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Big cash from a smallish drug bust

By johnboy - 4 May 2007 50

The ABC has a story on a drug bust in Tuggeranong which saw a smallish haul of drugs: 400 ecstasy tablets, 85 grams of the drug ice (now reads three grams, that was a cut and paste from the original), three kilograms of cannabis.

So certainly a diversified business and probably supplying smaller dealers. But what kind of money can you get for a bundle of drugs that you could pack in a suitcase and carry away?

Well the police also found $400,000 (now reads as $40k, I may have erred but I suspect an edit has been made).

We’re all in the wrong line of business (well most of us are anyway).

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
Big cash from a smallish drug bust
johnboy 11:19 am 05 May 07

It’s a fluid market. All it’s really done is drive up the profits of the remaining suppliers for a week or so.

justbands 11:14 am 05 May 07

“just supposing that the offender can’t sell pills this weekend. Maybe a life or two is saved?”

A life or two is saved? BAHAHAHAHAHA! When was the last E/pill related death you heard about? Fact is, many people take these things all the time & despite what you may think…they LIVE! Hey, most often they even have a really good time. I’m not suggesting we all rush out to buy illegal drugs, but no lives have been saved here. Maybe a couple of weekend plans ruined, that’s about it though.

shauno 10:47 am 05 May 07

I fully agree with that comment JB this so called war on drugs has achieved absolutely nothing besides lining the pockets of criminals. And in the US anyway responsible for the majority of the US prison population.
In my opinion its just yet another example of the govt telling us how to live our lives.
If we just decriminalize the lot and be done with it I’m sure it might cause some social problems but no where near the problems and social harm that is caused by the current equivalent to Al Capone era prohibition.

johnboy 9:51 am 05 May 07

Or perhaps we should arrest people for what they do rather than what chemicals they enjoy.

Make love not war OYM.

OpenYourMind 9:23 am 05 May 07

New Scientist (Nov 2004) had an interesting article on the topic with the theme that getting high is part of human nature and that all cultures and almost all people use drugs of one sort or another. “It’s a natural part of consciousness to change one’s consciousness”. They went on to describe it as the 4th instict after “hunger, thirst and sex”. If you accept this proposition, then a ‘war’ on an instinct seems pretty silly.

If nothing else, it’s worth reading the article. A more recent article by New Scientist quotes a study where in terms of harm, alcochol was near the top of the list, and Ecstasy at the very bottom. Perhaps the ‘war’ should be changed to a war on alcohol.

lateralis 8:52 am 05 May 07

DJ if they can’t get the gear from a regular supplier they will find someone else. Market forces dictate supply and demand.
We should be looking at why people take drugs and start from there.

boomacat 11:45 pm 04 May 07

More likely a life or two would be saved if you stopped people selling alcohol.

You’re more likely to die from a bad reaction to aspirin.

johnboy 11:34 pm 04 May 07

That was a cut and paste from the original story. There has been some editing without notation on that story.

Ruby Wednesday 10:35 pm 04 May 07

The amount of 85 grams of ice is listed in the commentary above, but the story says:

… 400 ecstasy tablets, three grams of the drug ice, three kilograms of cannabis, and more than $40,000.

DJ 9:31 pm 04 May 07

So where are the comments from the CT, Terry, Teddy and others now? Heaven forbid that a job well done might gain a favorable comment or even acknowledgment. Open both eyes folks… you might just see that the rubbish, speculation and and baseless slander you go on with is empty rhetoric.

$40k was reported…

Openyourmind… what a negative view on the world. Not sure how you can compare the Bush statement on Iraq with the ACT drug scene. I for one vote that the money goes into drug education and am thankful that an offender was caught, drugs seized and that those pills are not on the street – remember that nobody is holding down those kids and forcing them to take the pills…. just supposing that the offender can’t sell pills this weekend. Maybe a life or two is saved?

Spectra 7:15 pm 04 May 07

Uh uh, it quotes “more than $40,000”. $400k is more thank $40k 🙂

Sammy 6:15 pm 04 May 07

And the ABC story linked also quotes $40k.

Sammy 6:14 pm 04 May 07

I’m pretty sure the AFP officer on the radio said it was $40k in cash, and not $400k.

OpenYourMind 5:17 pm 04 May 07

Yes, the war on drugs. Next thing we will hear it has been “mission accomplished” just like in Iraq.

Just supposing that each ecstasy tablet cost $100 (I’ve got no idea on prices) and ignoring the other drugs. The $400k cash haul could indicate that the accused had sold 4000 tablets. So the confiscation of 400 tablets really doesn’t represent much. And this guy is just one dealer. Obviously if he can make those sort of $$$ then there is a strong market and other opportunists will quickly move in to fill that gap.

fnaah 4:51 pm 04 May 07

“significant impact”?


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