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Assault in Manuka?

By Zeus - 10 September 2010 59

There are always groups of youths hanging around Manuka shops, just near McDonalds – often causing trouble, but yesterday they took it to a new low when they assaulted a mother with her young child.

I saw this incident unfold as a young man (about 15 years old) punched a women to the ground, whilst his friends, girls included cheered him on! very few people came to their help, and when the police arrived the youths continued to taunt the victim and her child.

There is something seriously wrong with our society when youths will do this to a women and her child.

Makes me very concerned about shopping/visiting Manuka! When I gave a statement to the police, they informed me that it was unlikely that the youths would be charged. very disturbing!

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
Assault in Manuka?
RickFish 10:23 am 10 Sep 10

regardless of which one did the deed there should be serious action taken towards all the youths involved.
just being there as part of the mob should be something that needs to be punished.
This kind of behavior shouldn’t be tolerated at all. I hate how the fear of being charged for assault or the fear of getting in trouble for hurting these kids stops alot of ppl even police from taking the action required to teach them a lesson. and it gives the kids this stupid misconception that they can get away with anything

really grinds my gears

Zeus 10:16 am 10 Sep 10

I think the Police have a tough job trying to get the truth from a group of youths. I was there, and it was very difficult to identify who the offender was, the young men all looked similar (similar hair cuts and height etc). A few of the youths ran around the corner and changed jumpers – which of course made it hard to work out who was who. The young men were all giving different accounts to the police…once they get the footage from the CCTV, hopefully it will clearly show who was responsible.
The group where from a local catholic boys school, a local public high school and some of the girls were from a catholic school in the city. Surely the schools should be notified that their students are causing problems around Manuka shops!?

fgzk, they were calling the women every four letter word imaginable, and telling me that if the police weren’t there that I wouldn’t be so tough…that they would take me on…that sort of thing.

Not sure how business in Manuka is impacted by this.

Anyway, I will keep Riotacters updated and hopefully these youths will learn a valuable lesson…

Hank 10:07 am 10 Sep 10

fgzk said :

What where the kids yelling at her?

Why do you want to know this so bad? Were you there?

Wraith 10:06 am 10 Sep 10

fgzk said :

What where the kids yelling at her?

Why is this so important to you? Unless you are involved somehow? If so come clean.

RickFish 9:58 am 10 Sep 10

no charges.. what a joke.. clearly these sort of idiots aren’t going to be much of a contribution to the community once they are past 18, Zeus u deserve a medal for your actions 🙂 i wouldn’t think you were a bad person if u went ninja on em and snapped all there necks..

maybe this is a job for the red berets

fgzk 9:49 am 10 Sep 10

What where the kids yelling at her?

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:40 am 10 Sep 10

So, apart from giving a statement, what did you do? Watch?

What would you do, hero? And how much would you like to bet that when push comes to shove comes to ‘maybe one of them has a knife’ you don’t raise a finger?

preacher 9:39 am 10 Sep 10

How can there not be a charge laid. If she was punched to the ground, that sounds like grounds for a charge (unless you were exaggerating). The courts will deliver nothing more than a minor slap on the wrist, but at least it’s on record, and future charges stack to make a more damning record.

I suspect those cops are being lazy. And if one of those kids ever seriously hurts someone, those cops should be held responsible for not doing something earlier when they had the chance.

exfed2 9:25 am 10 Sep 10

Zeus, congratulations for your bravery in this matter which would turn most people away. By the sounds of things if not for you the cowardly thugs most definately would have continued the assault.

If there had of been 5 or 6 men present teaching the cowards a public lesson would be the best justice. I mean imagine they tried this in the 60’s! These days as we all know any intervention ro assault on the underage ‘victims’ would result in a court appearance for the saviour/s

In a case such as this I would welcome the charge and even court appearance as I think the public outcry would be astronomical.

Swaggie 9:23 am 10 Sep 10

So an assault takes place with numerous witnesses but the police will not be charging the youth? They seem to have the same low opinion of the judicial system in this town as the rest of us if they don’t think it warrants their time and effort. That leaves Neanderthal and his groupies to go on doing what they like, when they like, to whoever they like. Wouldn’t it be nice if the police did charge and he got banged up for 5 years?

Zeus 9:18 am 10 Sep 10

Firstly to pptvb, what did I do?, I ran to the aid of this woman, and stood with her and her terrified child as we waited for the police to arrive, I tried to ensure she was a safe. As for fgzk, the youths were not just yelling, there were coming right up to the woman as she was sitting on the ground in shock, they were not just yelling abuse, but coming right up to me and the woman threatening violence.
This was a very scaring situation as there were between 10 – 15 young men and maybe 5 young women. The mob mentality seemed to fill them with lots of courage, the 3 police officers had a hard time trying to keep them all in line.

DeadlySchnauzer 8:58 am 10 Sep 10

What I find most disturbing is that even in a public area with a bunch of witnesses the police can’t charge anyone. Sounds like a story for the Canberra Times?

pptvb 8:51 am 10 Sep 10

So, apart from giving a statement, what did you do?

Hank 8:44 am 10 Sep 10

This has made me so angry! I hope there is more to the story!!

fgzk 8:27 am 10 Sep 10

“youths continued to taunt the victim and her child”

What where they yelling?

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