The best roof repairs in Canberra


Did it start when you hauled those buckets out during a recent storm? Did you hear shaking sounds overhead that were anything but wind? Maybe you are gearing up for sale and seeking to boost your curb appeal and add value? Perhaps you realised that your skyline is the worst in a street of horizontal masterpieces?

Whatever your circumstance, a roof repair or replacement may be in order. Roofs are the unassuming pinnacles of the structures in which we reside. Although we may not always see them, we know when they are – and are not working! They complete the architectural vibe of buildings, provide structural integrity, protect from the elements, and keep temperatures at bay.

But sometimes things do not go as planned. Canberra’s storms and wild weather can cause serious damage; or even just time and exposure to elements can do the trick. And quite often, by the time you have noticed the symptoms, the damage has already been done.

The good news is that Canberra is also home to some great roof repair specialists. However, finding the right roof repair specialist can be quite daunting. Just like any trade, there are bad roofers and then there are good roofers. A lack lustre repair or poorly installed roof can be disastrous for both your home and contents.

That is why finding the right roof repair service the first time around is so important. Now, how do you separate a good contractor from a bad one, and where do you find the best in Canberra? Keep reading to find out!

What makes a great roof repair service?

The best roof repair services know that quality roofing is the capstone to a sound and beautiful home. They deliver expert craftsmanship, finishing premium materials against all manner of pitches, angles, and spaces. Their roofs are watertight, sturdy, and look magnificent too. Here is what we think separates the best roofers from the rest:

  • Qualified & licensed. As roofing is hazardous work there are a few things to keep in mind with qualifications and licensing. Firstly, roof installers within the ACT must hold a C or D class building license issued the by the ACT Planning and Land Authority. Secondly, installers can also require a high risk work license issued by Worksafe ACT, along with a white card. As for qualifications, the prerequisites are generally certificate III in Roof Plumbing or Roof Tiling or a certificate II in Metal Roofing and Cladding. Finally, be mindful that roofing is subject to several building codes and standards. For a professional finish that is also compliant ensure your trade has the appropriate credentials.
  • Insured. Any vertical work is serious business in terms of safety. Scaffolding and ladders present hazard risks, particularly when navigating upper stories and restricted spaces. As such, always ensure that your roof repairer or installer is covered by an appropriate level of public liability insurance. This will ensure any accidents are covered appropriately, and provides peace of mind for you as the buyer.
  • Manufacturer certified. Great roof repairers use premium materials and are certified contractors for the products they are installing. This means that manufacturers have effectively given contractors a seal of approval. To gain this certification a contactor must adhere to the highest of standards and deliver quality installations. Why is this important? Well, it validates the manufacturer warranty, which is often carries the most weight in terms of guarantee tenure. With some manufacturers offering guarantees of 25 years or more do your homework if a roof replacement is on the cards.
  • Clear quotes. As with most trades, it pays to invest some time into obtaining quotes from various contractors. These quotes should stipulate all the detail you need to assess the quality of products, and of course workmanship. Quotes should include a description of the work, material specifications, start and completion dates, payment terms, and warranties. These small details should all be easily answered and included on the contract for transparency.
  • Warranties & after care. In addition to manufacturer warranties, great roofers will also guarantee their workmanship. Any roof repairer or installer that is prepared to back their offer with formal warranties in writing are worth considering. Moreover, contractors who offer after care services like repairs and maintenance allow you to conveniently shop under the one roof.

The best roof repairs in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

Roof Restoration Canberra

As their name suggests, Roof Restoration Canberra specialises in roof repairs, replacements, and restorations. They believe that a good roof is an investment – bringing instant curb appeal, added value and structural soundness to the home.

Their team of qualified and licensed professionals bring decades of experience to the table ensuring a quality finish regardless of need. Working with the highest quality materials and offering an impressive warranty Roof Restoration Canberra are hard to miss.

Tammy Wilson shared this great feedback on Google, Reliable service. We required an urgent roof repair, your company was speedy and very competitively priced. Thank you :)”

MC Roofing & Guttering

Locally owned and operated, MC Roofing & Guttering have been servicing Canberra and surrounds for over 15 years. With a specialising in roof maintenance and replacement services, they work with clients to create custom solutions that befit needs.

They are fully licensed, accredited, and insured and pride themselves on being the dependable experts that clients can rely on. With a two-year workmanship warranty and clean operation promise this team is hard to beat.

Katherine shared this great feedback on Google, Mike did a great job restoring my roof. He was friendly, professional and prompt. Highly recommended. Thanks Mike!”

