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Ask RiotACT: Belconnen Markets and Wilson Parking, what’s going on?

nealg 15 February 2019 73

Last week I noticed new parking signs at the Belconnen Markets. Not sure how long they have been there but it appears the internal parking area has been allocated to Wilson Parking via their ‘Parking Enforcement Services’.

I presume this means it will become a paid parking area. The individual parking signs however are a bit confusing along with the overly wordy entrance sign of ‘terms and conditions’ that drivers are supposed to agree to when parking there. A problem with this sign is it appears only at the northern entrance to the area and there is no similar sign at the eastern entrance. This means drivers entering from the east would not have any idea of the ‘terms and conditions’ they are supposed to agree to when they park. Somehow I doubt if any drivers will read the sign of 12 ‘terms and conditions’ at the northern entrance.

A couple of the ‘T and Cs’ are interesting.

T and C no.1 says ‘You may only park your vehicle in the Car Park for the time displayed on signs throughout the carpark during one day (not per stay).’ Does this mean if you have to make 2 trips to the Markets you are not allowed to accumulate more than 2 hours in any one day if you want to park in this area?

T and C no.8 includes the statement, ‘we may use optical and listening surveillance equipment to record conversations and activities’. Under what circumstances are they allowed to use these techniques?

It appears Wilson use registration vehicle plate recognition but what authority do they have to collect any ACT registration data and owner information, and what mechanisms do they have to chase up parking fee defaulters?

It is my understanding they only have the power to refuse entry into the car park for a fee defaulter. Does this mean boom gates will be installed at the markets?

All I can see from this is profit making over shopper convenience.

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73 Responses to Ask RiotACT: Belconnen Markets and Wilson Parking, what’s going on?
Stephanie Norris Stephanie Norris 11:21 pm 16 Feb 19

This is probably to protect bonafide 'shoppers' and stop people who park there all day ......

Don't stop supporting the local businesses there ...

Roger Davis Roger Davis 11:04 pm 16 Feb 19

I don’t pay for parking.

Jess Aan Jess Aan 11:01 pm 16 Feb 19

Wilson parking signs are rude and belligerent. Loathe them!

Marcus Allan Marcus Allan 11:01 pm 16 Feb 19

Park in the outer sections and keep the interior free of cars. They wont make anything with an empty car carpark and the local businesses won’t suffer.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 6:31 am 17 Feb 19

    Marcus Allan or park within the inner part and don’t overstay. It is still free timed carparking!

    Marcus Allan Marcus Allan 10:35 am 17 Feb 19

    Thats not really the point of a boycott though

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 12:58 pm 17 Feb 19

    Marcus Allan what exactly are you boycotting in that case?

    The parking is still free it is not just patrolled and enforced as much as a private company can do.

    Simplest thing is park and shop there and stay within the time limits.

    Alison McGregor Alison McGregor 1:53 pm 17 Feb 19

    Marcus Allan some people need to use parking that is close to the shops, because their mobility is limited. A boycott would be impractical or impossible for some

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 3:39 pm 17 Feb 19

    Alison McGregor and pointless for anyone. That’s what has me confused. The only change is the hiring of Wilson’s to enforce the existing timed carpark spots. Not sure why people getting so worked up!

Deirdre Russack Deirdre Russack 10:20 pm 16 Feb 19

Wilson have no access to details associated with rego so cannot follow up but they will find a way to punish repeat offenders.

Jane Hill Jane Hill 9:49 pm 16 Feb 19

Please spare a thought for the local small business owners at the Belconnen Markets. They have no say over the parking situation and many of them will be in for a tough time in the coming months and years. Let's support them while we still can.

Peter Russell Peter Russell 9:35 pm 16 Feb 19

This has been labelled as one if the main reasons american malls are dying get in get out before you have to pay. You don't want to wander the shops and then end up buying more or visiting the smaller stores, Its only the customers and the small business owners that suffer.

Stephen Page-Murray Stephen Page-Murray 9:32 pm 16 Feb 19

New farmers market Saturday’s at Thoroughbred Park 9:30 - 4:30 pm

Benny Hip Benny Hip 8:46 pm 16 Feb 19

Fyshwick markets it is then 🙂

    Benny Hip Benny Hip 9:49 am 17 Feb 19

    Vivien Muñoz Durret it will happen!

    Benny Hip Benny Hip 2:37 pm 17 Feb 19

    Vivien Muñoz Durret so very true!

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 3:41 pm 17 Feb 19

    Vivien Muñoz Durret no one is being charged to park in the bloody carpark! There is no difference except for the low life’s who overstay.

Sharon Kelley Sharon Kelley 8:44 pm 16 Feb 19

Just exactly how does Wilson Parking manage to take over every parking lot in Canberra? Is there no other firms that do parking stuff? I smell a rat in the decision making process.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 8:55 pm 16 Feb 19

    Sharon Kelley umm you do realise that this carpark is not a government owned capark and who the carpark owner contracts to patrol the carpark is entirely a matter between them and the company they choose.

    At the Belconnen markets the government carpark is over the road and is still an act government paid and patrolled carpark. This is the one on the markets land. Their property.

