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Australia Day Party Pigs

By mHITs Limted 29 January 2010 19

I love Australia Day.  Every year I get together with friends and have a picnic at the lake.  This year however, when we arrived early in the morning at one of our favourite spots at Lennox Gardens (the park behind the Hyatt Hotel ), we were confronted with what I can only say would have to be the most disgusting party-leftovers I have ever seen anywhere!

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It was unbelievable! It was literally like a rubbish tip.  Nearly every bench and barbecue in the area was covered in left over beer bottles, discarded packaging, scraps of food and other rubbish.  It was not just a few bottles, in one case there would have been over 50 glass bottles alone just tossed 2m from the bench!  I mean could you imagine people just sitting at the bench drinking and then tossing the bottle over their shoulder?  I mean how could you just do that?  It’s like being that lazy that you defecate in your own car and then are just so lazy that you couldn’t be bothered cleaning it up so you just keep driving around for weeks with it still on you back seat…  How lazy can you get!  Haven’t they heard of the term s#$%*ing in your own nest?  How could you have a party like that??  How do people just do that???  Don’t they care??

I have been a site coordinator for Cleanup Australia Day for a several years and I have never seen anything this bad.  We ended up using some left over Cleanup Australia Day bags and cleaning the mess up.

Ironically, while we were cleaning up. a young guy turned up.  He said his “brother” was one of the guys responsible for the mess.  His brother?  Sure….it was probably HIM!   He came back because he had lost his car keys.  He was still wandering around 5 hours later looking for them….evidently he had not found them….neither did we….  I guess that’s Karma for you….

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Australia Day Party Pigs
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spinact 3:13 pm 02 Feb 10

people suck

niftydog 12:00 pm 01 Feb 10

You should have seen the aftermath of the Australia Day Live Concert. I was absolutely disgusted – even by the state of the VIP area.

Not to mention witnessing half naked dudes fighting on Commonwealth Ave, people literally ripping Aussie flags down from the flag poles, people leaving the concert in ambulances, children swearing like sailors, underage drunks spilling across the bridge into the city vandalising stuff and abusing people as they went…

Happy Australia Day indeed.

astrojax 3:32 pm 31 Jan 10

‘providing’. not ‘proving’… sunday fingers.

astrojax 3:31 pm 31 Jan 10

celebrating australia day by littering – contrary to civic regulations – is entirely appropriate; proving we can locate the offenders and deport them to the colonies (ie nth and sth islands of noo zulland)

Weaselburger 2:16 pm 30 Jan 10

and before you hate me yes it it an absolute disgrace that people should do that to our capital, MHITS you are cool for giving a shit cause not enough poeple here seem to

Weaselburger 2:13 pm 30 Jan 10

You all seem to be kickarse people and kickarse canberrans from what I hear (from a very unreliable source) that the clean up was part of the work for the dole and was therefore funded by TAMS and funded by the stimulus package. can anyone give any pics of that site 48 hrs afterwards

NeedHelp 9:01 am 30 Jan 10

You said “I have been a site coordinator for Cleanup Australia Day for a several years and I have never seen anything this bad.”

Really? Where have you been cleaning up Australia? I’ve seen ten times worse than this.

Kudos to you for cleaning it up and then whinging about having to do so.

s-s-a 10:39 pm 29 Jan 10

That is gross!

How lazy can you get! Haven’t they heard of the term s#$%*ing in your own nest? How could you have a party like that?? How do people just do that?

I’ll have to admit that I have had a party somewhat like that, however it was in our own suburban back yard (interstate) and it was only left a huge mess because house-mate and I were substantially under the weather by the time the party finished, and we knew that leaving our mess until hangovers had abated somewhat (ie late the next day) was not going to inconvenience anyone. There is no way that I would leave a public venue looking like that!

WonderfulWorld 9:31 pm 29 Jan 10

I agree with BD84 “People figure that they can just leave their mess and there will always be someone who comes and cleans up after them like their mother”.
Earlier this week I was driving past the Tuggeranong Hyperdome and a girl who was about 18-23 was walking past an office block. I saw her toss a half full coke bottle on the ground and walk a few steps and drop a paper bag. I thought, gee how lazy and inconsiderate. How about putting it in the huge 80’s handbag she was carrying and putting it in a bin when she found one. Now I know it’s not just the way I’m bought up, I’m a regular person, not upper class or anything, but even my young children have learnt through parenting and school that you don’t toss rubbish around. They watch the shows that say how plastic bags can suffocate dolphins etc. Its just plain lazy and disrespectful ……..I also get though that when bins are full you get a little careless – the mess at Lennox is a mix of laziness and bad community cleaning functions – at a minimum when having a party at a park take bags and bring the excess rubbish home. Lazy, unplanned, and careless ….they prob had fun but at many others and animals expense.

Punter 9:27 pm 29 Jan 10

I consider myself to be a true patriot to Australia. I beleive in doing the right thing my your mate above all, whether you know them well or if it’s the next bloke to use the park after you. I think the people who have left this mess have less in common with celebrating the birth of our nation and more in common with selfishly having their own party at the expense of the rest of the community. Well done MHITS in the face of these spankers.

cleo 7:10 pm 29 Jan 10

I believe that the bins will be removed altogether, I was out Tuggers way at a picnic area, there were no bins for rubbish.

Frano 3:15 pm 29 Jan 10

Full marks to you MHITS for cleaning up someone else’s mess. Shame we have to live in a society like that…saw the same thing at Maccas at lunch…people eat and then leave a mess on the table. Can’t they at least put their rubbish in the bin, making it more welcoming for the next patrons! It’s also funny and ironic to see people throw cigarette butts and other rubbish out their car windows. I guess they don’t want those dirty things in their cars…..but assume us others won’t mind in our space, parks, gutters and lakes.

pepmeup 2:51 pm 29 Jan 10

Not as bad as the mess seen in Bowen park most mornings, except maybe more beer bottles. More bins, or more regular emptying of the bins already there is required.

hellspice 2:44 pm 29 Jan 10

cars and houses are probably in the same state too

deezagood 1:27 pm 29 Jan 10

This does not surprise me. Every day I walk past dozens of broken and intact bottles on the medium strip – presumably thrown out of the car windows by people too f’ing lazy to take their crap home and put it in the bin. I blame the parents.

Thumper 1:10 pm 29 Jan 10

you can nail stanhope on a lot of issues in this town but this is just a bunch of selfish low lifes with no consideration for anyone but themselves.

bd84 12:50 pm 29 Jan 10

Actually it looks a bit cleaner than is normally the case at most major events. People figure that they can just leave their mess and there will always be someone who comes and cleans up after them like their mother. They’re the same people who you see leaving their rubbish on the table at maccas when they could walk 2 paces to the bin on the way out.

knuckles 12:34 pm 29 Jan 10

While in no way condoning the pigs who left the mess, I had a picnic with some friends at Lennox Gardens last Saturday and found every rubbish bin in the area to be choc-a-block full. We had to take our rubbish home with us which, as well as being a pain in the bum, discourages some people from doing the right thing.

I’m not sure whose job it is to make sure the bins get emptied, but I say we blame Stanhope. We seem to blame him for everything else that goes wrong in this town.

Grail 12:29 pm 29 Jan 10

It’s not their own nest. No they don’t care – they’ve been raised by parents who pick up after them even at age 25.

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