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Backyard Bachanalia, December 2006

johnboy 6 December 2006 14

Saturday night saw a cracking Backyard Bachanalia at Loadedog’s place. The event was headlined by The Lavans.

Taking my experiments with teknowlergy a bit further on here’s an AV take on the big night:

If you’d like to come along to this monthly event through summer you’ll need to email and ask to get put on his events list, which will include times and places for these entertainment extravaganzas.

(We could possibly be persuaded to provide similar coverage for other shows if it’s something you guys like and the organisers are amenable, yes I know i need to make the credits bigger in future for YouTube’s compression)

UPDATED: Thanks to the Lavans for giving the OK to use it, here’s some footage of them playing. (Any deficiencies in audio or video should be balanced by the fact it was shot using a stills camera, not a purpose built video cam).

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14 Responses to Backyard Bachanalia, December 2006
RandomGit RandomGit 1:51 pm 06 Dec 06

Fantastic bit of video JB. Given the circumstances of course.

Thumper Thumper 1:34 pm 06 Dec 06


I’ll lock that one away Eddie….

johnboy johnboy 1:32 pm 06 Dec 06

Indeed! The next one is 6 January and I’m reliably informed the lineup will be killer.

simto simto 1:30 pm 06 Dec 06

I think they’re the first saturday of every month – which means, nope, no more before christmas.

Thumper Thumper 1:14 pm 06 Dec 06

I really have to get along to one of these one day.

The one in question was out as I had to play that night!

Such is life…

Anymore before Chrissie?

loadedog loadedog 3:07 pm 05 Dec 06

Thare are a few videos of past Backanalias on this page:

Excuse the blocky Utube compression.

RandomGit RandomGit 11:18 am 05 Dec 06

I’d prefer actual footage, but for that I suppose I’ll have to attend with my Dv cam.

simto simto 10:51 am 05 Dec 06

Actually, on second thought, it might be that I’m just dopily clicking on the topic and THEN getting the stuff. Which you can’t fix.

Never mind.

And having a general knowledge about my community is a core work purpose, damnit! Or at least, it helps me to know which restraunts to avoid for a section lunch. Which amounts to teh same thing.

Danman Danman 9:56 am 05 Dec 06

Simto – you would not be using the internet for non work purposes would you ?

LOL – me too.

johnboy johnboy 9:12 am 05 Dec 06

well, i do that for the quicktime content, it was a problem for the youtube stuff?

simto simto 9:05 am 05 Dec 06

Okay, while we’re talking about this, can I ask whether the movie content can be moved after the “more” tab for the front page? Just so those of us who are looking from work don’t have to avoid a network-nazi-attracting QuickTime installation?

johnboy johnboy 10:58 pm 04 Dec 06

Well you know, always important to give feedback on new stuff if you want to see it again.

simbo simbo 10:52 pm 04 Dec 06

Loved it, just don’t have much to say about it beyond “oh, pretty”.

Sorta like the podcasts don’t get much commentary, but it doesn’t mean we’re not listening.

johnboy johnboy 10:19 pm 04 Dec 06

So no one liked it??

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