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Australia Post Contractors Not Attempting Delivery

By squib - 9 August 2011 159

Today, whilst I waited outside my unit complex in Turner to meet someone, I witnessed what I had always suspected.

An Australia Post contractor (White van with the contractor magnets stuck to it) pulled up and proceeded to pull out a fistful of missed delivery slips and walk directly to the mail boxes of the next door unit complex and insert them without even attempting to deliver by buzzing the specific units.

The contractor then moved onto my complex, and proceeded to do the same. When I challenged him about the fact that he hadn’t even tried to deliver the packages, he said he had tried and no one was home. When I told him that I had been standing right there for the last 5 minutes and had seen everything he got a bit defensive. He then put a slip in my mail box. I then told him that that was my mail box and he hadn’t tried to deliver my package. Well he got a bit more defensive and then finally went to his van to get my package. As he did so, he took my slip and ripped it into a million little pieces and threw it on the road like confetti.

His overall attitude when challenged was pathetic, and his then childish display sealed it.

I’ve written to Australia Post – and suggest that if you suspect the same or similar practices are affecting you, you should too. I have had no end of problems with contractors from Australia Post. Terrible hand writing, inappropriate delivery times (night time, really early morning weekends) and so on.

As a side note, all direct Australia Post employees have been exceptional in their conduct, (store and/or directly employed delivery persons, be it registered or express etc). This complaint extends only to contractors.

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159 Responses to
Australia Post Contractors Not Attempting Delivery
teddyhb 10:45 am 09 Aug 11

the contractor that delivers to our house just leaves the boxes sitting on the doorstep, does not knock or anything, you just hear a thud as they chuck the box on the ground outside the door and then see the contractor driving off

arescarti42 10:44 am 09 Aug 11

montana said :

OP > I wouldnt have confronted him like that, when you control the mail, you control information.

Yes! We have a reference of the week winner!

Stevian 10:38 am 09 Aug 11

Swimming against the stream, and I’m sure this will annoy many.

I’ve had zero problem with parcel delivey by Australia Post. When I’m home and expecting a package I always expact to find a slip in my mail box to collect, a trip to the Post office, where is the drama in that. Yet every time, a knock on the door and there it is.

SSrb 10:37 am 09 Aug 11

I’ve seen them do exactly the same thing at unit blocks in Franklin.

And then they sometimes don’t even get the slip in the mail box. I recently had a package not delivered, and no notice either.

I waited the requisite 5 weeks for an international package before inquiring after it and then uncovered AusPost’s crappy out-dated procedures. It was returned to the sender in the US, so it is currently on a 3 month sea mail voyage. My phone number is generally on those kinds of packages. Surely calling that would be cheaper than sending it back, and would be another check when their delivery system is obviously so full of human error.

mac87 10:36 am 09 Aug 11

I’ve busted them before too! Only a few weeks ago I had done some online shopping and at about mid day heard a car roll up (still running) and someone walking up the stairs. No knock, only opened the screen door (so he could stick the ‘sorry i missed you card’) inside. I opened the door and said “Hi must not have heard you” he was standing right there just writing out the card. He got pretty defensive and rude which was weird considering he was in the wrong…

montana 10:32 am 09 Aug 11

OP > I wouldnt have confronted him like that, when you control the mail, you control information.

dont be surprised if packages address to you mysteriously go missing now.

borizuka 10:17 am 09 Aug 11

The indian Aus Post contractors that service North Side, around the Evatt area are also terrible, and have been not knocking for the last year.

Both me and my wife have called Aus Post, complained at the post office and they are still delivering and doing the same.

If we get a delivery almost 90% of the time it is left on the front porch, which is visible to onlookers.
We even had sachets requiring signature left on the front porch.

So yeah. I have no hope anymore.

Lillypilly 10:15 am 09 Aug 11

Happens all the time at my complex in weston creek as well. We get our normal mail no problem, but if there’s ever a package I will get a slip. Always. My partner worked from home for a good period of time and never had the doorbell ring, but always the slip.

I’ve already complained to Australia Post but short of camping at my letter box I don’t know how else I can catch them out?

Beserk Keyboard Warr 10:11 am 09 Aug 11

Same here, I’m forever buying things online and despite being at home all day I never ever hear a knock at the door. Furthermore the note they leave in my letterbox looks like a 2 year old chimpazee has scrawled a message on it – completely illegible. then I have to wait until 4:30pm that day to pick it up from my ‘local’ post office. I’m going to set up a covert camera system and send the story to TT.

Wokie 9:55 am 09 Aug 11

I often miss getting mail delivered to me and get mail for a totally different street! Even asked the postie one time if he could read English as he tried to deliver mail from the wrong street to me. The street name is even on front of unit. Now what could be easier? Have lodged numerous complaints to Australia Post and it still happens. Guess they just find it too hard to do their jobs!

grunge_hippy 9:53 am 09 Aug 11

mine is pretty good. if he sees the car in the driveway, he’ll call out (we have a harmless, yet large dog that is between him and the front door). If we arent home, the slip goes in the box. However when the postman has a letter that needs signing, a slip goes straight in the box. he doesn’t even bother getting off the bike.

although, playing devils advocate for a moment… apart from him being an obvious douche, I can imagine if he had many many packages for an apartment complex, it would take a very long time. but you’re right, he should do his job properly.

mooo_cow 9:41 am 09 Aug 11

You can actually go down to your local Post Office and make a formal complaint. The Post Office should encourage it, as by the Contractor not performing their job correctly, means more work for them.

Classified 9:37 am 09 Aug 11

The contractors who service Chisolm are well known for this behaviour.

golden_youth 9:31 am 09 Aug 11

Happens to me all too often (I am a sucker for buying things online), where I am home all day, and will find the slip in the letterbox without a single knock at the door. Its pointless. I haven’t ‘officially’ complained but have mentioned it to the post office staff a few times, but has fallen on deaf ears – probably doesn’t help that I start off by calling their contractors lazy!

What is even more mind boggling is if my package is being sent to my address in Phillip, why do I have to go all the way to the Post Office at Weston Creek to pick it up!? Why not the post office in Woden? Even Mawson!?

alaninoz 9:27 am 09 Aug 11

Another example of their poor work – a couple of months ago an OzPost contractor delivered a package to our place and we signed for it. At the time I didn’t look too closely as we were having a few packages delivered. The driver obviously didn’t look too closely either as the package was for someone who lives ten houses down the road! Fortunately I know the person the package was addressed to and delivered it when they were home.

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