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Australia Post: Get your act togeather

asp 18 July 2007 60

Is there a new manager responsible for running Australia Post’s delivery operations in our city? That would seem to be a logical explaination for the recent failiures in service from Australia Post.

Over the last three months, I have had several bills, two sets of replacement VISA cards and multiple documents (some confidential) not arrive. Given that our letterbox is locked, these items likely never arrived. Further to these problems, following the destruction of our letterbox after the Queens Birthday Longweekend, items of mail were left by the postie in the garden. Leaving mail like this is in breech of Australia Post’s own regulations. Tonight, Aust Post has taken incompetence to a new level, leaving a package of expensive coffee beans which should have been diverted to a PO Box (a diversion I payed for weeks ago) under my door mat in the sun and then the rain. The contents is ruined.

Are my problems unique? Anyone else having problems with Australia Post.

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60 Responses to Australia Post: Get your act togeather
coelacanth coelacanth 11:05 pm 18 Jul 07


A month ago I needed a new passport photo. So, off I went to the GPO.

I got there at 2.15. At that time, there were five people behind the desk, and one – count ’em, ONE – customer.

I asked the girl for a photo. No can do, she said, because of the Policy. The Policy says that no photos can be taken between 12 and 2.30 because it’s their busy period.

Once more for the record – ONE customer. FIVE people behind the desk.

I asked to see the manager. He backed the girl up ‘because if he did it for me, then everyone would want it, wouldn’t they?’

Anyhow, I came back like a good little customer at 2.30, and by that time there was (naturally) a hefty queue.

(The real kicker is that the whole photo taking/paying event took about a minute flat. Good Policy, guys!)

Ruby Wednesday Ruby Wednesday 10:04 pm 18 Jul 07

Mess, my American husband says he’s never had any problems with the USPS, so I guess it’s just a question of where you are (in both systems, I suspect). He’d prefer them to Australia Post, not least because they deliver on a Saturday and also collect your mail from you.

Mess Mess 10:01 pm 18 Jul 07

The US Mail system is 100 times worse than Aust Post. So i think all of you should stop complaining.

If a mailbox has been destroyed or is missing the mail man is meant to deliver it to your doorstep not dump it in the garden.

And as for somethin Betty said earlier – if you want to complain – you work thru the night sort 100’s of 1000’s of letters. It pays good money, I have a mate who does it and he aint complaining.

joeyjo joeyjo 8:59 pm 18 Jul 07

I’ve had problems too, over the last few years. Vital pieces of mail never arrive or are put into the wrong mail box, opened by my neighbors and sometimes eventually make their way to my (locked) mail box. Phone bills, refund cheques, job offers, proof of jury duty…

Yes, I have complained to Australia Post twice.

This is also happening to someone else who lives near by.

I have a PO box now, which is much better.

jellen jellen 8:56 pm 18 Jul 07

Interesting comment RubyWednesday – I wonder what’s to stop a postie, say doing half his run with two days of mail one day, and the other half with two days of mail the next?
Australia Post stacks up relatively well, though. Some countries have to spend a couple of days working out that Australia is a foreign country and that it isn’t in Europe, before a letter might get sent in the right direction.

Lessa Lessa 8:14 pm 18 Jul 07

in the last few months we’ve had a few problems with Australia Post and our PO Box. twice now we’ve been expecting registered mail. when we check with the company who sent it, they tell us it arrived sucessfully. so we asked the post office and over and over they said it wasnt there. finally we called them and they said “here it is. oh. it was delivered here 18 days ago.”
gee. thanks.

also, someone I know almost lost a job because they weren’t putting package notifications in the po box.

and there are the times we don’t get mail for weeks and weeks and weeks, and then we get a clump of it shoved haphazardly in. oh please, ignore the “do not fold” on the front.

swamiOFswank swamiOFswank 7:45 pm 18 Jul 07

Regarding postcodes, Holt (Kippax), Higgins and Latham all have the 2615 postcode, and all three have PO boxes available in their suburb. It’s been rare for me to get wrong mail in my PO box – perhaps once in three years. No complaints at all – fantastic service.

As for mail that comes to my home, for some reason I frequently recieve other people’s mail – my next door neighbours, people across the road, people in the next street. All are addressed correctly but seem to be dumped in my letterbox anyway. Possibly a lazy postie.

When I lived in Florey, my letterbox was nicked, and despite having paid for mail to be redirected to my PO box, the Postie just dropped the mail in the garden, where the letterbox had been. It was a few weeks before I could organise someone to install a new mailbox for me…but he continued to put the mail in the garden, rain hail or shine…

So… garden mail-dumping is common to at least two of us in Canberra!

And by the way, I’m fed up with having the useless Canberra Chronicle that I don’t want to receive, stuffed/jammed into my letterbox. Firstly it says ‘no Chronicle and no Junk Mail’ clearly on the box and secondly by the time the Chronicle is extracted from the mailbox, it’s so mangled that it only fit for the recycling anyway.

Ruby Wednesday Ruby Wednesday 7:40 pm 18 Jul 07

GregW, the excuses I received on that front were:
-We can’t leave the van (‘But you have to leave the van to walk up the stairs to a Queenslander, for example.’)
-Your body corporate told us not to (‘They have no right to interfere with my mail and deny saying any such thing.’)
And then the plain ‘Because’ answer.

GregW GregW 6:37 pm 18 Jul 07

I get annoyed when I see ads on the TV about having a lockable mailbox, which I have, and then the postman leaves the mail hanging out so anyone can steal it anyway.

