Big Kev back in Canberra

Thumper 14 January 2008 96

According to Sir Kevin of antiworkchoiceshirethe and patron saint of the Blessed Millionaire Preppy Jesus Boy Club is back in business after returning to Canberra yesterday.

“He has been preparing for 2008,” the spokeswoman said

“The prime minister will hit the ground running in 2008.”

The spokeswoman said Mr Rudd’s first priority was to “continue working on the inflation challenge that the Howard government left behind”.

“He’s placing priorities on implementing policies that place downward pressure on inflation,” she said.

It’s all Howard’s fault, of course. As will be everything for the next three years.

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96 Responses to Big Kev back in Canberra
Thumper Thumper 12:35 pm 15 Jan 08

So Labor agreed with Liberal who are now agreeing with Labor.

Except the me-tooism after the election is quite a lot less than Rudd showed during the election.

However, all credit to Rudd, he did what he had to do, and it worked.

howdy howdy 12:29 pm 15 Jan 08

Funny, seem to have noticed that after the election the Liberals have started agreeing with everything Labor stands for, even if it’s a huge back flip on their previous policies.
Seems fairly standard opposition political tactic and the copy cat thing was a cheap shot from a losing side.

The real issue was ‘I like what you’re saying but are you just saying it?’

Thumper Thumper 12:22 pm 15 Jan 08

Whoops, sorry about that, italics went mad 🙂

Thumper Thumper 12:22 pm 15 Jan 08

Look forward to your whining about how better things were when the angry dwarf and his cowardly smirker were in control

Like all the anti Howard zealots where doing when when he was in power?

No, of course not….

Take the CT letter writers for instance.

Thumper Thumper 12:19 pm 15 Jan 08

Of course, all those horrible, bad decisions.

I guess you just can’t please everyone in ten years of government.

Let’s wait for a year of Rudd and we’ll see what we have, considering his whole election campaign was built upon me-tooism and following Howard’s policies.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 11:59 am 15 Jan 08

Thumper, the issue is that much of what we have to deal with now is the result of the decisions taken by Howard et al over more than a decade. EG: the cost of housing now is due in part to the undermining of the states’ TAFE system (and resulting skills shortage), the introduction of the first home owners’ grant, etc.

Some of the balance of payments problem goes to the lack of resourcing going into R&D, which saw so much go off-shore (like large tranches of the burgeoning solar power industry).

The digital TV arena was abyssmally handled by Helen Coonan, as was the sell-off of Telstra (the network itself should always have remained in public ownership, regardless of how one felt about the retail arm) which perpetuated the Telstra stranglehold on broadband pricing and speeds.

Greenhouse and Murray water issues were denied for a decade, making the solutions so much more expensive to implement.

The Northen Territory Intervention is a massive expenditure that could have been avoided had the government actually just provided the funding that the NT government was requesting.

What else? Plenty…but have to pull up.

When do you stop pointing out the error of the other mob’s ways? Not likely as long as the other mob is there wanting back in I guess…

howdy howdy 11:36 am 15 Jan 08

It’s not all doom and gloom though, general forcasts would argue we are in an ok position at the moment and surviving well.
They just need to put the frightners on consumers and encourage saving rather than waste so we don’t end up in recession like America. Which is really upsetting for me cause as an Australian I’ve always wanted to be American : P

howdy howdy 11:29 am 15 Jan 08

Dont you spend money on that book! You’ll ruin us all! : P

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 11:27 am 15 Jan 08

Sorry howdy, but I thought that making money and spending money was what being a capitalist was all about… I might just go back to reading the Road to Serfdom.

Thumper Thumper 11:23 am 15 Jan 08

Rhubarb Rhubarb

howdy howdy 11:17 am 15 Jan 08

Rabble rabble

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 11:08 am 15 Jan 08

Booooo hisss!