Leaky Roof

Leaky Roof is a family owned and operated business delivering roof repairs and restorations in the Canberra region for over twenty-five years. Leaky Roof are well regarded for the quality of their workmanship, and the personable service provided to customers.

Offering full restorations for tile and metal roofs, they also offer comprehensive roof repair services. From missing tiles and cracked gutters to all manner of leaks their skilled team has got it covered. With a seven-year workmanship warranty, Leaky Roof offers peace of mind for a sound roof.

Khai McPherson shared this review on Google, “Rang Justin on a Monday morning as my roof was leaking. He was quick to respond and send out Jason to have a look at my roof. They found the leak quickly and the quote was a good price. Since Jason came out to do the work NO MORE LEAKS!!!!”

LGM Maintenance

LGM Maintenance are a locally based family run business servicing Canberra roofs for over twenty-five years. During this time, they have built a reputation as one of the territories premier roofing contractors delivering quality at every turn.

LGM Maintenance specialise in all manner of roof finishes from concrete, to terracotta, and metal. Their service offering is expansive, covering all types of general maintenance through to leaks and major storm damage. For quality services delivered with a personal touch look to LGM Maintenance.

Theodas shared this glowing review of LGM Maintenance on RiotACT, We recently used LGM Maintenance to fix our roof leak. They were very fantastic.”

Look Up Roof Restoration

A family owned and operated business, Look Up Roof Restoration is directed by Canberra local Keven Brown. With over thirty years in business, they have been restoring tile and metal roofs with expert care and quality craftsmanship.

Whether you’re seeking to repair or replace your roof Look Up Roof Restoration will ensure that works are completed on time and on budget. Their qualified, licensed, and insured team will be the safe hands you need to bring your roof back to life.

Forest Green shared this praise via Google, “Thank you for assisting with our roof repair and restoration. We are very happy with your service and quality.”

If you’re looking for more information on repairs services in Canberra, you might like our article on the best gutter repair and replacement services, the best drain relining services, or the best builders and renovators Canberra has to offer.

Your experience with roof repairs in Canberra

Special thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had any experience with the roof repair services listed above? Share your experience in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do roof repairs cost?
Roof repair costs tend to vary and are based on the nature and scale of repair, type of coating used, along with roof pitch and accessibility. Generally, you can expect to pay between $200-$500 for a spot repair, with larger repairs charged by the square metre. A full restoration on an average size house typically starts at $2,500. It is worth obtaining a couple of quotes to assess options and of course costs.
How do I know if my roof needs repairing?
Signs of roof deterioration can be found both in and outside of the home. Internally, you may find signs of water damage such as leaking or water spots on ceilings and wall. Externally, you may notice loose materials, significantly worn areas, mould, rot or moisture, crumbled or cracked tiles and corrosion.
How long does roof restoration take?
A typical roof restoration can last anywhere from 3 to 10 days. The duration is dependent on the type and size of restoration, the buildings overall structural integrity, and of course the weather.
What is the lifespan of a restored roof?
A restored roof can offer a lifespan of 10 years or more. Keep in mind that the lifespan does depend on a couple of factors including climate, materials used, and quality of workmanship.
How do I know if my roof needs to be replaced?
In some cases, the level of deterioration is so great that a roof replacement may be needed. This may include cases of roof sagging, large scale corrosion, and damage. Although the initial outlay for a roof replacement is greater, you will reap the long-term benefits minus the hassle and expense of frequent repairs.

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21 Responses to The best roof repairs in Canberra
mattedmonds mattedmonds 12:29 pm 15 Jul 20

We looked around and used these guys,
Very happy with the work that was done.

SNR SNR 12:10 pm 30 Jun 20

Further to my earlier post, unfortunately the work done by All Top Roofing at my home did not go smoothly. A few things went wrong, which caused me quite a lot of stress! The true test of a company is how they respond when things go wrong. Kane and Denise sorted everything out, and even gave me a gift as an apology for what had happened (which I thought was a very nice thing to do). They are to be commended for their response to the situation. I am happy with the end result.

SNR SNR 3:37 pm 17 Apr 20

I also contacted All Top Roofing based on Riotact recommendations. From the initial contact to organise the quote, to discussing the work that needs doing, Kane and Denise were friendly, prompt and very helpful. Even before knowing I was going to accept the quote, Kane was happy to answer all of my questions. I am sure the completed work will be of the highest standard. A big thank you to Kane and Denise for their help and advice.

