Beware the water nazis

Thumper 15 January 2007 33

The Canberra Times is confirming what a lot of us suspected a long time ago in that the ACT is run by a pseudo fascist government.

Teams of new recruits armed with cameras and far-reaching powers, including the right to enter private property, will be employed in a crackdown against those breaking water restrictions.

I think you’d be much better of growing a crop of Mary Jane in your backyard than using any water. And you’d probably get a lighter sentence if caught.

[ED – well if you’re going to have stupid rules at least enforce them I say]

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33 Responses to Beware the water nazis
Big Al Big Al 7:24 pm 16 Jan 07

They can enter my property any time they like – and try their luck with the dogs.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 5:39 pm 16 Jan 07

If it’s a tree fern and it’s growing in Canberra, it’s almost certainly a Dicksonia antarctica.

bonfire bonfire 5:05 pm 16 Jan 07

i dont know what species it is but it was there when i moved in. i think i’ll lever it out and move it. if levering is too hard, ill use the chainsaw.

in current conditions, i might lay off setting the fronds on fire…

if i wave a durrie around will that have the same effect ?

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 4:55 pm 16 Jan 07

Bonfire – I’m assuming you’re talking about a tree-fern (Dicksonia Antarctica) here.

Dig a 20cm deep trench around the sucker, about three times the diameter of the trunk. Jam a crowbar under it and lever it out – should be pretty easy as the roots aren’t very deep.

If you don’t mind losing about 30cm in height, just get a bush-saw and saw it off at ground level. Dig the new hole 30cm deep and dump it in that. Tree-ferns don’t have a root system as such – they get all their water through the trunk.

Tree ferns live in shady conditions, so that should be fine. I have two that live on the south wall of my house. They get morning sun in summer, and virtually no sun in winter and they seem to do just fine.

Thumper Thumper 4:53 pm 16 Jan 07

Bonfire, dig him out as best you can and then dig a hole to stick him back in.

Alternatively, you can get a chainsaw and just cut the bugger off as low as possible.

Morning sun won’t hurt him but afternoon full sunlight tends to kill them.

make sure you cut the fronds back before you move him.

And give him a good drink when moved.

You can also burn some of the dead fronds and some leaves and wave the smoke around him. The smoke promotes new growth.

mutley mutley 4:50 pm 16 Jan 07

FFS, it’s not like I’m suggesting households would get a thimblefull to last them a month.

Take an average household usage, take it down a couple of notches so that we are still using a bit less and give that to everyone at the current cost. Anything over that and you pay market or close to.

Besides, they wouldn’t need to erect slums, they could just take some buckets down to the lake.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 4:49 pm 16 Jan 07

Oh give over, seepi. On a small govvie block, it’s pretty hard to go over your basic water allowance. I know – I live on a (former) one. The aim here is to tax excessive users of water (i.e – those who want verdant green lawns, half-hour long shower and gleaming cars), not to oppress the masses or ruin the lives of battlers.

I’m sure in a situation where a pensioner or similar low income earner exceeds their limit through some misadventure, ACTEW have the wherewithal to organise some kind of non-life-destroying payment plan. If it happens too often – well…they’ve had their chances to learn. Throw them to the dogs of the free market.

bonfire bonfire 4:42 pm 16 Jan 07

anyone know the best way too move a fern ?

and will it grow in a spot that has morning sun then nothing for the rest of the day?

oh yeah – i havent watered it for three years and its still alive.

seepi seepi 4:33 pm 16 Jan 07

Well I suppose small slum dwellings around the lake living off the free water will add interest to the landscape.

Seriously though – you can live without electricity/gas etc. but not without water.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 3:33 pm 16 Jan 07

Heh heh. Let’s not make a habit of this Ralph…

Ralph Ralph 3:27 pm 16 Jan 07

Agree. You hear that Shab? Birds of a feather we are.

mutley mutley 3:23 pm 16 Jan 07

I agree with Mr_Shab and Ralph.

Also, if the base allocation is set at a reasonable level for domestic consuption, then an overfilled bath isn’t going to blow it out. Other options would be to increase the billing cycle to monthly so that it gets reset every month. Then if they are so inbred that they can’t turn the tap off, then they deserve to be without water (and probably air too).

That aside, the main point of my suggestion was that the commercial users – those that use the vast majority of water stocks – pay a rate more attuned to its true worth, rather than the average householder being made scapegoats for successive governments’ inaction.

Ralph Ralph 2:30 pm 16 Jan 07

Well the prospect of a very large exhorbitant water bill should prevent them from overfilling the bath. Funny how price signals work.

If they do rack up a bill, then cry poor, yes either reduce their water to a trickle or garnishee their welfare payments. They get enough inducements to sit around bludging on welfare as it is. They don’t need more.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 2:28 pm 16 Jan 07

It’s just another utility, seepi. You deal with such a water bill in the same way you would deal with a large electricity bill they’ve racked up by leaving all the lights and the TV on.

seepi seepi 1:53 pm 16 Jan 07

Ok, so you make domestic water expensive, after a certain base rate.
What happens when a very low income family uses their base rate early on in the quarter, by the kids overflowing the bath, and the teenager leaving the hose on.
Do you just cut off their water?
Or take them to court to garnishee their dole payments to pay the exorbitant bill?

Thumper Thumper 9:15 am 16 Jan 07

Whilst doing a weight session last night with the radio on AM SGS, I heard the announcer mention ‘water nazis’.

Stole my line the bastards!

mutley mutley 8:29 pm 15 Jan 07

There are so many ways around the water restrictions that they cease to anything more than an irritant if people choose to use the water.

For instance, nothing is stopping Mael from saying that it’s failed homebrew that he’s tipping on the garden, where in fact he has just filled up the tub in the laundry (or even more conveniently, the backyard tap).

Others have said it, but the vast majority of water is used in some sort of commercial venture, whether it be growing stuff (including the above mentioned MJ) or industrial applications. Plonk on a reasonable price and those users, who at this stage are not that concerned by the restrictions, and usage will fall greatly without affecting domestic users greatly. Plug in a base allowance at the current rate and you cover those who have limited means.

smokey4 smokey4 7:50 pm 15 Jan 07

My previous job was a water nazi prior to coming up North. Community attitudes vary alot.
Domestic swimming pool employees and companies are an endagered species and will be soon extinct across Australia. Not just the ACT.
Coastal cities have the option of using recycled water being dumped in the ocean. Canberra is not coastal and its effluent is someone elses water downstream. For Canberra to use all potable water and the effluent will create extreme resentment by communties down stream.

Thumper Thumper 1:58 pm 15 Jan 07

My dehydrated water only works when I put water in it…

Pandy Pandy 1:56 pm 15 Jan 07

And you wonder with a comment like that Mael why I get upset?

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