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Being mean to Hummer drivers

By johnboy - 31 July 2008 49

Pictures doing the email rounds. This Hummer was apparently parked near the police station on London Circuit.

Surely they meant to use a question mark!

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
Being mean to Hummer drivers
Holden Caulfield 9:33 pm 31 Jul 08

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

I’m a motoring enthusiast and Hummers are a bit of a joke, functionally speaking. If I was in the market for a large offroad vehicle I’d be buying Japanese.

I really think so…

bd84 9:21 pm 31 Jul 08

lol I got emailed this at work, hilarious.

PBO 8:06 pm 31 Jul 08

Back in my day when someone said that they had a Hummer, you would high five them and buy them a beer. Now if you tell people that you own a Hummer they are disgusted with you.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 5:52 pm 31 Jul 08

I’m a motoring enthusiast and Hummers are a bit of a joke, functionally speaking. If I was in the market for a large offroad vehicle I’d be buying Japanese.

iCanberran 5:21 pm 31 Jul 08

Bah, the H3 isn’t even a real Hummer. It’s built on the same platform as a Chevrolet Colorado, it’s basically a pick-up truck dressed as a Hummer and fitter with a cruddy 4 speed auto. If I wanted a big petrol guzzling AWD to get through the peak hour fast, I’d get one of these

Beserk Keyboard Warr 5:13 pm 31 Jul 08

I drive a Hummer and I have a microscopic penis. At least I can admit it.

shiny flu 5:04 pm 31 Jul 08

Hummer make the most aweful, ridiculous looking and performing cars.

Now the idiot has to live with it πŸ™‚

Clown Killer 4:56 pm 31 Jul 08

I agree Roccon. the H3 is pretty much the same size as a landcruiser/Patrol with with more ordinary performance – they’re nothing like the H1 and H2 models available in the US. If there’s any “wank” factor it’s probably to do with “small” chaps compensating for lack of substance elsewhere.

… and don’t get me started on the Amish spec suspension on those things – it’s a $60k truck FFS!

AG Canberra 4:43 pm 31 Jul 08

This bloke got booked the day before for not making the ticket visisble – so with the help of a colour photocopier and some sticky tape he got his point across.

Interesting point to note about that particular carpark – for months after the hadover to the new owners only those that parked illegally were booked. Then last week for a couple of days warning notes were issued to those that didn’t have a voucher. THEN out came the infringements – at $72 bucks each. For most that was less than the cost of parking for 2 weeks but one bloke I know is going to challenge the legislation that allows them to patroll privately owned commercial carparks. He reckons that they can patroll apartment blocks etc but the legislation does not allow them to patrol private carparks.

roccon 4:23 pm 31 Jul 08

I am not a hummer owner, but the Australian hummers are nothing more than a Holden Rodeo chassis with a wagon body. it is a commercial ute with added bling. Big deal…….

Hugo 3:43 pm 31 Jul 08

You’re surprised about the punctuation? I am surprised that a Hummer Driver can even write! (Although not up to running writing yet, I note)

Swaggie 3:40 pm 31 Jul 08

A couple of well placed 2 inch nails either side of his tyres would soon deflate the arrogant dickhead.

tylersmayhem 3:16 pm 31 Jul 08

Well, I think Hummer owners/drivers are dick heads! A bit of pot calling kettle action here me thinks!

AussieGal83 3:13 pm 31 Jul 08

That’s gold.

caf 3:10 pm 31 Jul 08

That must be one of those clever parking fraudsters!

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