I also don’t understand why they can’t deliver parcels to apartment blocks. They always leave the little slip to collect the parcel from the post office, and yet still bring the parcel with them so you can’t pick it up for hours. I had a parcel lost in the time between the slip being delivered (while I was home) and it getting back to the post office. I kept being given the runaround at the post office, and lodging a complaint achieved absolutely nothing, no compensation or explanation about this parcel (a birthday present). I once asked why they don’t deliver mail to apartment blocks and received complete crap- ‘Because they can arrive anytime between 7am and 7pm’- but every normal house gets their parcels delivered to them? And they still bring the parcels with them to lose when they have no intention of delivering them?

asp asp 4:46 pm 18 Jul 07

I also want to mention that perhaps posties and postal workers should be given literacy tests to ensure they can read and write. On so many occassions, items to my self and friends have come late or items for other people have been delivered because for some strange reason, a postal worker has crossed out the legible address and written “try. 45” or “try Barton” even when the number and/or suburb are clearly written.

asp asp 4:43 pm 18 Jul 07

Mr Evil, I like your confidence. And I have spoken to several reps of Aus Post, including the local manage twice. The local manager was good and had my mail held quicker than If I were to go through head office. He was actually helpful.

Sadly, the rest of their staff who are on the phones seem to be capable of nothing but submitting complaints to the “investigations unit”.

I would like to note however that tha vast majority of staff in local postal outlets, whether they be small licences post ofccices or major post offices have being very helpful. I think the problems are with contractors, sorting systems and management.

asp asp 4:27 pm 18 Jul 07

Danman, yes It is my responsibility to have a place for my mail to be delivered. That is why I had a diversion put on my mail at 9am on the morning after my letterbox was destroyed. I also contacted the local postal manager who put in place an immediate hold (waivering the normal three day wait) on my mail until the diversion came into effect (normally three days). Despite taking these steps, mail was still left in my garden. I contacted the postal manager who said this was in breech of regulations, and that if no box is available for mail to be put in, the mail is retained and returned to sender. Under no circumstances should it be left like that. (I might add, it was raining that day!!!)

With regards to the coffee I had delivered. It multiple small cryovac packs. The problem is that even when cryovacd, the contents is still suseptable to heat, such as when it was left in direct sunlight yesterday. When it started raining in the afternoon and someone, eager to get out of the rain, came to my dorr step, they stepped on the package. So I was left with baked, sweaty coffee beans, about a third of which was loose on the interiour of an express post satchel.

I notice a couple of people have noted the US postal service is poor. Maybe I’m lucky, but on the two occassions I had items sent from the US using economy mail from the USPS, it cam in just three days. When i’m sending stuff, it usually takes two- three weeks with Australia Post Airmail.

jessieduck jessieduck 4:12 pm 18 Jul 07

We are convinced mail is only being delivered every two or three days to our apartment- our mail box is down a funny lane way and we think some posties know where to find our block and others just put it in the too hard pile- it is so intermitant and parcels are always getting lost. Not happy.

green_frogs_go_pop green_frogs_go_pop 3:48 pm 18 Jul 07

we’ve had pretty much the same thing happen, we were suppose to have something sent to our post box, turn up in the carport, at our house!

And we’ve had stuff stolen out of letters, which was why we got a post box in the first place. Then, after that, we had something stolen out of another letter in the actual post box!

Good to know its not just me, who’s had to put up with their shenanigans..

betty betty 3:44 pm 18 Jul 07

Very true GnT. Australia Post only carry the mail so far, we then have to rely on the postal service in the other country. The USA is notoriously awful.

My sister lives in Hong Kong and posted a parcel to me on a Friday, it was in my po box on the Monday!

GnT GnT 3:11 pm 18 Jul 07

My folks sent me a postcard from Vanuatu that arrived 3 1/2 weeks later. They’d been home for two weeks when I finally received it!

Not saying this excuses any poor service by Australia Post where we do and should have higher standards. Just saying sometimes we have to be a little bit grateful for what we have …

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:20 pm 18 Jul 07

Emd, that’s interesting about you using TNT, as my work ditched TNT because they were useless. A lot of mail went missing and service was very poor at times.

emd emd 1:03 pm 18 Jul 07

I send a lot of small parcels as part of a business. Every single one that was sent in April via prepaid satchels failed to arrive at its destination. I’ve also sent a letter (with postcode in the postcode squares) that was delivered back to my own mailbox – they delivered it to the Sender’s address instead of the To address! And I often come home to find parcels on my doorstep instead of a card in the letterbox – frustrating, given the high crime rate on my street.

I’ve given up on Australia Post and got a contract with TNT couriers. Quicker, reliable, always leave a card for redelivery if you’re not home, and not much more expensive. I’m trying to do business via email or phone instead of letters via Australia Post too.

betty betty 12:59 pm 18 Jul 07

There is plenty of competition for parcels. Because there is no competition for letters, the government strictly regulates the delivery standards (which are monitered through an outside agency, like ‘secret shoppers’) and Australia Post meets or exceeds the standard of 96% of mail Australia wide being delivered on time or early.

The fact that there is no competition also means that Australia Post has to remain affordable for all Australians. I’d like to know how much it would actually cost to get a letter from Canberra to Perth (not 50c I’m sure) with a company that did not have the same logistical network.

Ruby Wednesday Ruby Wednesday 12:55 pm 18 Jul 07

Ozhair, at least they make an attempt. I ran a continuing battle with Australia Post as to why units receive an inferior standard of service in that we always get those bloody cards to go down to the post office and collect (thankfully here in Canberra, the hours are a little more flexible than the 9-5 weekdays at my old post office!). Every time I explained why their reason was bullsh*t, I got an alternative explanation, and on it went.

That said, I have a sneaking suspicion the postie didn’t come at all yesterday as none of the units (40+) appeared to have any mail.

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