About Hells_Bells74

I'm 36 yrs young and was born and bred in Canberra, lucky me, I'm sure lol!

I have 4 wonderful kids, 3 girls and 1 boy.

I've been around the net for many years and like lots of others nothing in life was ever clearer for me (scary sometimes, truth can bite hard).

I have my beliefs that I go by and the good thing is that my beliefs are just that, mine! I will not impart them onto those who don't ask (although I can use my more general (im a human too in this world) beliefs when needed to defend my own or others) (ie. Lady on bus sits on my lap, um I'm afraid my own beliefs here matter not, there's a general rule that the seat is mine if I am sitting on it and someone can't just do that, so I would impart some beliefs on her alright, but nothing personally from me and impartial to hers. But I would think most of the world would agree so it would be a common belief that one person on the seat at a time unless consented otherwise, what I wouldn't do, was accuse her of anything, personally riducule her or do her an ounce of harm if she did none to me, if that makes sense). I guess if you impart yours onto me without me asking, please don't expect acknowledgement or that the earth will move for me, it will be within my own discretion I'm sure.

Most of mine are simple, things like Love, Respect for anything living, The Common Law of Man (although I get around with that one, I am pretty sure I try to follow the Law of God but get corrupted lots by the darkside, only in my thoughts of course), helping those less blessed, believing that you are your own God in your own right (Only think that because God is creation and you are the Creator and need to answer to yourself and the higher being to which you may have fallen from or may indeed be creating more, who knows), knowing there is a higher being though (although never settling for one sold out), helping someone with a hand out, but knowing to turn around and kick their arse in the right direction if needed, knowing if you can't be of help (yep, a smile and nod, understanding, empathy, tolerance & small tokens are all of great help sometimes) that you will not judge in that case and hinder not those sent to help, helping a child or other socially oppressed being into being always without lasting judgement.

Don't wish your worst on your enemy, cause it all comes back to you!

Don't try to figure me out, you don't have the energy.

Money to me is easy come easy go, I will never have any respect for it. I don't wish to hoard it and never have. Looking forward to a Robotic Wageless Economy myself, hurry hurry I say!

Some of the more normal stuff that makes me tick are reading passionately, listening, shit I can talk too hehe!, heaps of friends, weed, sex in everyway anytime I can, keeping fit with whatever life deals me, ice skating, bowling, dining out, clubbing when it's coming easy, concerts and festivals, travelling, singing, computers, music (specially heavy metal and others who tickle my ears with good strong words and the intensity of a good hard fuck or something like that hehe), swimming, camping and must admit that television can still get me more than I'd like.

I have plenty of opinions too, oh gosh don't get me started lol. But that's what these places are here for. So BRING IT ON!

P.S. I'm easy going, hope I didn't come off a bit strong there.

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