Assault in the watch-house

johnboy 9 November 2006 32

The AFP have put out a media release informing us that one of their own is to be charged with “assault occasioning actual bodily harm, recklessly inflict actual bodily harm and assault” (nice to see the police inability to use the English language is still alive and well).

It is alleged that a 46 year old officer got a little willing with the capsicum spray in the watch-house on 26 October and was suspended the next day.

The matter is going to a magistrate on Wednesday 15-NOV-06.

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32 Responses to Assault in the watch-house
jim jim 4:31 pm 08 Dec 06

not anything against you but listen to your self .
as soon as you become a cop every other person is breaking the law.
well go to hurtle ave in bonython and start aresting the lebo’s speeding and all the other car
.Thats right we have complained for 2 years with rego’s and still nothing is done .

jim jim 4:19 pm 08 Dec 06

what lie’s you have no rights
and are told to shut up .
i hope he get whats comming .
and VG just because your a cop doesent mean i hate you it is thing i have seen and experinced.

vg vg 8:24 am 08 Dec 06

If Jim’s inference is that Police are somehow above the law, then that is more than effectively countered by the fact the individual in this case is appearing before a Court, ergo not beyond the reaches of the law.

You have plenty of rights when you get ‘locked up’. Unfortunately a lot of people’s stupidity in getting themselves there in the 1st place tends to cloud their judgement when they do.

Danman Danman 8:19 am 08 Dec 06

is it still the fault of the officers involved if no training is supplied in order to deal with situations that are potentially volatile – people self harming themselves etc ?.

I dunno what happened – but lets not jump to conclusions. for all we know this lady may have been boinging her head off the wall at great speed – how do you deal with someone who is manic and not caring for their or anyone elses welfare.

At least if this happened in hospital – the wardsmen would restrain the individual while a very powerful sedative is administered for their own protection.

Thumper Thumper 8:10 am 08 Dec 06


Maybe illiteracy should be a crime….

Maelinar Maelinar 7:42 am 08 Dec 06

After a 2 minute translation ‘what the’ ?!? I think Jim wants to say that:

ACT Police are above the law, and have on numerous occasions broken the law (fractured sentence), and get away with whatever they want.

Care to justify that with some facts for us Jim ?

I understand that since basic literacy is beyond you, your ability to find this website again is also questionable.

vg vg 11:47 pm 07 Dec 06

Thankfully illiteracy is not a crime

jim jim 10:32 pm 07 Dec 06

ACT COP ARE ABOVE THE LAW AND ARE SO Much law breaker and get away with what ever the wont.

jim jim 10:30 pm 07 Dec 06

I have been locked up for not paying a fine and i did they made a mistake and when i was in there i seen
the way people get treated and dog in a kenal are treated better.
you have no rights when you are locked you.
I hope the kick the cops ass and lock him up

TrapperKeeper TrapperKeeper 8:55 am 11 Nov 06

A friend and I were OC sprayed in the back of a paddy-wagon, they had locked the door and silly me had kicked the wall and mouthed off at them, so they pulled over a little while down the road and opened the door long enough to give us a decent shower with the stronger of their sprays, then slammed it shut and continued the trip to the Watch-house. They claim we were both kicking the walls of the vehicle and they were worried we would damage it or possibly cause injury to ourselves……..

FC FC 3:01 pm 10 Nov 06

But there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed.
If we start accepting this behaviour from people in authority its not sending a good message.
Just because a cop is pissed off cos they’ve had a shit night doesn’t give them the right to get rough with people.
Its these police (the ones exploiting their power) that are giving other police a bad name.

Thumper Thumper 2:47 pm 10 Nov 06


you’re sadly right. As kids we were allowed to run amok to a degree, but when told we had crossed the line, we took it and ceased. And if we crossed the line and got a boot in the bum, then we deserved it. No hard feelings, that was how it was.

As I said, mutual respect. The coppers didn’t hassle us, in fact gave us a fair bit of liberty given we were 15-16, but they kept us in line so we were’nt going to rock the boat.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:42 pm 10 Nov 06

But Thumper that kind of Police behaviour is not tolerated anymore because it offends all the civil liberty wankers, the UN, and other bleeding heart low-case “l” liberals!

This is why there seems to be so many teenage wankers running around with forests on their shoulders! 🙂

Danman Danman 1:00 pm 10 Nov 06

goon lol

chateau de cardboard

Thumper Thumper 12:53 pm 10 Nov 06

When I was a kid we get good and sloshed on goon and the cops used to round us up, give us a kick up the arse and tell us to go home.

Mutual respect. We went home, they then went and did important things.

Ah, the good old days. Of course, it was country Victoria…

TrapperKeeper TrapperKeeper 12:35 pm 10 Nov 06

i agree the older ones are usually more sensible

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 12:27 pm 10 Nov 06

Yeah – but cranky old bastard cops might be…

Maelinar Maelinar 12:14 pm 10 Nov 06

rogue punk cops generally arent 46

TrapperKeeper TrapperKeeper 9:30 am 10 Nov 06

They must have camera evidence on him or otherwise the story would be he was defending himself…..from the woman in the cell.

Special G Special G 8:07 am 10 Nov 06

He He, Crazy Chester getting Capsicum sprayed. I wonder if JB could get the video, or at least pics, of that and put it on the site.

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