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Banana Buffoonery

By Kramer - 15 December 2009 64

Reading the ABC story School puts the ban in banana, I had thought April Fools day had come twice this year. Yesterday press were invited to report on Kevin Rudd listening to student’s environmental concerns at O’Connor Cooperative School, and apparently the invite included a warning for members of the press not to attend if they had eaten a banana in the previous 12 hours because of allergy concerns!

I think the press would be more interested in the PM, than the students – and in the unlikely event the press do want to talk to a student, I don’t think they’ll be locking lips (McDondald’s style). So if a student can’t handle being near a person who has eaten a banana for breakfast, then maybe the student needs to: keep their distance from others; carry an epipen; or wear a face mask. Next year we’ll be banning water in schools.

What’s Your opinion?

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64 Responses to
Banana Buffoonery
James-T-Kirk 11:02 am 15 Dec 09

Now – the serious post –

It is amazing that society has increased the number of kids with serious allergy issues in the past years. It didn’t used to be a problem back when we didn’t disinfect bins constantly, and when we would let kids play on the monkey bars, with asphalt as a surface below.

Whats changed?

Has anybody done a correlation between the number of kids with allergies at ‘alternative; schools’, vs the number at normal – ‘you have to be tough to survive’ schools? that would be an interesting examination, as it would give us an indicator as to whether there is something with the parents.

Warning – I may be eating a banana RIGHT NOW!

James-T-Kirk 10:58 am 15 Dec 09

Hmmmm — Years ago I made an awesome orange cannon – It shot semi-frozen oranges clear across the oval, with just a squirt of propellant. I have never considered making a banana cannon! The possibilities are awesome.

Warning – this banana may contain traces of nuts….

spinact 10:54 am 15 Dec 09

Well said johnboy, well said

Feathergirl 10:26 am 15 Dec 09

I’ve been trying to think of something to write, but, yeah, wow. Really? And it would so suck to be that kid. Or the parents or teacher.

But to ban reporters?

deezagood 9:58 am 15 Dec 09

Look, obviously this seems a bit (lot) extreme; but we don’t know the degree of sensitivity of the allergetic child. So, is it really such a huge deal to refrain from eating a banana for 12 hours? My kids don’t have any allergies, but I am always amazed by the attitudes of parents who’s kids don’t have allergies, and seem to believe that allergies are some sort of ‘scam’, something invented by the parents, or are overly dramatised by the parents. We have this debate over and over at school P&C meetings; with the allergy kid’s parents insisting on stricter policies, and the ‘disbelievers’ adamant that it is up to the allergy kid’s parents to take the necessary precautions.

The fact of the matter is; some of the allergy kids CAN DIE if they are exposed to allergins, and primary school kids are just not diligent enough to be responsible in this regard. So, my attitude is ‘better safe than sorry’. Okay – the kids can’t bring peanut products to school or have peanut butter on their toast of a morning – well big deal. They can eat as much peanuty stuff as they want on weekends. The banana thing – big deal. Eat an apple instead. Seriously; if I were a school Principal, I would much rather have these ‘extreme’ precautions in place than risk a child dying whilst under my care. Can you really blame them for being a bit ‘over the top’? And JB; what exactly are the HUGE COSTS associated with not eating a banana for 12 hours??

dtc 9:51 am 15 Dec 09

Well, pretty much every school bans nuts, and O’Connor has a student with allergies to bananas so they are banned. But I can tell you that the ban at the school is just a ban on taking bananas to the school, not a ban on eating them for 12 hours beforehand. I suspect the press release was an ACT Education Dept over reaction rather than by the people on the ground.

BTW, as I understand it, the allergy people have to bannanas is to the protein that is similar to the protein in latex.

Hells_Bells74 9:40 am 15 Dec 09

It’ll probably become the ‘new black’ of school allergies?

Stupid stupid bananas, my man and son love them and they’re sending me poor(er)! Maybe my pocket will like it to become a drama at school, one less to buy for.. nah just kidding, bananas are great!

JB – you stopped halfway with the masses of !!! and ???, no gud speeling and not enough spittle landing on the page! But otherwise, pass!

prhhcd 9:22 am 15 Dec 09

Love it Johnboy!!!!

housebound 9:12 am 15 Dec 09

Touch allergies can be extreme, but this one threatens the sufferer with life in a bubble.

piperdoon 9:03 am 15 Dec 09

damn right – I knew those bananas were bent – no place for them in straight society

neanderthalsis 9:02 am 15 Dec 09

According to the ABC, the school has an anaphylaxis free policy. So therefore anaphalaxis should be banned. Any child seen swelling up, having difficulty breathing or having a fit should be immediately suspended.

Seriously, what a crock. Do we have to pander to a minority of kiddies that may have a reaction to something? I imagine that in a school of 500 or so midgets there would be a myriad of alergies from peanuts to bread or milk. Do we ban everything (even water as I know someone with a water allergy, break out in a rash from contact with cold tap water)?

I might go an lob a few banana and peanut paste sandwiches over the fence.

Hank 8:53 am 15 Dec 09


Holden Caulfield 8:51 am 15 Dec 09

Haha. Kinda reminds me of the whole peanut butter thing. How come this didn’t seem to be such an issue when I was a wee lad?

Beau Locks 8:36 am 15 Dec 09

Biohazard suits for school uniform?

johnboy 8:24 am 15 Dec 09

You heartless bastard!!!

Don’t you know how many kids were killed by water last year?!?


Next you’ll be dragging the banana allergic kids off to the gas chambers!

Nazi! Scum!

I demand a ban on all bananas to guarantee the human rights of all banana allergic kids and their shiny new right to go to the same school as any of their relatives that take their fancy!

(How’d I do?)

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