Thumper Thumper 10:59 am 15 Jan 08

yeah, I’ll go with a messy upwards 🙂

howdy howdy 10:55 am 15 Jan 08

Rudd has a thing where he likes to honor his promises. It’s very unusual.
I don’t think tax cuts had much to do with the election, except for the fact the media would crucify him if he didn’t promise them and now crucify if he backs down. I blame the media. They hurt my feelings.

A messy upwards?

Thumper Thumper 10:45 am 15 Jan 08

Ah, so although it’s Howard’s fault, Rudd has no choice?

Nice get out of jail free card.

And if not, then you are suggesting the Australian voting public are stupid and only voted for tax cuts.

Besides, I really don’t think there is an inflation mess, at the moment it just keeps going up.

howdy howdy 10:39 am 15 Jan 08

The political climate under the Howard government was very much ‘everyone out for themselves’. Make money, spend money, feed the economy, widen the class gap. They took away funding in health, schooling, community and other benefits previously paid for by our taxes, make them ‘privately’ affordable to those in higher income brackets and gave cash handouts as a bribe if we complained. Handouts no-where close to the cost of the benefits taken away, and often given to people who didn’t need them. In fact one of the first things Howard did in office was shut down an Aboriginal language school because it ‘wasn’t needed’ I wonder who got that money back in their pay packet….

The whole point of tax is involuntary sacrificing of income to benefit the community and country. If asked most people would say in jest ‘yeah my tax went to pay for roads and health’. But if people are given their taxes back they don’t immediately think – gee I should donate it to my child’s school for text books’. People usually don’t work that way – it’s the govt’s responsibility to manage this money. I wonder what the middle aged woman in the lower tax bracket working at the Big W checkout thinks when a family walks in and spends their baby bonus and her tax money on a new wide screen TV…

To generalise (as this is already a bit too long) Johnny took this tax money, stashed it away and then paid it back as bribes and a lot of people wasted it and their spending influenced inflation. Control of this by the govt was always a ‘quick fix’. If there’s a inflation ‘mess’ now this had a major role surely.

I also don’t think we need another tax cut though. Unfort this was an election follow on of a govt forced to promise something that Mr Spendy Pants promised.

caf caf 10:25 am 15 Jan 08

Criticising many of the policies of the Howard government for being inflationary is hardly something that’s only happened since the election.

Thumper Thumper 10:09 am 15 Jan 08

Agreed Mr Ferret…

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 10:00 am 15 Jan 08

Costello never had the balls to challenge Howard, and now doesn’t have the balls to leave Parliament and try his hand in the Private Sector.

The Liberals got dumped at a good time for them. Rudd has inherited a slowing global economy, world food and oil prices skyrocketing due to food being used as fuel and peak oil approaching (or past) – these factors were not Howards or Rudds fault, and the ability of the incoming Government to limit the pain the average punter will suffer financially will be the true test…

shauno shauno 9:54 am 15 Jan 08

“If Rudd wants to slow inflation and interest rate rises, he should cancel the 31 billion worth of tax cuts which would be wasted on imported consumer rubbish, and invest this money into nation building infrastructure – fixing National highways and rail, investing in new energy solutions (windfarms, solar, geothermal, increasing the efficiency of hydro electric if possible – anything but biofuels)”

Although I’m all for low taxes and would like to see our top tax rate the same as company tax at around 30% (Singapore max is 20%).

I agree with what you have said we really need some big infrastructure spending. for example

Very fast train between Brisbane Sydney Melbourne based on proven French TGVs.

Massive investment in the solar power industry Im talking a few billion to put Australia up there with the worlds best including Germany. Its a total shame that the Howard government just totally neglected this industry which will more then likely be the worlds major source of power in the future. And Australia is Ideally suited to it.

The only thing we seem to be good at these days in pulling stuff out of the ground and sending it to China.
And training up our young people in world class Unis so they can head off overseas because there are no high tech innovative companies here anymore and bugger all investment in science and technology.

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