Barr ‘declaration’. Industrial Park for Macgregor!!

snarek 25 July 2012 8

So, Andrew Barr, in his ever defferent to the Greens way, has announced a new industrial park for West Macgregor.

Great, of course all the heavy trucks will join the sand and gravel trucks from the garden centres and the B Doubles from the egg farm on Southern Cross Drive, woohoo what fun.

Oh what the hell, we have only had 3 fatalities recently, probably too many people out in Macgregor anyway.

Urban Planning Mr Barr, something the ACT City Council could invest in!!!

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8 Responses to Barr ‘declaration’. Industrial Park for Macgregor!!
snarek snarek 7:19 pm 30 Jul 12

The roads are the issue. A gas fired power station wouldn’t be that bad, but I would have to ask why??

It would be nicer to preserve Gininderra falls though.

By the way, the ‘light truck’ that caused the last fatality pushed the Ford Laser about 50 metres and rolled it on its side. In a 60 kph zone!!! No skid marks evident either??

miz miz 10:14 am 29 Jul 12

Snarek, I recall when the power station was slated for Macarthur, there was mention of a similar power station planned for Macgregor. I’m starting to think someone in planning has something against the Scots!
Flippancy aside though, you might want to look into whether a power station is on the cards.
I would ask directly, and also check where the electricity stations and gas hubs are, cos ‘they’ like to save lots of money in gas pipelines by putting them near hubs.

wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 9:53 pm 28 Jul 12

JC – Those traffic lights won’t stop the trucks doing 80 all the way in to Kippax, like they always do presently. Though I don’t have any personal objections to making an industrial estate out of the existing industrial estate, I don’t know why anybody would see sense in establishing a business out there if the rents aren’t any cheaper than say Fyshwick, Mitchell or Queanbeyan, where major highways are right next door.

rosscoact rosscoact 7:55 pm 28 Jul 12

the land is already industrial otherwise you couldn’t have the use of industrial egg farming, therefore no rezoning required

If you don’t notice the existing use and aren’t effected by the existing adjacent industrial use and the former tip, it’s hardly unlikely that you’ll notice a few hectares more.

You’re right on the roads though, they are pretty bad out there for industrial use even if it as been going on for as long as Canberra has been a city

snarek snarek 7:32 pm 28 Jul 12

Ah JC. Very ‘thin’ understanding of the issue.

I don’t think an industrial park there is bad, per se. However in what was once meant to be a ‘planned city’ industrial areas should have direct access to highways without heavy vehicles having to run through feeder roads.

In this case it will be more than my back yard affected.

In my humble opinion, the traffic lights at that intersection will help, but also cause more congestion. A roundabout would have done a better job, but in a space constrained intersection it would have slowed the trucks. But that’s planning.

Getting rid of the ridiculous speed bumps on Spofforth St would help to, allow light traffic to avoid Kippax. But that’s planning.

Doing the upgrades before West Macgregor was subdivided may well have saved three lives. But that’s planning.

Running an access road out to Barton Hwy would make such use of that land viable, however that would take negotiation with NSW and also involved something the Canberra City Council ain’t to good at … you guessed it.. Planning.

Of course the residents of Macgregor are second class citizens, after all nobody would suggest rezoning the Royal Canberra Golf Course land as industrial, hilarious as it might be, because the NIMYism from that would make Sidonee second airport a joke 🙂

JC JC 7:08 am 26 Jul 12

There has been one at Macgregor for ever, called West Belconnen industrial estate, so not sure what, other than the road is the issue. As for the road the amount of heavy vehicles it takes these days is significantly less than when the tip was open, and the 3 fatalities were at the intersection of Florey and Southern Cross drives, which is presently having traffic lights installed.

So your post has all the hallmarks of a NIMBY.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 8:11 pm 25 Jul 12

Excellent news, more jobs for local residents rather than cramming more and more in to the existing areas and forcing many to cross town for work.

pirate_taco pirate_taco 2:38 pm 25 Jul 12

This was part of his semi-secret deal with Parkwood to buy land from them for $7.5million to flip for $30 million as the above industrial zone, in exchange for Parkwood using that money to convert away from the cage egg system to a barn system.

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