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Best restaurant in Canberra

By ozmackem - 18 March 2010 66

Taking the wife out for some birthday nosh and was after some reccommendations for the top eateries in Canberra.
I know this type of post has been done before, but was after some current info.
Not fussy about the style of food, but just want somewhere that can guarantee quality.

Places we’ve been to recently and enjoyed are Italian and Sons, Inori and Sage.

What’s Your opinion?

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66 Responses to
Best restaurant in Canberra
DeadlySchnauzer 8:14 am 19 Mar 10

Without a doubt, Courgette in civic… nothing else in Canberra even comes close.

indigoid 7:46 am 19 Mar 10

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m a huge fan of Charcoal in Civic. Have been going there for many, many years and have never been even slightly disappointed. Only really ideal if you want delicious MOO though

GardeningGirl 1:47 am 19 Mar 10

Another vote for Aubergine.
We tried Anise late last year and really enjoyed it so we were disappointed to find it closed for renovations over the holiday period. It has since reopened but I don’t think under the same management, otherwise surely there would be some sort of link or update on their website or other online listings?

Amethyst 12:44 am 19 Mar 10

I loooooooove A Bite To Eat at Chifley Shops! Got a really great menu, mostly food that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Canberra (That I know of) that’s a little bit exotic. People there are really nice and it’s got a great homey kind of feel…mismatched furniture, cutlery, etc…
Definitely my favourite place to eat – although will definitely have to book ahead. It can get busy – but not to the point where you feel packed in. I spend most of my afternoons there around exam time and the staff are always really helpful, asking if I need something… and once asking if I wanted them to leave me alone for some peace and quiet! lol.
They also have a really nice courtyard area that’s great at night – only thing they can’t control are the mozzies! lol

Yeah so I love it… and it’s always worth a shot if you want to try something different…but they also have “normal” food too…

Clown Killer 12:35 am 19 Mar 10

For my two cents worth, go somewhere you like and know you’ll enjoy. If it’s your favourite BYO splash out on decent Champagne and a good bottle of Burgundy and order your favourites. Stiff tablecloths, waitstaff that don’t know you and unfamiliar menus are a recipe for disapointment.

Pandy 11:56 pm 18 Mar 10

McDonalds Family Retaurant, Erindale

troll-sniffer 10:47 pm 18 Mar 10

Just came back from the new resto in Rydges London Circuit, called Locanda. Very good all round it was.

Im a country member 10:20 pm 18 Mar 10

I’ve been to a wonderfull Scottish restaurant; I can’t remember the name. Their speciallity is a dish consisting of two grilled coarsely ground terrines of beef en crute, garnished with crisp Iceberg lettuce a confit of cornichon and napped with an aoli inspired sauce that’s simply “special!”

It was all let down by an apple pie that scalded the friggin bejesus out of my mouth!!!!!!!!!

sexynotsmart 9:56 pm 18 Mar 10

I got an extremely pleasant surprise last weekend – Baan Latsamy in Manuka.

Food was great, service cheerful and we got a great park. We did the BYO thing and their one mistake was NOT charging for corkage.

It’s in the spot ‘Just Quytly’ was. I heartily recommend as a casual option.

For the record this was the first time since the Rudd Government was installed that LoveBump’s bff Kristen chose a restaurant and a good time was had by all. In celebration we’re not letting her choose again until the election is held.

Spoono 9:45 pm 18 Mar 10

+1 for #1. Rubicon is great, top service and fantastic food.

kellogg 9:45 pm 18 Mar 10

Definately cannot top Rubicon. Saturday nights are very tight — have to book well well ahead. Other nights not so bad but MUST book. Their barramundi, steak or squid are top class. Best wine list in town. Excellent cheese selections. Fine service and very genuine staff.

Eby 8:46 pm 18 Mar 10

Holden Caulfield, it would be great if you could let us know what you think of Onred.

canberra bureaucrat 8:27 pm 18 Mar 10

It all depends on what you want (of course), but I recently went to gooroomon park cafe outside of Canberra. Nice spot and good food. From memory, the menu said that the chef was once voted the sixth best chef in Turkey (a big call!). Food isn’t turkish though – see

Holden Caulfield 8:10 pm 18 Mar 10

Was going to recommend Sage, but see that is already covered. Anise on West Row always delivers and Aubergine at Griffith Shops is another very reliable option.

I’ve had some great meals at Rubicon, but also a couple not so great. Fortunately for them, I seem to be in the minority there, so perhaps I’ve just managed to catch them on an off night.

Booked in to Onred soon and am a little concerned if the phone manner of the guy on the other end of the phone is anything to go by. Seems to have a major superiority complex. Hopefully he proves me wrong. First impressions tend to stick, though.

Something a bit more casual that is usually first class on food is Pulp Kitchen at Ainslie shops. And if the more casual option appeals and a night time meal is not crucial I would highly recommend Pod Food at Pialligo.

Eby 6:58 pm 18 Mar 10

I’m a big fan of Rubicon in Griffith:

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