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Australia Post – Getting Parcels delivered

By smarttdj - 23 March 2012 47

I live in the Oracle apartments in Belconnen.

Does anyone else living in an apartment in either Belconnen or Canberra seem to have problems getting parcels delivered?

In my case the deliverer doesn’t seem to even leave a card saying they’ve called, which means I have no way of knowing whether or not I’ve received something.

Anyone else with this problem or is it just me?

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
Australia Post – Getting Parcels delivered
Gerry-Built 8:29 pm 23 Mar 12

The Australia Post parcel contractors are either completely stupid or completely lazy. My wife has just finished up 12 months of leave, and during that time she witnessed several cards left in the box, several items left at the door (including several that required a signature) and on at least one occasion; a “fragile” item dropped at the doorstep from waist height… The outsourcing of parcel delivery has come at a great cost of goodwill from the public…

Frustrated 7:39 pm 23 Mar 12

phototext said :

If they deliver the parcel then you won’t have to go into an Australia Post shop and then you won’t be tempted to purchase one of their many wonderful products they fill the place up with these days, such as Crocodile Dundee II on DVD for only $29.95.

God forbid you go in looking for an envelope though.

Tuggeranong Business Centre do open their parcel pickup in the early morning, before the shop though!

Frustrated 7:34 pm 23 Mar 12

Yep, happening to me also.

They are not leaving the card, and when I chase up the parcel, it’s been sitting at the Tuggeranong Business Centre for a up to a fortnight in once case recently.

Woody Mann-Caruso 7:32 pm 23 Mar 12

I’d *love* our slack-arsed postal contractor to leave our parcel in the front yard, or even a ‘missed ya’ card hurled in the direction of the house from the footpath. But no – we got to settle for having our mail for – let’s say 10 Smith Street – delivered to 10 Jones St, and vice versa.

No huge dramas – the streets intersect, we each know where the other lives now, no big problem to walk around the corner. Until parcels weren’t being delivered to either address, and we both started receiving mail for, say, 10 Utterlyunf***ingrelated Boulevard on the other side of the suburb. And then, just before Christmas, we got a lovely parcel addressed to our street and number, but for a suburb in farking WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

Our daily postie is a top bloke. Give him the parcel van and let him deliver mail as well.

I-filed 6:49 pm 23 Mar 12

It’s actually worse when Australia Post leave parcels on your doorstep, which they routinely do unless the parcels are registered. I don’t want parcels left at my door in view of the street all day! I prefer to pick them up from the post office. When I rang to complain, Australia Post told me their policy is that, unless it’s a flat, and unless it’s a registered item, they will leave the parcel. This “change to their policy” sounds to be unofficial and driven by laziness and convenience to them.

fabforty 5:21 pm 23 Mar 12

The whole post thing drives me crazy. I live in units but have my own PO box because the mail boxes where I live are always being broken into.

Most on-line businesses wont deliver to PO Boxes – only to street addresses. I’m not sure how many people these days can sit at home for days waiting for parcels to be delivered, but that is another story. If I provide my home address I risk them either leaving at my front door for anyone passing by to nick, or (here’s the irony) they leave a card telling me to collect my parcel from…you guessed it…. the post office.

I recently had this issue with Amazon who insisted they had to deliver to street address because they needed a signature. I eventually gave them my work address and phone extension. My parcel ended up being left with all the incoming mail at the reception desk.

On another occasion I contacted an on-line shop to explain my dilemma. She told me to write my address as “care of” my local post office. That was OK, but my actual PO Box number was not acceptable.

predator_pb 4:47 pm 23 Mar 12

A former Aust Post Contractor told me that he’d spend a couple of hours in the morning delivering the ‘i missed you’ cards, 4-5 hours on the golf course, and then he’d drop off the parcels at the post office in the afternoon. Easy work…

Cantoangel 3:09 pm 23 Mar 12

I live in Belco and buy a lot of crap online… for me, this has started happening after Christmas. Perhaps we got a new contractor… in any case, I’ve half been relying on Australia Post’s online tracking system for my parcels as I’ve been able to receive emails when my parcel is in the system somewhere. I don’t know if it tracks all parcels but it’s pretty cool.

