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Bentley Drivers a Menace to Society

By che - 11 May 2005 87

ABC have this story on a fellow caught doing 231kph near Collector in his Bentley after being tipped off by other drivers.

Does anyone else remember another bloke (he was well known personality of some sort) getting caught speeding in his Bentley around 5 years ago doing 180kph or so and then getting off on the argument that it was a first offence in 40 years of driving and that his car is designed to be safe at those speeds. Any chance its the same person, or same car?

What’s Your opinion?

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87 Responses to
Bentley Drivers a Menace to Society
Ari 11:20 am 12 May 05

I reckon Vader’s right about the Bentley.

However, my boss just got a ticket today for doing 72km/h on Northbourne. The fine is so dispropotionate to the offence – $635 – it’s hard to argue that it is anything other than revenue raising.

Mong-On 11:20 am 12 May 05

“graffiti is an eyesore. its a crime. if you dont liek someones politics then find away to counter them – but dont use that as an exuse for a crime.” – Bonfire

Speeding is a crime and I don’t liek it.

Vader 11:11 am 12 May 05

There is speeding, and there is speeding.

I agree that too much attention is paid to speed being one of the major contributing factors in accidents.

It is the appropriateness of the speed which is the issue. If the majority of the traffic are doing 10-15kph over the limit, then someone doing 10kph below the limit would be driving just as dangerously as someone driving 30kph over it as they would both be disrupting the traffic flow.

Similarly, 100kph on Belconnen Way would not be dangerous in normal circumstances. However, on nights when there is a thick fog it would be extremely dangerous. Drive to the conditions.

In this case, the driver of the Bentley was clearly endangering others. Driving at 230kph is fine if you are the only person on the road, or all the other road users are doing the same speed (eg the German Autobahns). When you are doing it on a busy highway, where the majority of users are doing 110, making for a 120kph speed differential, then you are an accident waiting to happen.

LurkerGal 11:07 am 12 May 05

RandomG: My thoughts exactly. There is also little data that smoking is bad for you, that unprotected sex with strangers can be dangerous, that a keg of beer before a drive is a bad idea and that country music is shit.

Shark ahoy, fonz.

RandomGit 10:46 am 12 May 05

there is little data that ’speeding’ is dangerous

bonfire has just jumped the shark.

Randomwanker 10:40 am 12 May 05

Gee, the “tough on law and order” and “equal before the law” types sure take a different view on speeding than they do to stencilling. Nice bit of consistency boys! I’d guess you’d only regret it and apologise if you got caught? Or not?

bonfire 10:26 am 12 May 05

speeding is an ‘offence’ for revenue purposes only. there is little data that ‘speeding’ is dangerous.

if the road conditions are acceptable 230 kmh is not dangerous. have you looked at the hume or some of the larger freeways ? excellent roads for speed.

unfortunately years of softhead social engineering and propaganda have seeped into people and the core value of speeding kills exists.

it does not. there are many factors in a vehicle accident. poor driving skills, poor vehicle condition, poor roads.

there is too much focus on a single factor like speeding.

id remove all speed limits tomorrow. laissez faire motoring!

Canberra_unsung_hero 9:42 am 12 May 05

I was the only car on the Parkway at the time Spiny ….otherwise I wouldn’t have tried it.

Spiny-Parrot 8:31 am 12 May 05

200+k’s in that Bentley. No big deal. These cars are built to be driven at those speeds. 200k’s in a nissan exa. well where were the do gooders then.

Ari 11:05 pm 11 May 05

The driver was Alan Shortall, 52, chief executive officer of Unilife Medical Solutions Ltd.

He has confirmed, through his media adviser, that he was the man arrested after the alleged speeding offence at Collector.

He claimed there were “mitigating circumstances”.

Since his company makes retractable syringes, which the Government stopped funding in the Budget, what’s the bet that he was racing down to Canberra to argue with the Health Department.

Canberra_unsung_hero 9:21 pm 11 May 05

I hit 200Km/hr once, on a downhill run in a Nissan EXA turbo on the tuggeranong parkway early one Sunday morning back in 1984….it was great…until the Turbo flew to pieces another kilometre down the straight !

johnboy 9:12 pm 11 May 05

A bit rich to slag the informers off when you don’t know if they had a hands free kit, or a friend in the car.

I have driven over 200kph (just to see what it felt like) and I’ve taken a motorbike over 170 for much the same reason.

For the record it feels like the most alive you’ll ever be. Your reaction space opens, and opens, and you adjust to making dozens of decisions a second. Your field of view narrows and narrows to the tarmac in front of you.

In a way it’s like being in big surf. When the world narrows to the point you’re in with the crests either side and everything in monochrome as your brain decides, and decides, and decides, on which way lies safety and which way disaster.

But (and it’s a big, big, but) there’s nothing dangerous to others about being in big surf.

So i took vehicles up to those silly speeds once, and having been there. I don’t feel a need to go again.

A bit like I feel about parachuting or bungee jumping.

In any event anyone who can afford a Bentley can afford a ticket and a chaffeur. So throw the bloody book at him (or her).

Anonymous 8:37 pm 11 May 05

using a mobile phone whilst driving is safe if you’re a police officer. maybe they get days of intensive “mobile phone use whilst driving” training

Canberra_unsung_hero 4:26 pm 11 May 05

– chuckle –

Anonymous 4:24 pm 11 May 05

hmm and how did the “other drivers” tip off police? by using their mobile phones whilst driving I suppose? Not very safe either …

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