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Beard is the word for new border hugging industrial estate.

By johnboy - 15 May 2009 20

When playing Sim City a smart player clusters industry on their borders so that the pollution they have to cope with is effectively halved while their neighbour cops a load.

The Canberra Times reports that a new industrial precinct being planned for the border (between Oaks Estate and Canberra Avenue) is going to be called “Beard” after “convict turned pioneering landowner Timothy Beard”. Apparently Beard was very industrious, thus warranting the name.

145 industrial blocks are planned for the new zone. ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) boss Neil Savery says that only really big suburbs get named after dead Prime Ministers. Which has me wondering when Mr. Kambah slept in the lodge.

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20 Responses to
Beard is the word for new border hugging industrial estate.
I-filed 5:23 pm 15 May 09

Eek! When I read “beard” I think of women that gay men once used to marry as a cover! I wouldn’t live in a suburb called Beard!

Qbn Gal 4:40 pm 15 May 09

Kinda seems appropriate, naming a suburb after a convict, considering there is a new jail in the city and we have a good few crims out of bail with monotonous regularity.

Feathergirl 1:50 pm 15 May 09

What ever happened to naming Canberra suburbs after prime ministers? Instead of Beard I propose Keating as a name for the new suburb. It could be filled with clock shops.

H1NG0 1:01 pm 15 May 09

Leeching Queanbo scum

johnboy 12:44 pm 15 May 09

You’ve got to remember the current arrangement with the Canberra region really suits NSW.

They get all of the commonwealth grant money for those people, and can leave the service provision to the ACT.

GregW 12:40 pm 15 May 09

You’re doing it all wrong. You put the industrial areas in the corner of the map so you only get a quarter of the pollution. Muahahaha…

If we are building right up to the border of Queanbeyan anyway perhaps we should just adopt it as a new town center. Wouldn’t NSW be happy to be rid of it?

H1NG0 12:30 pm 15 May 09

I reckon they could name the streets after famous people with such famous beards…

Dave ‘WolfMan’ Williams
Zakk Wyld
ZZ Top
Jim Morrison
Abe Lincoln
Chuck Norris

the list goes on…

Gungahlin Al 10:19 am 15 May 09

I wonder how Neil feels about his jest that “and of course they have to be dead” making it into the article?

And how come the Monty Python tune “the decomposing composers” come to mind?

Tisme 10:19 am 15 May 09

I want to know what the street names may be.. Mustache Ave or Groomed Street perhaps.

caf 9:50 am 15 May 09

They may say it’s named after a pioneering landowner, but we all know it’s really named after ZZ Top member Frank Beard*.

* The only member of ZZ Top not to have a beard.

Danman 9:12 am 15 May 09

Wonder what the folkies will think ?

Skidbladnir 9:08 am 15 May 09

I thought “handbag & beard” was for when an “obviously gay” and “butch man” formed a couple.
Then again, my gay slang is purely secondhand.

But using gay slang to name a suburb right next to Harman?

Aeek 9:06 am 15 May 09

that should be “Beard is the weird”

OzChick 9:04 am 15 May 09

Beard (gay slang) – A woman who accompanies a gay male in order to give the impression that he is heterosexual.

trevar 8:55 am 15 May 09

Hmm… They’re putting Beard just under the ‘nose’ of the ACT, which is where you usually put a moustache…

Anyway, seems more appropriate to name suburbs after convicts who made good than our Prime Ministers (who, when compared to convicts, diggers and post-war immigrants, seem to have done very little for Australia).

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