they will have purchased all their own tools, uniforms unless supplied, their own vehicle, and more all done on apprentice wages. Plus they have to do their accreditation’s, update their skills every 2 years, Renew licenses, make sure they are always compliant with the correct certifications at all times. The amount of money tradies spend to supply these services is huge. If they are self employed once qualified they also have to pay their own insurance, super and income tax. The list goes on....

    6:39 pm 20 Aug 19

    Bek Clark So those that went to University when it was free should be charging less but they would now be the top silks so that doesn't stack up.

    2:19 pm 22 Aug 19

    Racheal Green I just get so cross when I hear well educated people who only think someone with a uni degree should be paid well and whinge and whine about someone who has worked just as hard for their qualifications getting a decent wage.

    4:35 pm 23 Aug 19

    At the end of the day we are all reliant on each other no matter what our occupation is.

    4:39 pm 23 Aug 19

    Alene Yorke So true, but some people think they are better and that other people should do work for them for a pittance.

9:09 am 20 Aug 19

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9:05 am 20 Aug 19

Couldn't care less if the job takes 10 minutes. That's a reasonable price.

8:38 am 20 Aug 19

I paid a sparky $600.00 to install 4 smoke alarms that were not hard wired in and close out the wire circuits for those that were wired in. I thought that was reasonable. Job took 45 minutes and the smoke alarms ended up costing $40.00 rrp. When the smoke alarms go off and my house is saved, i I wont question the $400.00/hr i paid for a proffessional professional job. People also need to u derstand the car is their office, and it doesnt cost nothing to run, they dont don’t have leave annual days, they dont have set hours of work and may go so e days only working half a day but ghe the bills dont don’t stop. Rate a job on value for money overall, not on an hourly rate.

    12:09 pm 20 Aug 19

    Car still cheaper to run than renting office space?

    2:32 pm 20 Aug 19

    Yes it would be. if a sparky charges you $140/hr, the govt takes $52 in tax, then he has his leave loading, insurance etc. i guess my main point is, you dont don’t find the sparkies or many tradies living in red hill or forest, so there is a fair chance they are like the rest of us trying to work hard and get by.

8:18 am 20 Aug 19

The guys who built Opel Towers charge $50/hr

Capital Retro 8:14 am 20 Aug 19

An EL2 with all the benefits capitalised would earn about the same which is crazy also.

    farout 6:47 am 23 Aug 19

    Yes, it’s crazy that an EL2 gets paid so much but what’s the OP going to do – get an EL2 to write a minute about the lights that need to be changed? And edit it 6 times before it goes anywhere? You’ll get far more actual work done if you spend your $140 on a sparky than on an EL2.

    Capital Retro 6:15 pm 23 Aug 19

    Ironically, if a light bulb needs replacing in a public service building they have to get a union approved electrician in to do it – after the mandatory site and risk assessment has been completed, of course.

7:55 am 20 Aug 19

Ask NECA what the rate is.

morky 7:49 am 20 Aug 19

I would highly recommend using Toby at Switched On Electrical Services – they are awesome and I think $85/hr for labour. They’ve done a heap of work for me at home and I keep using them because they do an excellent job and are reasonably priced.

7:34 am 20 Aug 19

Perry Matthew - very timely discussion

7:32 am 20 Aug 19

And some people that run their own truck don’t charge that much per hr and still make a good living

5:27 am 20 Aug 19

$80-100 an hour at the most.

Sounds like a lot until you run your own business.

Advertising, super, insurance, workers Como, public liability, website, fuel, construction long service, paying for safety paperwork, tools, machines.

Ohhh running around doing free quotes for people who can’t afford it to begin with!!

5:22 am 20 Aug 19

Yep that's about right. With everyone being pushed to go to university for the last 30 yrs there is now a huge shortage of trades

1:23 am 20 Aug 19

Im an electrician, and i would charge that without even blinking an eye. Once you understand the work, experience, and risk associated with the electrical trade, then you’ll understand why we’re so expensive.

    6:44 am 20 Aug 19

    James Shaw the not burning down the house or dying type stuff....

    11:45 am 20 Aug 19

    Lauryn Roberts any type of electrical work could kill or burn down a house/building this is why it’s illegal to do it yourself and why it’s expensive to get a tradies to do domestic work. Not to mention that domestic work is the messiest type of work because you have to go in and at times fix other peoples screw ups because unless it’s a new build under the current rules it’s quite often messy and difficult to do any work due to dodgy work being done before there were rules and regulations.

    6:31 pm 21 Aug 19

    Racheal Green that’s exactly what I’m saying...

10:53 pm 19 Aug 19

$80 to $90 per hour.

10:43 pm 19 Aug 19

Good electricians (& other trades people) out there making a good living who are not charging that rate, you're being over quoted

10:35 pm 19 Aug 19

It’s the going rate. Just pay it. Who else is going to do the job legally for you? It’s not ridiculous. Qualified people are hard to come by these days.

10:24 pm 19 Aug 19

Feel free to lug around thousands of dollars worth of tools, crawling around in roof spaces and floors and pay ridiculous prices for insurances, get your white card and your asbestos card and fill out your SWMS so you can do it yourself !!

    10:54 pm 19 Aug 19

    Asbestos, white card and swms don't entitle you to $140 an hour. That's daylight goddamned robbery.

    11:02 pm 19 Aug 19

    Hugh Mungus McLauchlan ever thought they quoted that price because they didn’t want the job? And if the person is willing to pay it than more fool them. Though clearly in this case the OP is asking so their aren’t a fool.

    5:08 am 20 Aug 19

    Corey Karl exactly 👏😁

    9:30 am 20 Aug 19

    Hugh Mungus McLauchlan try getting a lawyer or accountant to work for $140 an hour or are you one of those who think that trades people are second best

    11:32 am 20 Aug 19

    Hugh Mungus McLauchlan are you a trader who has done the 4 years, got all your tickets, training for confined spaces, working at heights, license renewals every 2 years, tools, vehicle, indemnity insurance, income tax, superannuation, BAS, accountants fees, invoicing, debt collection, fuel, vehicular maintenance, overtime and I am very sure I have missed a few bits and let me tell you $140 is cheaper than most would charge. I know tradies who won’t go less than $200 per hour because they specialise in certain aspects and can charge that type of money. If the job is out of hours that could be another reason that it’s what you would call unreasonable.

    1:22 pm 20 Aug 19

    Yes. This. 👏👏👏

    9:05 pm 21 Aug 19

    Wld depend on the job I wld think, but $140 is astronomical 🤔

FoMoCo 10:42 am 19 Aug 19

$140 sounds steep, should be closer to the $100 mark. Why think of a tradie any different to another professional? they all have many years of training and seeing a good tradie in action is magic. Call out covers travel costs wether it is 5 mins or 55 mins. It is a lot less than the hourly rate and without it they would have to charge more for ever hour they are on the job.

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