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Amy M 7 May 2015 27
vanilla slice

When it comes to vanilla slice, there seems to be no middle ground. You either love them enough to travel to the other side of Canberra for a good one, or you think the nickname ‘snot blocks’ is entirely reasonable.

While I’ll agree that a bad vanilla slice – the kind with bright yellow, rubbery custard and cheap cardboard pastry that they serve prepackaged at school canteens and takeaway shops – may be deserving of the moniker, a good vanilla slice is not.

I’m partial to French vanilla slice, which is dusted with icing sugar and has a lighter custard than the Australian version, but really, I’ll eat pretty much any variation with enthusiasm.

Whether you like passionfruit icing, pink strawberry icing (a popular vanilla slice topping in Newcastle, I’m told) or enjoy a classic French vanilla slice, tell me Canberra – where can I find the city’s best?

To vote, let me know your favourite vanilla slice in the comments below. With Bec Cuzzillo enjoying a well-deserved break this week, I’ll try the two most popular options and let you know my verdict in next Monday’s Taste Off article.

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27 Responses to Best of Canberra – Vanilla slice
Dame Canberra Dame Canberra 10:08 am 05 May 15

Erindale bakery!

Magpie Magpie 10:20 am 05 May 15

We had a great one at Fox and Bow not long ago. Cafe D’lish used to do a great vanilla slice too, but haven’t been there for a while.

MBird MBird 10:28 am 05 May 15

Flute in Fyshwick does a good vanilla slice.

Rollersk8r Rollersk8r 10:28 am 05 May 15

Just two?? You’d have to compare at least 5!? Ten is probably better!

I nominate Dobinsons on size and value for money – but it’s not a classic example.

rubaiyat rubaiyat 10:33 am 05 May 15

There have been some rather dubious Best Ofs in this forum, but I am watching this with more than keen interest.

I agree that the French Mille Feuille is the best:

The custard should be light and fluffy, the puff pastry airy and lightly crunchy with a dusting of icing sugar, not bound into a chewy block with heavy icing.

Australia has made this its own, with mostly better results than the huge gummy Dim Sim.

My ideal example would be the World’s Best Vanilla Slice in Sorrento VIC. Hopefully someone in Canberra can match or better it.

I’ve started taste testing in Canberra, so far without luck. I won’t embarrass those who haven’t made the grade, they are probably just buying mass produced commercial versions.

Daffodil Daffodil 10:34 am 05 May 15

Erindale Bakery’s vanilla slice is right up there with the best vanilla slices I’ve ever had.

On a side note, the pink strawberry icing mentioned in the article sounds quite unappetising!

Amy Birchall Amy Birchall 10:36 am 05 May 15

Rollersk8r said :

Just two?? You’d have to compare at least 5!? Ten is probably better!

I nominate Dobinsons on size and value for money – but it’s not a classic example.

I did very seriously consider changing the rules for this week’s challenge so I’d have a reason to eat 15 vanilla slices in a week. Not that I need an excuse…

Amy Birchall Amy Birchall 10:45 am 05 May 15

Daffodil said :

On a side note, the pink strawberry icing mentioned in the article sounds quite unappetising!

I agree!

rubaiyat rubaiyat 11:32 am 05 May 15
JazzyJess JazzyJess 11:36 am 05 May 15

Tree Eighty3 Café in Bailey’s Arcade

HeighwayQueen HeighwayQueen 1:39 pm 05 May 15

I’ll be following this thread with interest! Vanilla slice is one of my weaknesses.

Roksteddy Roksteddy 4:00 pm 05 May 15

+1 for Erindale and Flute
and Dobinson’s for value
I’m also keen to hear of any others I haven’t tried.

Years ago the Mansfield Bakery was justifiably famous for its vanilla slice. I went back there recently for the first time in many years. I can honestly say it was the worst vanilla slice I have ever had in my life. I couldn’t finish it. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Vortex Vortex 5:40 pm 05 May 15

cafe D’lish in Deakin
Autolyse in Braddon
Both DIVINE!!!!!!

Minz Minz 6:27 pm 05 May 15

The best one I’ve had is at Cafe D’Lish in Deakin. Really good.

Leonard Leonard 7:19 pm 05 May 15

In NZ they’re called custard squares…perhaps a more logical name (esp when cut to a square shape.) I still don’t get why they’re called vanilla slice.

DB4 DB4 8:24 pm 05 May 15

The Swiss Bakery at Jamison many years ago, now it’s Holbrook Bakery on the way to Melbourne.
It has to have the traditional passionfruit icing and ooze custard when you bite into it. I may need to check out all the suggestions to find a good one in Canberra.

Twev Twev 9:27 pm 05 May 15

Flute bakery in Fyshwick

garydlum garydlum 1:22 pm 07 May 15

Ricardo’s Cafe Jamison does a good one. My favourite near Canberra are from Gumnut Patisserie in Bowral or Mittagong. Last year I did a Vanilla Slice crawl into Victoria and reviewed five from that trip

BizzyLizzy BizzyLizzy 2:37 pm 07 May 15

I enjoyed a layered vanilla slice a la French Mille Feuille at La Sable recently. Other than that, the best I’ve ever eaten was in Budapest! In terms of Canberra, my home kitchen : )

RHW RHW 2:38 pm 07 May 15

Café D’lish Deakin, always been wonderful, if you have medical appts in John James etc, that is a treat reward afterwards.

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