Elboy Elboy 11:43 am 16 Jul 19

I can recommend National Capital Roofing. Brendan was great. Nice guy and easy to deal with. Good price and quality work.

vhfyagi vhfyagi 5:42 pm 11 Jun 19

National Capital Roofing and LGM maintenance are not approachable, they won’t pick up the phone or response your emails. All Top Roofing is contactable via email, but they are too busy, 10 weeks to come for quote then 8-12 weeks after quote to do the work. Other guys (google search, yellow page, newspapers…) are hopeless too. Those guys are only interested in so called roof restoration (clean and repaint) to lift your house appearance for sale. If you have leaking, 2 story house, metal roof, etc, forget about it, they will say they are too busy, they are fully booked for next 3 months… If you are lucky enough to find someone can do the work, don’t worry about the money, just get it done. That’s what happened now in Canberra. What a shame!

Jess187 Jess187 3:35 am 09 Mar 17

Brendan at National Capital Roofing is fantastic. He explained everything to me about what was happening on my roof when it was leaking. He was professional and his work is of a high standard. My friends recommended him and he is worth it. National Capital Roofing are the ones to go with.

Wittgenstein Wittgenstein 6:11 pm 17 Nov 16


A few years ago and without checking online reviews (a big mistake I never made again) I contacted ReACT roofing for a repair job. The experience was bad, very bad. There are quite a few unprofessional traders in Canberra and I would put ReACT among the worst I have had to deal with in the past 10 years.

theodas theodas 1:18 pm 24 Oct 16

foggy said :

Tried to get All Top Roofing based on the rave reviews. Called on 30 Sept 2016 and they’re fully booked up until December – just for a quote!! Any other recommendations? My roof is leaking NOW.

We recently used LGM Maintenance – to fix our roof leak. They were very fantastic

foggy foggy 7:48 am 30 Sep 16

Tried to get All Top Roofing based on the rave reviews. Called on 30 Sept 2016 and they’re fully booked up until December – just for a quote!! Any other recommendations? My roof is leaking NOW.

snaper snaper 12:17 pm 25 Feb 15

Contacted All top roofing based on RiotACT recommendations. Kane was fantastic – professional service and advice. Another job well done.

fionad fionad 3:19 pm 03 Nov 14

Another vote for All Top Roofing – reasonably priced and great work.

michaelortiz michaelortiz 5:37 pm 24 Sep 14

What kind of roof you have in your house? Is it metal roof or any other? We have a metal building whose roofs had leaked recently due to screw drilling or nailing. After searching many professionals, we end up our search with They provide best solution for your metal building and roofing.

Leo_the_Lion Leo_the_Lion 12:18 pm 11 Jun 14

i would say ‘avoid ReACT roofing’, although some of their works is indeed up to the standards. We had very bad experience with them, we, as a know-nothing customers, got shouted and abused for pointing out a few problems during the full restoration process, every question we asked got knocked back hard. after 5 minutes, comes bad temper and abusive language. We were so shocked that our brains went blank and we were out of words…

kwacka600 kwacka600 4:44 pm 16 Mar 14

urchin said :

as per previous threads on this topic, alltop is good. they aren’t cheap but they do good work, are professional and don’t dick you around which is pretty much what you (probably) want.

I used these guys in mid-2012. They did a good job and have not had a problem since – definately no mucking around, just got on and fixed it.

mrchips mrchips 7:42 am 16 Mar 14

My experience with Neville Spencer was different and I would not recommend him.

gazket gazket 4:57 pm 13 Mar 14

painting is the worst most dodgiest thing you can do to your tiled roof . It screams cheap patch up.

He asked for bed and pointing so obviously it’s tiled roof not metal .

There’s a nack to bed and pointing so don’t get the local handyman .


If it is a metal roof I highly recommend Gibson Metal roofing – 0467 889 596

You can see some of his work here:!/GibsonMetalRoofing

thatsnotme thatsnotme 9:47 am 13 Mar 14

ReACT had an ad campaign going a little while ago – “full roof restorations, only $xxxx (don’t remember how much), be quick, only two per suburb!” complete with all sorts of pictures of leaking roofs, water landing on some woman’s head, etc etc.

The fine print though? This “full restoration” included cleaning and painting only. So no actual work that would in any way fix a leak. Misleading advertising at best, blatant false advertising at worst. I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole.

JC JC 7:31 am 13 Mar 14

Bigger doesn’t mean better. You are much better off going to an established sole trader for this kind of work.

urchin urchin 6:37 pm 12 Mar 14

as per previous threads on this topic, alltop is good. they aren’t cheap but they do good work, are professional and don’t dick you around which is pretty much what you (probably) want.

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