Baby over the railing at the Canberra Centre?

johnboy 24 April 2007 23

Thanks to emd for the tip, the Essential Baby forum has reports of a baby going over the railing at the Canberra Centre this morning:

I was shopping in the Canberra Centre today and was up on level 1 near Pumpkin Patch/Australian Geographic when there were a couple of awful screams and I saw people run to the railing. Half the people that rushed to the railing turned around in horror with their hands over their mouths saying they couldn’t look. As I had my daughter I could not see anything but I heard that a child had fallen from the top level. My daughter started sensing something was wrong so I had to scoot her quickly to the back of a shop far away from the incident.

Anyone know more?

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23 Responses to Baby over the railing at the Canberra Centre?
riotrossco riotrossco 11:00 pm 28 Apr 07

Suicides’ should be reported. Every one should know. Let the media report each and every suicide. Would almost need a full page.

emd emd 2:02 pm 25 Apr 07

Well, we carry on like a set of old women!
Straight to the pool room!

TAD TAD 10:29 am 25 Apr 07

The Belconnen mall suicide was initally reported by the media whey they only knew it to be a fall.

Once it was known to be suicide they exercised the usual discretion to not generally report suicides in the media.

fhakk fhakk 9:25 am 25 Apr 07

ACT police said it was bullshit…no baby, no suicide. Whether or not it didn’t happen…that’s another matter.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 7:18 am 25 Apr 07

Probably because no dingos were involved.

caf caf 1:59 am 25 Apr 07

Was there anything in the news at the time about the suicide at Belconnen Mall the christmas before last? Not sure these things always make the news.

GnT GnT 11:42 pm 24 Apr 07

There’s nothing in the news about this tonight, so I expect it could be far worse… Boost Juice is just along from these stores – I suspect someone has just purchased a large fruit smoothie, only to lose it seconds later over one of the dangerously low railings. Imagine the horror as your Mango Magic splatters on the floor far below 🙁

simbo simbo 10:54 pm 24 Apr 07

Well, we carry on like a set of old women!

Myrmecia Myrmecia 9:54 pm 24 Apr 07

emd, do you have any explanation for the phenomenon you have identified that Riot ACT is predominantly male, despit the fact that it’s predominantly about gossip (see above)?

emd emd 8:44 pm 24 Apr 07

Essential Baby is one of the longest-running internet parenting forums in Australia. Hence it has such a huge readership (and recently got bought out by Fairfax). It’s also one of the most “mainstream” (ie unlikely to offend the general population with things like cloth nappies, extended breastfeeding, freebirthing etc).

If you want to know what ACT mums (and a few dads) really think, EB is a good place to ask questions. And I know there’s a number of RA regulars whose wives are EB regulars 😉

lateralis lateralis 7:30 pm 24 Apr 07

emd, I worry about the sites you visit.

Deano Deano 5:13 pm 24 Apr 07
Ralph Ralph 4:40 pm 24 Apr 07

You’re all missing the point here. The wives’ tale contains an important underlying message about the evils of rampant consumerism and the dangers of a breakdown in traditional morals and values – particularly for small children.

Pumpkin Patch is a euphamism for John Howard.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 4:39 pm 24 Apr 07

No No – Michael Jackson was there – except this time he dropped the baby.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 4:33 pm 24 Apr 07

Is there any truth to the rumour that Michael Jackson was seen in the Centre?

Cameron Cameron 4:30 pm 24 Apr 07

Add me to the chorus of those calling bullshit on this one.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 4:30 pm 24 Apr 07

Snahons – You forgot to wrap kids up in layers upon layers of cotton wool and bubble wrap. So if they do fall over, they make a cool ‘pop’ sound.

You’d think that if something that serious happened it would have been reported or something.

Ralph Ralph 3:51 pm 24 Apr 07

Sounds like a wives’ tale.

TAD TAD 3:50 pm 24 Apr 07

I suspect
(a) complete crap didn’t happen at all.
(b) minor fall

I know that if the kid died or police attended I would have been told.

apehammer apehammer 3:40 pm 24 Apr 07

If a baby actually did fall over the railing it’s really not that funny.

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