Band hire in Canberra?

NoAddedMSG 3 January 2013 23

So I am looking to book a band of the semi-professional cover band type for a substantial (400+ people) event in March [not a wedding though]. As much as I would prefer to go with something a little more exciting, knowing the audience I have to play it conservative and go for a band which plays mainstream, more recent music which even the most unskilled dancer can manage to move along to.

Not knowing where to start, I headed to the internet which lead me to an agent who gave me a quote for a Canberra band. All well and good, but I am not able to talk directly to the band, only the agent, who isn’t based in Canberra. I also don’t get to know the name of the band beforehand (which rules out any sort of reference checks.) The band is such a significant part of the event with the potential to make or break the night, I am simply not prepared to book them without a chance to talk to them directly about the event and the audience. That is just a little too much blind faith for my liking….

So RiotACTers, any suggestions for names of local bands or how to find a suitable band?

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BHughes BHughes 2:56 pm 06 Jun 14

+1 to The Silky Six. Saw them at a corporate function a while ago. They are a six piece with male and female vocalists. Great set list. They also played some acoustic stuff over dinner and I think I heard them mentioned as the band playing at the Mix 106 bridesmaidzilla wedding.

Clutch Clutch 9:57 pm 27 Jan 13

New band in town. They played at the Helenic club last week. The Silky Six.
Well worth a look. I know they are playing at an awards night this week to about 300 people so they would fit your bill. Good luck!

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:45 pm 08 Jan 13

Peppablack said :

I would recommend Heuristic!

These guys played at the NYE gig in Civic and were pretty good. Don’t let the website put you off, they are much better than that, haha!

Genebaby Genebaby 12:13 pm 08 Jan 13
ian_heffernan ian_heffernan 3:56 pm 04 Jan 13

Hello, Topshelf was asked to quote on a 400+ people March gig at Thredbo some time back by one of the local Canberra agencies. I suspect this may be the same gig. We would love the opportunity to discuss this with you as gigs like this are exactly what we specialise in.

You can check us out at:

There’s a contact page on there as well as pics, sound bits and a gig guide that will show the sort of gigs we do.

Please feel free to contact me.

Krissylawler Krissylawler 2:11 pm 04 Jan 13

Hi there. My local band Groove Dot Com are very popular and experienced. check out our Facebook page for info on songs, photos and mp3’s of some of our covers. We regularly play for weddings and all sorts of parties. Give me a call on 0406720206 and is be happy to discuss cost etc. cheers, Kristine
PS: Facebook page –

Peppablack Peppablack 11:37 am 04 Jan 13

I would recommend Heuristic!

DTB DTB 11:16 am 04 Jan 13

agree with ceemee, have seen the cover notes play on a couple of occasions and they are awesome. really liked the diverse selection of music they played!!!

ceemee ceemee 10:35 am 04 Jan 13

I would recommend the Cover Notes. They played at a friend’s 40th birthday just before Christmas and they were awesome.

    Jennie Halsall Jennie Halsall 10:21 am 01 May 19

    Hi Ceemee
    I can’t seem to find cover notes website do you have a link pls?

AcidRose AcidRose 10:30 am 04 Jan 13
Tecko12 Tecko12 10:13 am 04 Jan 13

I run my own lighting and sound group, and if interested can provide lighting and or sound equipment and operation for VERY reasonable costs. If it is a charity event, can usually do it free of charge. Let me know. for any questions. Have ALOT of experience.

Alderney Alderney 9:14 am 04 Jan 13

Disorganised Crime are good if you’re after Aussie pub rock. They are on facebook.

quostatus quostatus 9:10 am 04 Jan 13

Saw the “Cover Notes” play at the Hellenic Club before Christmas. They were great. Wide variety of songs and styles covered. Dance floor was packed all night.

Deref Deref 8:54 am 04 Jan 13

Old Bones are an excellent rock and roll/pub rock band – eminently danceable. No idea what they charge, but you could email them:

ebnt ebnt 7:11 am 04 Jan 13

Check out plump on facebook. (Search for plump band should get it)

Grrrr Grrrr 12:34 am 04 Jan 13

I found that if you call a good band, even if they’re not available they’ll know another good one who might be.

One suggestion:

and there’s this discussion about bands:

LSWCHP LSWCHP 10:08 pm 03 Jan 13

I booked Annie and the Armadillos for a 400 seat gig a few years ago. They were great, and had the joint jumping. I highly recommend them.

“Annie” is Annette Sloan IIRC. I’m sure Google will help you to contact her.

curlylocks curlylocks 9:36 pm 03 Jan 13

Have just sent this to someone I know that has a band.

Dork Dork 9:04 pm 03 Jan 13

Hitparade are fantastic, they played at a party i went to a couple of weeks ago.

Manageable Ann Manageable Ann 8:49 pm 03 Jan 13

It’s not recent music (most of it) but I can offer a 8 piece funk band guaranteed to get people up and dancing with the most energetic frontman in Canberra. If you’re interested email and we’ll work something out.

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