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Australia Post: Get your act togeather

asp 18 July 2007 60

Is there a new manager responsible for running Australia Post’s delivery operations in our city? That would seem to be a logical explaination for the recent failiures in service from Australia Post.

Over the last three months, I have had several bills, two sets of replacement VISA cards and multiple documents (some confidential) not arrive. Given that our letterbox is locked, these items likely never arrived. Further to these problems, following the destruction of our letterbox after the Queens Birthday Longweekend, items of mail were left by the postie in the garden. Leaving mail like this is in breech of Australia Post’s own regulations. Tonight, Aust Post has taken incompetence to a new level, leaving a package of expensive coffee beans which should have been diverted to a PO Box (a diversion I payed for weeks ago) under my door mat in the sun and then the rain. The contents is ruined.

Are my problems unique? Anyone else having problems with Australia Post.

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60 Responses to Australia Post: Get your act togeather
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deejay deejay 7:11 am 18 Jul 07

Having moved from Sydney six months ago, I am personally finding the service better here than there (which is not hard – Strawberry Hills business centre is atrocious). However, I have a PO Box in Holt, which shares a postcode with Belconnen, Kippax, Flynn, etc. So of course yesterday I received something for the same box number in Belconnen. I am only surprised it took this long for it to happen. Who thought sharing postcodes over multiple post offices was a good idea? Isn’t the point of postcodes to differentiate between post offices?

Danman Danman 7:26 am 18 Jul 07

I sent 50 DVD wedding invitations on Monday to both VIC and ACT.

I started receiving RSVP’s yesterday – so it was an overnight delivery (regular – not express post) – which is not unusual – but I still think that this is a demonstration of good service.

People only like to note the one scant few times an organisation gets things wrong – and fails to give credit for the years of flawless service.

Sure putting your letters in the garden was wrong of the postie – but under the terms and conditions of use of Australia Post you have a responsibility to have a place for delivery of postage items.

Section 24.1.3 and Appendix 2 of the Australia Post Terms an Conditions of Use would be a good place to start if you need to know more.

Failing that – if my letter box was blown up I would at least organise a rudimentary letter box/place to receive incoming post for the interim period between letter boxes

Danman Danman 7:33 am 18 Jul 07

As for your coffee – it should read the contents are ruined not the contents is ruined.

If they were ruined from rain and sun while under your doormat – then they probably were not packaged correctly in the first place.

Its my understanding that most whole coffee beans packaged for sale are cryovac packed – ie – watertight reflective vaccum pack to keep moisture out and reflect radiated heat. If they were not cryovac packed I would be asking for a refund from the retailer/wholesaler and maybe tick teh registered post box next time.

As for why there were not delivered to your PO box is beyond me – but when i get packages that are too big for my letter box I Always get a slip to take down the road and pick up from the GPO.

Not saying I am rigth and you are wrong – just adding a little balance to the argument.

Thumper Thumper 8:23 am 18 Jul 07

A long time ago in a country we’ll call Australia, I was a humble soldier. My then wife sent me a letter when I was away for a period of time.

Two years later, to my surprise, my Plt Sgt handed me the letter. It had been posted in canberra and received in canberra.

Where else it had been I have no idea?

But getting back to the post about Australia Post I have nothing to post suggesting Australia post do anything than give a good service with the post, even post sending of such post.


I haven’t had any problems with their service.

Tim Tim 8:31 am 18 Jul 07

I’ve generally had no problem with Australia Post – *except* for when I find a letter for PO box 3242 (or another close number) in my box 3243. It happens probably once every two months, and it just shows either laziness or a lack of effective quality control procedures.

Each time I find the letter I take it inside and tell them. I sure hope that when my letters go into another box, the owner of that does the same.

@deejay, post office box numbers in the same post code range generally have a different prefix to differentiate them. For example, the whole of Weston Creek is p/c 2611 and it has two post offices. Boxes at Weston PO start with 3, and boxes at Rivett start with 8.

Spectra Spectra 8:45 am 18 Jul 07

deejay: Holt (2615) doesn’t share a postcode with Belconnen (2617 or 2616 for PO boxes), and Flynn doesn’t have a post office, so I suspect it’s more a case of “who would have thought writing the wrong postcode on something might make it arrive in the wrong place?” Well me, for one…

philbert83au philbert83au 9:22 am 18 Jul 07

This week our civic work PO box ended up with mail for a whole host of random people with different boxes to us. We dutifully returned it to the post office for redelivery though the recipients would be waiting another 24 hours for their mail.

Ozhair Ozhair 9:43 am 18 Jul 07

My main problem with Aus Post over the past twelve months has been with the muppets they’re hiring as contractors to deliver parcels. I buy a lot of stuff on Ebay, and several times now I’ve been waiting on a parcel, way past when it should have arrived. Eventually I’ve contacted the local PO to find that the parcel is there waiting to be collected. The idiot tasked with the delivery hadn’t even left a card saying the parcel was there. Once or twice, an honest mistake, but five times in less than twelve months and I’m getting annoyed.

VicePope VicePope 9:54 am 18 Jul 07

There may be some help at hand. Then again, maybe not:

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:59 am 18 Jul 07

Have you actually spoken to anyone from Aust Post about this problem?

