Better than skyfire?

Tinka 3 February 2008 28

Saw this on a radio blog. Sure, it’s a great publicity stunt but what about young children? And when’s it on? Perhaps the whole thing’s a hoax?

Naked Ambition

In a daring move, 2CA’s vibrant new management team has apparently
issued a brazen ratings challenge to its FM competitors, saying: “if
we don’t get our ratings up we’ll take our trousers down.”

It has been reported that if 2CA rates under 10% overall in the next
radio survey, their management team will walk across Commonwealth
Avenue Bridge naked, except for pink bunny slippers and ribbons.

All money raised from this frightening spectacle will allegedly be
donated to charity, and the idea was apparently inspired by one 2CA
announcer’s involvement in a “full monty” activity last year.

According to industry sources, Canberra FM management is being
approached to do the same if 2CA rates at 10% or higher. However, in
a bold demonstration of confidence, 2CA have apparently vowed to go
ahead regardless of whether Canberra FM accepts the challenge.

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28 Responses to Better than skyfire?
barney barney 10:14 am 29 Feb 08

sn’t risky behaviour medical codespeak for men having sex with men?

Comment by Skidbladnir — 5 February, 2008 @ 3:41 pm

Depending on what school you went to, sure.

Oh an ryed1, you may be right. I like to think that the Win News half hour is pretty darn shoddy. Pathetic audio quality, magnificently cheap-amateur type music sound-bytes, presenters that have about as much personality as a piece of wood…

ryed1 ryed1 10:06 am 29 Feb 08

If 2CA didn’t sound like an on air version of a funeral with announcers that sound like every family member just died, it may have more people listening. The inept current management of the station is so obvious that anyone could do a better job broadcasting from a garage. The blatant inbred relationships in the station make for a completely unfair working environment, with the only people getting ahead, the ones with a relationship connection within the station. In the recent past 2CA has lost some of its only staff that had half a brain and the qualifications to actually do the job, including a member of the management team who left in December after a very long term with the station. Being a former advertiser on the station, i was apalled that no effort was made to keep hold of the previous sales manager who was more interested in keeping and building a rapport with advertisers over filling pockets with money. Now replaced with a very confused has been business man, the once guiding light of Canberra radio is now a sad reflection of incompetence.

Mario Mario 12:16 am 08 Feb 08

even tho i’ve herd many 2CA peeple R gay, espesially abuot haalf the DJ’s, theirs NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! pleeze leeve them to party how they N-joy!

hingo hingo 4:54 pm 05 Feb 08

A mighty big “indoor” crack party. Risky behaviour can’t be ruled out!

Mælinar Mælinar 4:48 pm 05 Feb 08

10% may be cracked by risky behaviour at an indoor party ?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:41 pm 05 Feb 08

Isn’t risky behaviour medical codespeak for men having sex with men?

wishuwell wishuwell 3:39 pm 05 Feb 08

Risky behaviour. 10% might not be the only thing being cracked.

2CA Programming 2CA Programming 3:31 pm 05 Feb 08

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the free publicity.

I can verify though that this particular stunt won’t be happening and 2CA’s announcers will be keeping their clothes on for this survey.

Nor have we dared our opposition. The last thing we want to see is Mark Parton naked on Commonwealth Ave Bridge 🙂

However, if my guys here at 2CA crack a 10% in the next survey they’ll be a mighty big “indoor” party and risky behaviour can’t be ruled out! 🙂

fhakk fhakk 9:45 pm 04 Feb 08

I don’t think 2CA has Nickelback….last time I checked it was a golden oldie station.

And god help us if that band is considered in the same league as Barry Manilow

In all honesty (and hell, I’m 26), I’d prefer to listen to 2ca than that crap at 106.3

Anyone from 2CA here that can verify whether they’re doing this ridiculous stunt?

nothing on their website.

airemale airemale 5:40 pm 04 Feb 08

So nice of Tom’s mum to say she misses him on the radio on saturday night. Or was that a post from Tom himself?? Good luck finding any live local announcers on a Saturday night in Canberra!

Danman Danman 5:19 pm 04 Feb 08

I give up…. Dunno why my hyperlinking has suddenly gone to shit

substitute [ for <

[a href=”URL”]text here[/a]

Thats right yeah ?

Danman Danman 5:17 pm 04 Feb 08

grr stupid triangular bracket

This is the real link

Danman Danman 5:16 pm 04 Feb 08

man – pathetic…..

try <a href=”<this

Danman Danman 5:15 pm 04 Feb 08

Quick <a href=”<linky here

Danman Danman 5:13 pm 04 Feb 08

I remember that – but forgot the website – This was about 4 to 5 years ago.

I mostly spin my own disks when I am listening to tunes…all top 40 sucks*
Depeche mode remixes are currently on rotation.

*Purely my opinion.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 5:10 pm 04 Feb 08

There was a website around a while back where you could listen to two Nickelback songs (one in left speaker, t’other in the right speaker) that had been released two years apart…
They were virtually identical.

howdy howdy 4:56 pm 04 Feb 08

ESPECIALLY after the tenth time…

oooh yeah, pants around your feet ooh yeah, them I’d love to meet


hingo hingo 4:46 pm 04 Feb 08

Commercial radio sucks balls. Nickelback and Thirsty Merc is not good music, even after you have heard their songs for the 10th time that day, it still sucks.

scumdorg scumdorg 4:14 pm 04 Feb 08

So it is true after all. Looks like I’ll be avoiding Canberra radio altogether and listening to 2UE on the Net in future . . .

marcothepolopony marcothepolopony 2:12 pm 04 Feb 08

2CA’s Vibrant New Management Team (?) have lost me. With nothing better to do,we used to enjoy the JukeBox Saturday Night session with “Tom from Tuggeranong” as host; he was funny, witty and played all requests from all local callers.

2CA’s ‘vibrant new management team’ have got rid of live announcers on Saturday evenings, hence, I tuned out!

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