EvanJames 3:03 pm 23 Mar 12

phototext said :

If they deliver the parcel then you won’t have to go into an Australia Post shop and then you won’t be tempted to purchase one of their many wonderful products they fill the place up with these days, such as Crocodile Dundee II on DVD for only $29.95.

God forbid you go in looking for an envelope though.

That’s one thing Quangers has over Canberra. They open the parcel room at 5am, you can grab stuff through the window until 9am. I hope that continues when they re-locate due to K-mart taking over the Quean B.

phototext 2:50 pm 23 Mar 12

If they deliver the parcel then you won’t have to go into an Australia Post shop and then you won’t be tempted to purchase one of their many wonderful products they fill the place up with these days, such as Crocodile Dundee II on DVD for only $29.95.

God forbid you go in looking for an envelope though.

JessP 2:48 pm 23 Mar 12

You are not alone.

I dont live in Oracle or any apartment – I live in a house and I cant get a parcel delivered! If I am lucky, parcels address to my home address may result in a card in the letter box, but the parcel post delivery people never knock on the door.

I also have a PO box in Belconnen and have probelms even getting a card there, to tell me there is a parcel (that needs to be signature before delivery) for pick up. I have had a couple of embarassing incidents with them over the last tfew months where, after not receiving a parcel for several weeks (and checking with the PO staff in the mornings continually over that period) I have complained to the sender of the parcels only to be told (by the person/company sending the parcel to me) that the parcel is in fact waiting for collection and of course they would have placed a card in the PO box to tell me……..

All complaints about the fact I have never received a card and had asked about the parcel multiple times (always being assured there was nothing for me) are met with silence from Australia Post.

Erg0 2:31 pm 23 Mar 12
Jivrashia 2:29 pm 23 Mar 12

The other thing is to be certain who you should be sending your complaint to.

In my case there were two separate incidents:

1) Aust Post contractor leaving the parcel in my front yard AND leaving a “missed you” card. The missed you card caused a bit of confusion at the post office when they couldn’t find the parcel, because it was hidden in a bush in my front yard!

2) Air Express leaving no note indicating that they’d attempted delivery. Luckily I was able to use the tracking number provisioned by the seller to discovered that it had been sitting at my local post office for several days.

So, be sure to know who you should complain to before you actually do.

EvanJames 2:10 pm 23 Mar 12

There’s a loooong thread on whirlpool about this. Many of the Australia Post people especially the van drivers are contractors, so less accountable once they’ve got the contract. Many accounts of people sitting in their home/apartment watching the Aus Post guy put a red card in their letterbox, not even attempting to deliver the actual parcel. There’s a few anecdotes of people running out and catching the driver, only to discover that the parcel isn’t even IN the van!

trevar 2:00 pm 23 Mar 12

This happens all the time in Wanniassa. We’ve had this issue for four years now, and no amount of complaining to Australia Post or the local post office makes any difference. I sometimes have a whinge on Facebook and Twitter when it happens, and it seems to be a national phenomenon. My guess is that AusPost don’t pay their drivers enough to hang around, so they’re constantly training new ones.

There’s not much that can be done. I now put a reminder in my phone for three weeks after I order anything and if I don’t have it when the reminder comes up, I go down to the Post Office and ask. About half the times I’ve done this, it’s just sitting there. I failed to do this once and I got a message from the retailer in Hong Kong asking me to confirm my address because it had been returned!

The other thing I’ve managed a few times (though not very often) is to convince the retailer not to use Australia Post. Almost impossible for offshore orders, and even Australian retailers can be difficult, but other companies actually deliver the services they promise.

AusPost do have a complaints system, which I’ve used, but it does no good. I’ve never tried the Postal Industry Ombudsman, but that might be another course of action if you’ve already tried complaining directly.

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