I think that if you spoke to the local Postal Manager you might be able to resolve these issues.

kaydo kaydo 10:23 am 18 Jul 07

I was sent an invite from someone in watson to my place in Belco. He didn’t put a postcode on it, so it was directed via the UK. Logical really. And some entertaining postmarks and corrections on the envelope.

apehammer apehammer 11:03 am 18 Jul 07

It wasn’t the coffee that’s extracted from the poo of Indonesian civet cats, was it? Most expensive coffee in the world, that shit.

betty betty 11:05 am 18 Jul 07

Maybe you should contact the Canberra Mail Centre and ask to go on a tour of the facility. This would give you a great indication of the sheer volume of mail that Australia Post handles everyday, even in Canberra (if my memory serves correctly, I think it was in the region of 1,000,000 articles a day in Canberra and around 20,000,000 Australia wide?)

As for the coffee (that should have been correctly packaged like danman pointed out), you need to tell the local post office or your delivery centre and lodge a complaint about the contractor, otherwise no-one can take any action.

Tim, maybe you should volunteer to do a shift sorting mail, starting at about 5.30am and having a couple of hours (as per Australia Post delivery standards) to sort thousands of letters into tightly packed po boxes. Laziness or poor quality control is not the issue, it is called HUMAN ERROR or a MISTAKE, two things which apparently you are not familiar with, as I’m sure you never make mistakes…

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 11:08 am 18 Jul 07

I have to give Australia Post a big plus for service to our street. We’ve even have letters with only our surnames and suburb on the address being delivered to the correct mail box. I think this is due to dedicated posties that take pride in their work. I agree with Mr Evil. If you do have a problem then talk to to you local Postal Manager. You can even talk to your localpostie if you catch him or heron their rounds. Their very helpful and do try and solve any postal problems. And no I don’t have any thing to to do with Australia Post. I just think they provide a very good service.

Observing Observing 11:09 am 18 Jul 07

I’m actually more surprised people are saying how good Australia Posts service is. Not a week goes by without some sort of mind boggling delivery happening by Australia Post to either my address or my fiancee’s. I wish I could have kept a running tally of their poor service, but I’ve given up asking them to do a decent job.

Anyway, roughly here’s a small list of their poor performance:

More than 50% of the time when I paid for Express Post (guaranteed overnight delivery), delivery was days after it should have arrived. On one occassion a card sent through regular post sent on the same day as an express post package arrived earlier then the express post package. This was to the same address.

The two times I asked them to investigate their late delivery, they took months to get back. On one occasion they for some reason contacted the recipient rather than me (the person who lodged the complaint) and told them the package was received so everything was okay, case closed. This was without telling me.

I posted a letter, addressed to Portugal, sent with postmark on the stamp back to me because the lamo-heads there didn’t turn the letter over and thought the return address was the postal address (That was a puzzler). I had to argue for them to send it to Portugal where it was addressed but for a while they refused because the letter was already post stamped even though the stamp cost amounted to an international post.

I had posties not deliver mail to my letterbox because my unit number wasn’t on the letter, even though I had other mail addressed to me under my name sent to me on the same day to that unit (I had to find out through Medicare Australia that’s what happened…Australia Post gave zero details as always).

I could really go on and on…packages badly damaged, sent to wrong addresses, lost mail galore. Any business needs to have a high standard of success to run successfully. So also saying ‘well, they get it right once in a while’ is not good enough especially when we are talking about a major form of communication.

JC JC 11:11 am 18 Jul 07

The problem with the parcel is it is not a letter and does not get processed by the local mail sorting centre so can hardly get redirected. If you check your conditions you will find that only mail that would be delivered by the local postie on his normal run get redirected. The redirection stickers get put on at the regional mail sorting centre, so if the parcel doesn’t go there it can hardly be redirected.

betty betty 11:24 am 18 Jul 07

Parcel contractors do have a list of redirections that match up with the posties (I know because I have a redirection going). Though the parcels are handled separately, they are sorted down to the street level by the contractors themselves in the local area. This is a case of the contractor not paying attention, let the post office know.

Letters without a unit number usually cannot be delivered, and conversely, must be delivered as addressed. I don’t think posties are allowed to make decisions about the destination of a letter, it is up to the sender to provide the correct information. Imagine if there was another ‘B. Smith’ living in your units and he received your medicare card? First step in identity fraud….?

Observing Observing 11:50 am 18 Jul 07

Trust me, there would be no confusion with my name or what was written on the envelope or the address. And posties make those decisions all the time, which is why people’s mail DOES get lost in who knows where in Canberra. Or on the positive side, that’s why letters sometimes DO get through even though the address or postcode may sometimes not be quite right. But I think plain logic should suffice in the ones I experienced (as in ‘unusual name of this letter matches with unusual name of all the other letters, except there is one number missing on address’). There is no consistency, no logic or sense to anything I have experienced with the posties.

And notifying them does no good. Their investigation process is as lame as their service at times. I’ve given up.

witm witm 12:30 pm 18 Jul 07

Need I say the obvious. When you have no competition, there’s no incentive to deliver a quality service. Usually I’m not a keen market capitalist but here I’m all for it.

Danman Danman 12:54 pm 18 Jul 07

I’m actually more surprised people are saying how good Australia Posts service is

I can only judge them on my personal experiences – not some one elses – hence my stance.

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