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Beer + Bubs is coming to Canberra

emd 31 August 2009 25

A friend of mine has just told me that Beer + Bubs is coming to Canberra, hopefully from November this year. Beer + Bubs is a childbirth preparation class that has been hugely successful in Sydney. Probably because it’s a one-night event rather than a multi-week course, and it’s held at the pub. It’s just for the expectant dads, and covers all the really important stuff.

What should you never say to a woman in labour? How can you actively help with pain relief in childbirth? How do you go in to bat for your partner if things get ugly with the midwife? Why shouldn’t you be texting your mother while you’re on the job? What can you do to make childbirth faster and easier for your partner?

It actually sounds pretty good – for $50 you get dinner (pay for your own drinks) and all your questions answered to prep for the arrival of your new baby. And I know that the Canberra facilitator has been attending births for many years, so I’m sure she’ll be able to answer whatever questions you might throw at her.

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25 Responses to Beer + Bubs is coming to Canberra
j from the block 3:11 pm 03 Sep 09

Alternately it would be a completely surreal experience. I was woken up at 2 am (she woke up and made me a coffee when her water broke) made the trip from Bookham to John James in 30 minutes, was told to straighten my park, theres no excuse for not parking straight apparently, into the delivery room, 20 minutes later, got to hold my daughter; before suggesting the midwifes not bother trying to catch me as I fell into a well placed bean bag.

sepi 12:41 pm 03 Sep 09

Of course she might go completely silent from the start of labour to the finish (Apart from the odd bloodcurdling scream right at the end). So it might be good to have a few clues as to what would help her, without counting on instruction from her at the time – she might have her mind on other things apart from helping you know what to do.

djk 11:38 am 03 Sep 09

vg said :

Want o support your wife through childbirth? I will only charge $20

1. Be there
2. Do exactly, and I mean exactly, as she asks

Please mark all cheques payable to ‘VG’s Childbirth Prep Inc’

Oh, and how do you know your wife is on labour? She is in labour when she tells you she is. Childbirth is not the time to be questioning things….trust me

TY, your cheque is in the mail.

j from the block 9:41 am 03 Sep 09

My experience, learn from it if you can, and my task as described to me by my partner at the time, you drive (short labour, 130k’s from hospital), you let me squeeze your hand (you get over the pain), you take the abuse (I’ve been called worse). Then, when the adrenalin wears off, find a nice piece of floor.

peterh 12:16 am 03 Sep 09

Thumper said :

Does any other guy find this slightly patronising?

nope. after being at the births of all 3 kids, there were many things that I wanted to ask prior, but felt that I would be treated as an idiot if I voiced them in a room filled with mums to be. and for the record, what I learnt to do for my wife during the first birth wasn’t of any use for the arrival of the twins. the only sage wisdom imparted on me prior to the arrivals was to sleep in when you can, once the kids are here, those long sleep in days are over.

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