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Better than skyfire?

By Tinka - 3 February 2008 28

Saw this on a radio blog. Sure, it’s a great publicity stunt but what about young children? And when’s it on? Perhaps the whole thing’s a hoax?

Naked Ambition

In a daring move, 2CA’s vibrant new management team has apparently
issued a brazen ratings challenge to its FM competitors, saying: “if
we don’t get our ratings up we’ll take our trousers down.”

It has been reported that if 2CA rates under 10% overall in the next
radio survey, their management team will walk across Commonwealth
Avenue Bridge naked, except for pink bunny slippers and ribbons.

According to industry sources, Canberra FM management is being
approached to do the same if 2CA rates at 10% or higher.  However, in
a bold demonstration of confidence, 2CA have apparently vowed to go
ahead regardless of whether Canberra FM accepts the challenge.  

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Better than skyfire?
Danman 5:15 pm 04 Feb 08

Quick <a href=”<linky here

Danman 5:13 pm 04 Feb 08

I remember that – but forgot the website – This was about 4 to 5 years ago.

I mostly spin my own disks when I am listening to tunes…all top 40 sucks*
Depeche mode remixes are currently on rotation.

*Purely my opinion.

Skidbladnir 5:10 pm 04 Feb 08

There was a website around a while back where you could listen to two Nickelback songs (one in left speaker, t’other in the right speaker) that had been released two years apart…
They were virtually identical.

howdy 4:56 pm 04 Feb 08

ESPECIALLY after the tenth time…

oooh yeah, pants around your feet ooh yeah, them I’d love to meet


hingo 4:46 pm 04 Feb 08

Commercial radio sucks balls. Nickelback and Thirsty Merc is not good music, even after you have heard their songs for the 10th time that day, it still sucks.

scumdorg 4:14 pm 04 Feb 08

So it is true after all. Looks like I’ll be avoiding Canberra radio altogether and listening to 2UE on the Net in future . . .

marcothepolopony 2:12 pm 04 Feb 08

2CA’s Vibrant New Management Team (?) have lost me. With nothing better to do,we used to enjoy the JukeBox Saturday Night session with “Tom from Tuggeranong” as host; he was funny, witty and played all requests from all local callers.

2CA’s ‘vibrant new management team’ have got rid of live announcers on Saturday evenings, hence, I tuned out!

madman 12:39 pm 04 Feb 08

Not very leagal either with multiple acts of indecency…

not very viable information… Where are the sources?

caf 12:35 pm 04 Feb 08

Check out 2XX then.

AngryHenry 12:25 pm 04 Feb 08

Technically Canberra has it’s own radio stations but I think you’ll find they are owned by national companies like Austereo and ARN. And as they get a tighter grip on their cash and want to save money we get syndicated shows like Hamish and Andy and the Hot 30 (of which there used to be a local version with Nige and Mel which was great, it meant that if you went in for a competition you actually might have won something and wouldn’t be competing with half of the country to get a look in).

I mean if Canberra is the nation’s capital city then surely we deserve a 100 per cent local contemporary FM station that promoted local content, local business, generated local discussion and provided a greater voice for locals…

Like i said before, we’re a pretty smart bunch and we deserve better. What a shame there aren’t cooler tunes on the ABC!!! haha!

Holden Caulfield 11:34 am 04 Feb 08

Does Canberra have its own radio stations?

AngryHenry 11:30 am 04 Feb 08

What a shame 2CA couldn’t just come up with something original like some entertaining content as opposed to try and stoop as low as Canberra FM and try and buy our ratings with innane stunts. What kind of self esteem must these people have to endure ridiculous stunt after ridiculous stunt none of which are original, clever or funny and all of which cater to the lowest common denominator. It’s just mean and stupid, Canberran’s are smarter than that and deserve some intelligent entertainment.

Besides, these people are on radio for a reason, they’re not supermodels and I don’t really know of anyone who would be titillated by the idea of naked radio station management walking across a bridge.

Although, in the case of Canberra FM Management, the first thing you would notice on a naked management team is the complete lack of balls!!!

threeze 10:12 am 04 Feb 08

i remember back in the ’90s 104.7 offered a job to a guy who walked up and down Northbourne naked.

fhakk 7:38 pm 03 Feb 08
scumdorg 6:15 pm 03 Feb 08

It’s a hoax, and not a very good one at that. Typical of FM radio smartarses and their addiction to Gen Y airheads and cheap publicity stunts.

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