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Best Dessert In Canberra?

By TheBron - 21 September 2008 29

I dont have a kitchen, and dinners out can get exxy, with entrees, mains and desserts (if you’re hungry) so my fiance and are are going to do a few “dessert dates” and see how they go.

Just wondering where you would vote the “best dessert” in Canberra.

IMHO Peppered Prawn has THE BEST sticky date I have found in Canberra so far.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Best Dessert In Canberra?
canberra towie 9:46 pm 21 Sep 08

TheBron said :

I acutally came here looking for help but instead got abused for things I dont have control of, like the facilities in the accomodation I can afford.quote]

Sorry mate i was only mucking around !

Goodberrys at the erindale shops is great but be prepared to wait there most nights it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get to the counter
Every thing from the frozen custard tonatchos and hotdogs everything is yummy there !!

TheBron 9:35 pm 21 Sep 08

Wow!! Yeah!
There is Rubee’s In Dickson but the place has really gone downhill – its like a cold rock
ANd actually I do recall the mousse being nice- just wans’t impressed with the rest

Holden, good calls – my fiances fav desserts πŸ™‚

Aurelius 9:32 pm 21 Sep 08

Regardless of your reasons for the post, this post is a fabulous idea (I came in here to browse coz I’d seen Holden use the words “Chocolate Mousse”)
Holden, I-filed & JR’s suggestions sound good. I look forward to seeing what other suggestions come out.
(In Brissy, where I lived for much of this decade, there were dessert-only cafes. They were wonderful, and their ice-cream sundaes topped with what can only be described as a ‘shard’ of chocolate were divine. I was very disappointed last month when I went back there to find my former regular one was now an office building under construction. It’d be nice if Canberra could develop a similar type of venue)

Holden Caulfield 7:27 pm 21 Sep 08

The Chocolate Mousse at Koko Black. Divine!

The Creme Brulee at Anise is close to perfection, but doesn’t really suit the budget option. If you can make it there for a full meal, though, I highly recommend it.

LlamaFrog 7:19 pm 21 Sep 08

There are two obvious choices in civic, the BP and the Shell. Otherwise your in canberra, there is no place to go.

TheBron 5:33 pm 21 Sep 08

Yeah, I know a lot of places that just have the same carbon copy desserts, so was hoping for somewhere different, with a bit of atmosphere.
He loves mint πŸ™‚ Will have to wait until they finish renovating.
I LOVE gelato, but he’s not a fan πŸ™ Maybe I’ll have a date for one πŸ˜›

Thanks all! Keep them coming if you want – that way everyone can have a list of ideas!

In the end its just a cheaper way for me to eat out and be romantic – no need for drinks and its easier to share whilst remaining romantic.

I have appeared at home with a bucket of baskin and robbins when he had his wisdom teeth out πŸ˜€

rosebud 5:21 pm 21 Sep 08

There’s a great Gelati shop in the Canberra Centre (upstairs near Coffe Club). How romantic to buy some scrumilicious gelati and maybe mosey down to Glebe Park to take in the Ghandi Statue, or bring a small chilly bag and take it across to the lake.

I-filed 5:21 pm 21 Sep 08

The dessert they call Bongo Bongo at the Italian restaurant at the O’connor shops. (profiteroles covered in chocolate).

TheBron, you’d be surprised how many restaurants just buy in their desserts. And some of the top-end restaurants serve No-Name icecream – no-one notices.

Tilleys have bought-in cakes, but they’re pretty good.

Feebles 4:06 pm 21 Sep 08

I don’t get out much any more, but I have fond memories of a Frozen After Dinner Mint at Belluci’s. I had it at Manuka, but a check of the websites suggests that Manuka doesn’t have it any more, but Dickson does. Lovely.

TheBron 3:18 pm 21 Sep 08

Thanks, Jonathon, thats the sort of stuff I was looking for πŸ™‚

Jonathon Reynolds 3:13 pm 21 Sep 08

My Cafe in Civic does an awesome Apple and Rhubarb Crumble, I find this dish best ordered with ice cream rather than cream

realityskin 3:07 pm 21 Sep 08

TheBron said :

Where is a good place in Canberra for their desserts?

McDonalds sundaes and cookies

TheBron 2:51 pm 21 Sep 08

I acutally came here looking for help but instead got abused for things I dont have control of, like the facilities in the accomodation I can afford. And whats wrong with a microwave anyway? At least I’m not blowing my money on artery hardening McDonalds every night and i’m trying to adapt to the situation I’m in.

Does is seriously matter why I dont want to cook dessert?

How about I just lie and say I’m a snooty rich dude who wants to find a place to take my escort for dessert. Where is a good place in Canberra for their desserts?

TheBron 2:06 pm 21 Sep 08

Yes, and I plug my laptop into the cigarrette charger and the internet comes through the antenna πŸ˜›

No, I’m renting for uni and some idiot blew up the microwave/stove with a fork, and he has to replace it, but it’ll take some time. So I have a fridge and a toaster. Either way, just cos you have a kitchen doesnt mean you ALWAYS eat there.

I’d also like to get away from the roomies, so a quiet romantic night out would be good

Wanted to get away from the places like Koko Black, which I find are really overatted and not as nice as you’d think anyway. A lot of the nice cafes are closed by the time I’ve finished uni/study so we thought dessert would be a nice way to meet.

canberra towie 1:56 pm 21 Sep 08

You dont have a kitchen ???? Where the hell do you live ? your car?

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