Big Kev back in Canberra

Thumper 14 January 2008 96

According to Sir Kevin of antiworkchoiceshirethe and patron saint of the Blessed Millionaire Preppy Jesus Boy Club is back in business after returning to Canberra yesterday.

“He has been preparing for 2008,” the spokeswoman said

“The prime minister will hit the ground running in 2008.”

The spokeswoman said Mr Rudd’s first priority was to “continue working on the inflation challenge that the Howard government left behind”.

“He’s placing priorities on implementing policies that place downward pressure on inflation,” she said.

It’s all Howard’s fault, of course. As will be everything for the next three years.

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96 Responses to Big Kev back in Canberra
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Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:41 am 16 Jan 08

for the recumbent cyclists that is.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:40 am 16 Jan 08

Nauru will shortly be vacant…

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:33 am 16 Jan 08

“$57million worth of cuts to DFAT announced today”

That was just the cuts to Amanda Vanstones cheese budget in Rome.

Mælinar Mælinar 9:28 am 16 Jan 08

As Mrs Maelinar noted last night, it’s a little more like liposuction at the moment than ‘razor gangs’. There is a lot of fat that can be easily removed from the PS…

Interestingly, I suppose it would take less staff to actually engage in international diplomacy (kyoto, bali etc) than it took to actively dodge everything.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:20 am 16 Jan 08

But where do the recumbent cyclists fit into New Federalism?

Ralph Ralph 10:50 pm 15 Jan 08

I’m the sure the cleaners were better paid than the local hookers.

I think I’ve got it worked out now:

No more tax cuts +

Money for maglevs +

Money for other infrastructure (even though states have dropped the ball) +

Money for health (even though states have dropped the ball) +

Money for education (even though states have dropped the ball) +

Money for solar, wind, ethanol (appease the climate gods) –

Workchoices +

Money, money, money +

Apologies to aboriginees +

Hugs for refugees =


Simple. Now, where did all that money come from?

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 10:41 pm 15 Jan 08

And did you lift your head out of the gin glass and complain, cranky, when you discovered the Australian Govt was paying two cleaners a total of only $400 p.a.?

I hope so.

cranky cranky 7:56 pm 15 Jan 08

I’m old, OK? I remember Howard’s predecessors forming a ‘Razor Gang’ to cut Fed Gov staffing and expenditure.

I was on the ground back then, but serving O/S.

We were required to cut 2 local staff to get our numbers down.

The victims were 2 cleaners, who cost Aust about a total of $400 per year. I repeat, $400 PER YEAR.

There was not, never has been and never will be any sort of unemployment benefits in the O/S country involved.

2 families on the streets because of a heartless, idealistic, pack of a/holes.

Rudd – make sure the same criticism cannot be levelled at you and your government.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:32 pm 15 Jan 08

$57million worth of cuts to DFAT announced today Ralph….

pelican pelican 7:29 pm 15 Jan 08

And…can I just add that a surplus is easy to amass if you don’t spend revenue on critical infrastructure. I could have a big bank balance too if I decided to limit family meals to one per day and my children go barefoot.

pelican pelican 7:22 pm 15 Jan 08

Using your terminology, Howard was a bit of a Jesus Boy himself given the policies and actions he supported to appease the Christian lobbies ie. chaplains in schools and prayers for rain. Just what schools needed – more religion while more and more students slip through the literacy gaps due to a lack of remedial teachers.

Is it human nature to disregard the same fault in our ‘side’ of politics and to react negatively to them in the opposing benches?

As far as interest rates go – Rudd has been in for five minutes and cannot be suddenly blamed for upwards movements in interest rates. This would be true if the situation were reversed and say the Liberals had deposed a long standing Labor government.

Rudd is still an unknown quanitity but he has hit the ground running on a number of issues since being elected and so far I am willing to give this Party a go. I just hope they are not as economically conservative as they claim to be and don’t buy into the same economic mantras and myths as the Liberals who were very much dominated by the NSW right wing and the interests of big business.

We need to see some emphasis given to the social as well as the economic sector and I, for one, am hoping that it won’t be too much of a case of tweedledum and tweedledee.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 6:13 pm 15 Jan 08

To be honest, I won’t give that much of a f-k. I’m expecting labor to only be liberal-lite. All I’m worried about is him getting rid of Workchoices, fixing up our hospitals, getting rid of the illegal detention of refugees, giving a long-overdue apology to aboriginals for the stolen generations and improving our international reputation by signing the kyoto protocol and not encouraging racism by vilifying ethnicities (I, personally, will never forget Kevin Andrew’s disgusting comments following the racially motivated murder of a Sudanese immigrant. Never.)

Kev’s already done one of these things, so I’m happy. In the world of being left-wing, you gotta learn to be happy with what you do get somewhere down the line.

Ralph Ralph 5:48 pm 15 Jan 08

He did, and I’m glad he did.

The point I’m making is that Rudd is going to do the same, and that’s good too.

The question is how are all those enamoured with labor going to react when they get the heave ho?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 5:24 pm 15 Jan 08

Ralph – Howard never took an axe to the public service, did he?

howdy howdy 5:10 pm 15 Jan 08

Don’t me started. I’ve seen the bears that can’t handle their rum smash up on icebergs. Ever seen that footage on tv of huge ice bergs falling apart – polar bears.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:07 pm 15 Jan 08

I blame those bloody Polar bears for using up all the ice in their Bundys and Coke!

howdy howdy 4:48 pm 15 Jan 08

yeah, cause it’s too hot outside?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:44 pm 15 Jan 08

Climate change causes kids to get obese in front of the computer?

I think Rudd would have been better promising a footy ball for every kid at school, to get them out in the fresh air and sun. Although, isn’t sun harmful now too?????

howdy howdy 4:31 pm 15 Jan 08

Is this where I’m allowed to blame climate change?

howdy howdy 4:29 pm 15 Jan 08

(that should read ‘enjoy debating you thumper’)

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