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Assault in the watch-house

By johnboy - 9 November 2006 32

The AFP have put out a media release informing us that one of their own is to be charged with “assault occasioning actual bodily harm, recklessly inflict actual bodily harm and assault” (nice to see the police inability to use the English language is still alive and well).

It is alleged that a 46 year old officer got a little willing with the capsicum spray in the watch-house on 26 October and was suspended the next day.

The matter is going to a magistrate on Wednesday 15-NOV-06.

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32 Responses to
Assault in the watch-house
Maelinar 12:14 pm 10 Nov 06

rogue punk cops generally arent 46

TrapperKeeper 9:30 am 10 Nov 06

They must have camera evidence on him or otherwise the story would be he was defending himself…..from the woman in the cell.

Special G 8:07 am 10 Nov 06

He He, Crazy Chester getting Capsicum sprayed. I wonder if JB could get the video, or at least pics, of that and put it on the site.

Vic Bitterman 10:57 pm 09 Nov 06

Good on him, I say. Give him the 600 gram capsicum spray pack next time, not the 250gm like everyone else has.

gurunik 8:38 pm 09 Nov 06

was it crazy chester? lol if it is.

Danman 7:37 pm 09 Nov 06

vg would say tho “this is my personal opinion – not my professional opinion”

TAD 6:08 pm 09 Nov 06

As Vg’s identity is indiscrete (to say the least) and AFP professional standards would be likely to read this, he would be advised to keep his comments to a minimum.

All I would say is that the copper involved is a nice bloke (even if a bit mad) and its a shame to see him hung out to dry by a national media release.

I’ll leave it at that

DavidM 5:49 pm 09 Nov 06

As a defender of the English language myself, I should point out that when they say stupid stuff like “assault occasioning actual bodily harm, recklessly inflict actual bodily harm and assault” they’re actually naming the charge in law, not describing what happened. If you read it with ‘assault’ as a verb not a noun, you can kind of see what’s going on. This is why you still hear cops talking about people being charged with “drive in a manner dangerous” when no-one else on the planet still talks that way.

seepi 5:13 pm 09 Nov 06

Ct article says it was a woman.

Danman 4:28 pm 09 Nov 06

I wonder what VG’s comments on this are.

hk0reduck 3:59 pm 09 Nov 06

I’m hoping it’s a case of some guy in the drunk tank badmouthing and making a general ruckus getting slammed with a face full of capsicum spray. In this case it is assault, but I think it’s worth it.

boomacat 1:55 pm 09 Nov 06

This kind of shit is really disappointing, how do you teach young people to respect the Police when rogue punk cops act like this?

The fine majority of the AFP must be super pissed with fellas like this dragging their name through the mud.

That’s of course if the allegations are true and proved in court.

Danman 12:52 pm 09 Nov 06

Maybe he was trying to season his shawerma and missed ?

Haywood Jablowme 12:08 pm 09 Nov 06


S4anta 10:50 am 09 Nov 06

This is a perfect example as to why Mortein ought be banned across the coutnry. I am sure this poor soul was simply trying to knock off a pesky fly that was annoying him, he just picked up the wrong can of chemical.

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