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Best Vietnamese restaurants in Canberra

By Z56-2-go 15 June 2008 57

Hey my wife and I are new to Canberra and we’re just wondering if you guys can suggest to us a good Vietnamese Restaurant. We were in Vietnam for our honeymoon and really miss the food.

Thanks for your help,

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Best Vietnamese restaurants in Canberra
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OzChick 9:56 pm 08 Sep 11

Pho Viet just opened in Belconnen. Has anyone been there?

Thumper 1:02 pm 02 Jan 09

I’ve got to agree. Griffith Vietnamese is perfectly fine.

M Rose 12:55 pm 02 Jan 09

Ohh, I meant to add that the Kin Do Vietnamese Restaurant in Macquarie others have mentioned is owned by the same guy, Tan, and is good, but isn’t as good as Griffith.

M Rose 12:53 pm 02 Jan 09

Mouthface is wrong, the reason Griffith Vietnamese is packed is because it is brilliant. I work in hospitality and the majority of chefs I have worked with, when asked where the best Vietnamese is in Canberra has said Griffith. I have been going there since I was a little kid, when it was at O’Connor, then near West Row in the city and now in Griffith. Tan is the best manager-owner of a restaurant I have ever met, when my family and friends and I eat there we just walk in, sit down and he feeds us, no questions asked.
Unfortunately I have to agree with Mouthface in saying I would also rate the Huang Huao very highly. They have a different style of Vietnamese food that is very good. I would never pass on their Roast Duck pancakes, delicious.

OzChick 7:34 pm 12 Aug 08

^ The owner/chef of My’s used to be a part owner of Phu Quoc in Dickson, I think that Phu Quoc had gone downhill since he left.

BerraBoy68 7:09 pm 12 Aug 08

Louis said :

My’s at Coolo is also excellent – make sure you try the salt & pepper squid.


IMO My’s is one of the best in the ACT. Another good one is the one in Fisher – their spring rolls are simply magnificent! We regularly order home delivery from there and the service is really exceptional (they even offered to babysit the kids once (which I thought slightly odd) and another time told us we could pay later when my wife couldn’t find her visa card).

God I love Canberra – so many good places to get out and eat…

bigred 6:23 pm 12 Aug 08

Tudo is a good feed with good service, but my current squeeze tells me its too cold near the door and it can be noisy at times.

hflynn 5:55 pm 12 Aug 08

Tudo’s in O’Connor for the all round, but got to the Griffith Viet and ask Tam to cook you salt and pepper squid (off the memu) it will change your life

astrojax 10:03 pm 18 Jun 08

i think the vietnamese kitchen that used to be on the corner in o’connor, thetruth, moved into civic, then was replaced by a tapas bar and dunno what (if anything) is in its spot now…

i never saw what the rave about the griffith place was – eaten there three or four times, always unmoved by the rather average cuisine.

tu do, tu do, tu do…

swamiOFswank 11:11 pm 16 Jun 08

Okay, I vote for the TuDo as well. Yes, I’ve been unfaithful over the years and I’ve regretfully eaten elsewhere, but nothing compares to the vegetarian spring rolls, the special beef noodle soup, the sate chicken, curried lamb in coconut cream…at the rest at the TuDo Sure, the menu hasn’t changed in the 20 years I’ve been dining there on a frequent basis, but having tried virtually everything at least once, and many meals many times, I’ve never been disappointed, and I’ve always had exemplary service.

And I can also say that I’ve never ever been unwell after dining there – which is more than I can say for a couple of other Vietnamese restaurants in town.

Woody Mann-Caruso 7:11 pm 16 Jun 08

but please, don’t tell me the food is good.

*shrug* Food’s a matter of opinion, I guess, like most things. Probably best if we keep it to “I didn’t like it” or “not my thing” rather than claiming it’s all bad in an objective sense, especially once we start lumping in the clientele with the food. As for the herd mentality, I’d never heard of it before I went, and when I went back it wasn’t to look at the walls.

vg 6:36 pm 16 Jun 08

Kinh Do in Macquarie once again. Family has been going since it opened. Got so friendly with the original owner that he and his family stayed in our holiday house and he bought us presents on his overseas trips.

Changed hands a few years ago but still great. What it lacks in decor it more than makes up in food quality

thetruth 6:11 pm 16 Jun 08

Tu Do in O’Conner is great and very authentic. The one that used to be at O’conner was pretty good so if they moved to griffith I would give that a try

mouthface 4:14 pm 16 Jun 08


I hear what you’re saying regarding regional cuisine, and the truth is that I am not insisting on basil and mint, they are just two of the great flavours that I usually associate with Vietnamese. However, I am yet to eat anything that has excited me at Griffith. I haven’t tried everything on the menu but after giving it a go on two or three occasions I am absolutely convinced that nothing good can come of eating there, other than not spending a lot of money.

I really think there is a little bit of a herd mentality when it comes to this place. I used to be in the hospitality industry and have seen this happen before. Maybe a few pollie’s staffers started going there because it was cheap (very high on the list of priorities with this lot). Some of them managed to bring the big-wig boss along who signed an autograph for the (genuinely lovely) owners. They stuck it up on the wall, and next thing you know, every muppet walking into the place wants to scribble some tripe on a piece of paper and stick it up next to said polly. The whole thing becomes a bit of a novelty and the joint is pumping. Good on them for capitalising on it and doing well, but please, don’t tell me the food is good.

lenny 3:56 pm 16 Jun 08

Erindale Vietnamese is good food, the service is friendly and quick.

sezzle 1:58 pm 16 Jun 08

My’s Vietnamese @cooleman court – eat in only. Got take-away once and it was horrible. The lemon pepper chicken is to die for 🙂

I thought Fisher shops was pretty ordinary, but maybe expectations were too high?

Kramer 1:48 pm 16 Jun 08

I have been a huge fan of Vietnam Village Inn at the Page shops since birth – it’s the first restaurant I ever remember going to. They have the best prawn toast – it’s like a whole prawn encased in a small piece of toast.

Recently I have been alternating with Sue’s Kitchen in Scullin, which might just be a bit better at the moment.

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