    And yes there are other companies. Secure being one.

    Sharon Kelley Sharon Kelley 10:50 am 18 Feb 19

    Ashley Wright Where are the 'Secure'carparks? I only ever see Wilson!

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 2:04 pm 18 Feb 19

    Sharon Kelley there are about a dozen carparks they manage in Canberra. For starters try the Canberra centre, Marcus Clarke Street, Manuka Plaza, Anzac Park East and West. List goes on really.

    Sharon Kelley Sharon Kelley 2:31 pm 18 Feb 19

    Marcus Clarke Street was all Wilson when I worked there a month ago. Wilson just seems to have an unfairly large share of the market is all I'm saying.

Alex Rea Alex Rea 8:42 pm 16 Feb 19

Noticed same in Barton the other day and wondered by it was private on public rd.

Paul Kitson Paul Kitson 8:37 pm 16 Feb 19

I work there occasionally. I am told that there is not a lot they can do to enforce. But I am sure they will work something out to stuff it up.

Phyl Oliver Phyl Oliver 8:35 pm 16 Feb 19

I have sent multiple emails to Wilsons enquiring about disability parking and after a couple of months, I am STILL waiting for a reply. When parking at Calvary John James Hospital (which is all Wilsons) I asked their parking attendant if I had to pay and he said as long as I had a disability card and displayed it - I would be exempt. Where on any of their notices do they tell you this or do they just CLAMP your car as I have been told they do.

    Kimberley Wilson Kimberley Wilson 9:37 pm 16 Feb 19

    Phyl - at least around the maternity side of CJJ, there is a very large clear sign that says legitimate users of the disabled spaces do NOT have to pay to park in them. Next time you go, drive around to maternity and have a look on your way out. It would seem odd to have one rule for those spaces and a different rule for the main entrance.

    Phyl Oliver Phyl Oliver 9:04 am 17 Feb 19

    Thanks for that Kimberley, BUT I am waaaaay past having the need to go around the maternity side so didn't know this. I think it is very remiss of Wilsons not to include it on EVERY sign they erect.

Bill Swancott Bill Swancott 8:24 pm 16 Feb 19

Wilson's have 0 ability to gain any personal information through your number plate.

Hilary McClure Hilary McClure 8:23 pm 16 Feb 19

That’s definitely not a good move for the Belconnen markets...they will lose a lot of customers. 😟

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 8:57 pm 16 Feb 19

    Hilary McClure how so? It’s still free.

    I’m going to have a guess here that workers in Belco worked out you could park there all day for free without getting fined. And this is the owners way of attempting to stop that which in turn gives more carparks yo market shoppers.

    Hilary McClure Hilary McClure 9:37 pm 16 Feb 19

    As long as it stays free for the market shoppers. I understand what you’re saying, but really, the only time it’s chockers for parking at those markets is on the weekend. It’s no big deal....I’m thinking more about the traders getting the custom.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 8:40 am 17 Feb 19

    Hilary McClure must have been some issue because Wilson don’t do it for the love of it. The carpark owner is paying them for a reason.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 12:01 pm 17 Feb 19

    Vivien Muñoz Durret maybe people parking there all day for free and going to work in the town centre knowing it wasn’t patrolled being a private carpark.

    That’s a common issue all over town where people park in timed carparks meant for “customers” attached to businesses.

Rhonda Maxwell Rhonda Maxwell 8:19 pm 16 Feb 19


Ann Chaplin Ann Chaplin 8:19 pm 16 Feb 19

Watch out for this next time you visit plonk Geoff 😃

Alan Rose Alan Rose 8:15 pm 16 Feb 19

Wilson’s have been buying up a lot of car parks, bloody parasites

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 8:51 pm 16 Feb 19

    Alan Rose Wilson don’t own the carparks. The owner of the carpark, in this case the markets hires them to patrol the carpark on their behalf. And in paid car parks to collect payment.

    The parasites are the ones who abuse privately owned carparks to the extent the owners need to employ companies like Wilson and Secure.

    Alan Rose Alan Rose 8:59 pm 16 Feb 19

    Ashley Wright oh ok

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 11:57 am 17 Feb 19

    Vivien Muñoz Durret Wilson are hired by the owner of the carpark. Why is that so hard for people to understand? They are doing the job the carpark owner has asked them to do.

    Alan Rose Alan Rose 1:09 pm 17 Feb 19

    Ashley Wright Wilson's have a bad reputation in other states

Janet Ilchef Janet Ilchef 8:11 pm 16 Feb 19

Watch everyone leave. Bloody Wilson

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 12:02 pm 17 Feb 19

    Janet Ilchef is you want to blame someone blame the markets. They are the ones employing Wilson to patrol the carpark. Wilson are just doing a job!

    Janet Ilchef Janet Ilchef 12:04 pm 17 Feb 19

    Ashley Wright it doesn’t mean I have to like the way Wilson operate. They might be “just doing a job” but their principles are very poor and I don’t like the way they operate. And I’m not obliged to

Jenni Zimoch Jenni Zimoch 8:06 pm 16 Feb 19

Just reinforces my preference for Fyshwick markets.

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