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Australia 2020 Summit – full list of participants?????

Canberra Gardener 30 March 2008 16

SMH has the full list of participants for the Australia 2020 Summit on it’s website.

Interesting list of participants. But I am confused………..

In the “A long-term national health strategy” category ‘Ms Kate Carnell ACT’ is listed as a participant.

Am I missing something, or isn’t this the women who quit over her role in the wasteful redevelopment of Canberra Stadium and the tragically bungled implosion of Royal Canberra Hospital, in which a 12-year-old girl was killed.? Is this the sort or rubbish we expect to get from this summit? I suppose some hospitals could benefit from being raised to the ground……maybe she can add some value there.

Let’s hope any innocent young girls don’t get killed in the future………

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16 Responses to Australia 2020 Summit – full list of participants?????
astrojax astrojax 11:18 am 31 Mar 08

honk if you have an idea – could be a slogan in the gallery, then CG would be a shoo in for a position…

i still wanna know why there are two stories on this.

Crikey Crikey 9:37 am 31 Mar 08

Canberra Gardener is a goose, and as such, is not qualified to even sit in the gallery at the Australia 2020 Summit!

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:36 am 31 Mar 08

The full list deos seem devoid of “the voice of ordinary Australians” KRudds beloved “working Families” and I don’t know how many new ideas will come out of it given that they are all generally Labor hacks, ex-labor hacks, labor stooges, b-list celebrities and Alissa Camplin.

Pandy Pandy 6:53 am 31 Mar 08

When the radio masts at over grazed Belcoonen naval station came down, the general public were not told. Bastards. I blame Carnell.

ant ant 12:44 am 31 Mar 08

Heck, I was born there. So what? Its demolition was a silly public spectacle, and the technicals were run by, hmm, I’d better not say. We helped him get his labourers, and the end result suprised me not one iota. None of this affects Carnell’s quals as a health professional and head of state.

NathanaelB NathanaelB 6:25 pm 30 Mar 08

Ok, admittedly her strengths aren’t in civil engineering and urban planning … but that’s not what she’s being involved in 2020 to contribute, so I have no problem with this.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 6:23 pm 30 Mar 08

Is there any evidence that she was wrong about the emotional baggage? From personal experience, I think there was some of that surrounding the issue at the time. Mybrother died in teh Intensive Care Unit of the Old Canberra Hospital in 1983 when he was 17. After this I used to look at the old building with some sentiment when it was still standing. As with thousands of others, I went to the Demolition of the building and watched it go, albeit with some regret. As I got older I realised that being sentimental over a building, purely because someone I was close to died there, is a waste of energy.

So love her or hate her, I think Kate C. may have been right. I also used to think Kate must have had some culpability in young Katie Benders death but having studied the Project Management of the RCH implosion in some depth (you have to in some Postgrad. Uni. courses) I now have a much better understanding of went wrong. There were many systemic failures involved, but none for which Kate C. to be held personally responsible. People really have to move on from the RCH incident, learn from it sure, but move on.

I-filed I-filed 3:44 pm 30 Mar 08

The attitude she expressed, through Annabel Pegrum, wasn’t it? – that Canberrans’ affection and attachment to RCH was mere “emotional baggage” to be disregarded – was chilling, however. Is there any evidence she has changed?

AussieGal83 AussieGal83 3:23 pm 30 Mar 08

I think youre grasping at straws here dude. She is more than qualified.

You can’t keep blaming her for Katie’s death forever.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 1:48 pm 30 Mar 08

I agree with Johnathon Reynolds.

Regardless of her politics (and remember, Kate’s one of the leaders of the push for a new Business related Party to run against the ACT Libs) the AGPN which she now heads is very relevant to the forum she’ll be involved with. AGPN are involved in health care across Australia and as its CEO, I’d imagine Kate can bring quite a bit to the table.

ant ant 1:37 pm 30 Mar 08

I’d never vote for her, but she’s very well-set to contribute to this 20/20 thing. She’s a health care professional who ran a business, and who then ran a state government. There’d be few with her breadth of experience. (if B.Nelson ever gets up, he might do, although he never ran a successful business like she did).

fozzy fozzy 1:25 pm 30 Mar 08

We’re pretty poor here at not presuming people don’t learn from mistakes. It’s one of the cultural differences from us and the USA. Over there it’s presumed if you’re business has failed, you’ve learnt what went wrong and are better qualified next time.

I agree that Kate’s current role does make her relevant to attend. But I would add that if I was razing a building, Kate would be best qualified to be in charge – those skills will probably be used to make sure no one watches the event and she would resist pressure to make a spectacle of it.

sepi sepi 1:17 pm 30 Mar 08

Kate was a pharmacist for a long time and also advocated the heroin trial.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 12:42 pm 30 Mar 08

Kate Carnell is the CEO of the Australian Division of General Practice Network.

Quoting from their site:

“Australian General Practice Network (AGPN) is the new name of the Australian Divisions of General Practice (ADGP), established in 1998 as the peak national body representing 119 divisions of general practice and their state-based organisations across Australia. We are the largest voice for general practice in Australia with over 95 per cent of Australia’s GPs members of their local division. AGPN receives funding from the Australian Government under the Divisions of General Practice Program.”

I’d say on that basis that Ms. Carnell is suitably qualified as a participant for the “long term national health strategy” category.

Meconium Meconium 11:35 am 30 Mar 08

Razed, not raised.

astrojax astrojax 11:06 am 30 Mar 08

do we need two threads on this? there is already one about five or six stories below…

that said, while not advocating for l’il ol’ kate, i can’t quite see the relevance of pitting her supposed ideas on the health care system with anything to do with a stadium construction or a building demolition manner – even given the building had once been a hospital…

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