Aspen Medical to build COVID-19 ED at Canberra Hospital

Ian Bushnell 31 August 2020 18
Temporary emergency department

The temporary emergency department will boost the capacity of Canberra’s health services to meet the demands of the pandemic. Photo: Canberra Health Services.

The ACT Government has engaged Canberra’s global health services company, Aspen Medical, to build a temporary COVID-19 Emergency Department on or near the Canberra Hospital campus, to be up and running next month.

Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith said the Government had set aside $23 million to build and operate the facility, part of a $126 million boost for health services.

The move is an indication of how serious the government believes the coronavirus outbreak could get in the ACT and the number of patients the hospital system may have to deal with, particularly as the winter flu season takes hold to compound the situation.

Ms Stephen-Smith said input into the design and operation of the facility had been sought from experts at the World Health Organisation, as well as international clinical experts.

The government was working with Aspen Medical to finalise details of the facility including the model of care and the exact location, which was still to be decided.

But it would be sited on or next to the Canberra Hospital campus in Woden so patients could be moved quickly to ICU if required.

The facility, which could only take 72 hours to set up, would be integrated with ACT Health services and share staff.

“We are working with Aspen Medical to plan, design and deliver this new facility as quickly as possible,” Ms Stephen-Smith said. “We will be providing the community with updates as this work progresses.”

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said the facility would be dedicated to patients with moderate to severe cases of COVID-19 and would significantly increase the capability of acute services as demand increased on the ACT’s health care services.

He said the government was acting now to increase the capacity of the ACT’s health services so they can continue to provide emergency care for Canberrans throughout this pandemic.

Canberra Hospital campus

The temporary ED will be sited on or near the Canberra Hospital campus. Photo: File.

“Our top priority is responding to COVID-19 in our community, ensuring we are doing all we can to protect the health of Canberrans,” he said.

“We don’t want to be in the sort of situation other cities around the world are currently in, trying to increase capacity when hospitals are already stretched.”

Ms Stephen-Smith said Aspen Medical had world-leading experience in the provision of emergency health services, and was known for its work locally and internationally.

Aspen Medical chief Glenn Keys welcomed the opportunity to work in Canberra. “It’s fantastic for two reasons”, Mr Keys said. “This is our home town and we’ve had 20 years as a business here. To be able to give critical support during the oncoming developments with COVID is humbling and also critical for the care patterns that ACT Health is developing”.

Mr Keys said Aspen Medical brought their global experience in dealing with epidemics to bear in the Canberra COVID-19 response. The partnership between Aspen Medical and the ACT Government would be collaborative regarding the design, staffing and equipment of the emergency unit.

“I think we’re in an unprecedented crisis – people talk about being on a war footing”, Mr Keys said.

“Other countries ahead of us in the pandemic’s progress have made mistakes. By the time they realised they needed additional resources, it was too late. The ACT government has read those lessons and got ahead of the jump. If we don’t need the resources, then fine. But if we do, we’re ready to go”.

In 2014, the Federal Government contracted Aspen Medical to operate the clinic it funded during the ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

It has already been working in the coronavirus theatre, this month providing health and wellbeing monitoring, security, food service and cleaning at a land-based quarantine facility in Japan for Princess Cruises.

Founded in 2003 by Glenn Keys, the company is a global provider of tailored health care services across a range of sectors.

The company’s website says it is the world leader in the delivery of healthcare solutions in any setting, particularly those that are remote, challenging or under-resourced.

It operates across Australia, the Pacific, Africa, the Gulf region, the UK and the USA, and employs more than 2,500 professionals.

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18 Responses to Aspen Medical to build COVID-19 ED at Canberra Hospital
gazmos gazmos 8:18 am 27 Apr 20

The flu season is something to be worried about. There were 10 deaths from the flu in Canberra last season. This year if the trend continues them more Canberrans will die from the flu than the corona virus.

Lucy Baker Lucy Baker 6:35 pm 20 Apr 20

How is this project going?

    gazmos gazmos 7:56 pm 26 Apr 20

    Excellent. There will be no patients in the next week and it’s statistics on performance will meet all targets. Resources can now be diverted back to another toy train set that will connect Civic to West Basin.

anthonypesec anthonypesec 12:33 pm 16 Apr 20

Below is an excellent article that shines light on the relationship between Border Force and private contractors / LiberalAus donors Aspen Medical and the government’s desperate attempt to stop information leaking about the Ruby Princess debacle.

    gazmos gazmos 11:23 pm 26 Apr 20

    Why does Aspen get all this work without any public tender process? The ICU in Canberra being built by Aspen can now be used for homeless emergency housing.

annie2 annie2 10:11 am 11 Apr 20

There are only 3 COVID-19 patients in Canberra Hospital! This is an outrageous waste of tax payers money. Absolutely no community consultation and there appears to be no need for this given the control of the spread of the virus. This is crazy!

    gazmos gazmos 8:15 am 27 Apr 20

    If the Govt hasn’t spent $1.5b on the electric tram set then funds would have been available to improve core health infrastructure. The current ICU is running at very high capacity. A temporary structure is likely to not be used for COVID patients. Perhaps it can be used to home the homeless over winter?

Daniel Howell Daniel Howell 7:27 am 03 Apr 20

Where are they going to put it

Dragica Ivanovic Dragica Ivanovic 3:44 am 03 Apr 20

Yup for 5G victims.

Angela Moore Angela Moore 12:12 am 03 Apr 20

I hope that they aren't considering using the ground of the Woden Cemetery. When are we going to have more details?

    Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 8:07 am 03 Apr 20

    Angela Moore does it matter really. Use whatever spaces they can to try and save lives.

    Aaron Shore Aaron Shore 7:34 pm 03 Apr 20

    Probably the ovals

    Across the road

Margie Dorman Margie Dorman 8:25 pm 02 Apr 20

Canberra specialists have all been stood down from elective surgery until they will be called on and expected to step up for corona virus attention. So when this unit is ready so are they. Do your research before speaking out.

Gerry Gageldonk Gerry Gageldonk 6:19 pm 02 Apr 20

The tafe ?

Phil Hopkins Phil Hopkins 3:54 pm 02 Apr 20

A month???

Kriso Hadskini Kriso Hadskini 12:29 pm 02 Apr 20

Wow late start.

Shiva Sapkota Shiva Sapkota 11:57 am 02 Apr 20

They will need you here now Sudeep Acharya

    Dipen Subedi Dipen Subedi 12:07 pm 02 Apr 20

    Shiva Dai at the moment UAE need him more than the Australia...haina ta Sudeep Acharya

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