Big Kev back in Canberra

Thumper 14 January 2008 96

According to Sir Kevin of antiworkchoiceshirethe and patron saint of the Blessed Millionaire Preppy Jesus Boy Club is back in business after returning to Canberra yesterday.

“He has been preparing for 2008,” the spokeswoman said

“The prime minister will hit the ground running in 2008.”

The spokeswoman said Mr Rudd’s first priority was to “continue working on the inflation challenge that the Howard government left behind”.

“He’s placing priorities on implementing policies that place downward pressure on inflation,” she said.

It’s all Howard’s fault, of course. As will be everything for the next three years.

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96 Responses to Big Kev back in Canberra
Thumper Thumper 3:00 pm 15 Jan 08

It is now.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:57 pm 15 Jan 08

Access to a computer for every student.

Thumper Thumper 2:50 pm 15 Jan 08

A computer for every student 😉

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:39 pm 15 Jan 08

“then the whole campaign was completely and utterly based on lies”

That would be the 2004 election you are referring to there I assume Thumper?
You saved me cuing a few of the key lies. Tack on “interest rates”, “the science isn’t in on greenhouse”, etc etc etc …

howdy howdy 2:21 pm 15 Jan 08

Swiftboating – very nice. Does the chance one have a name? I’d call it (Mr Burns style) ‘Eeeeeexcellent’.

caf caf 2:17 pm 15 Jan 08

(Though they often appear to start by chance, intentionally starting a self-reinforcing narrative against an opponent is now known as “Swiftboating” them)

caf caf 2:16 pm 15 Jan 08

Both sides of Australian politics have fallen victim to the self-reinforcing narrative. Eg the Beazley ticker, the Barry Jones knowledge nation, the Howard is too old, etc etc. Try and spot the next one!

Thumper Thumper 2:08 pm 15 Jan 08

Paul is dead?

That would be like Howard and the tampa affair?

if you tell enough people over a long period of time that something happened, then it can become ‘fact’.

Besides, everyone knows that Paul is dead. Would the real Mccartney have married that one legged slapper?

howdy howdy 2:07 pm 15 Jan 08

(it’s like me-tooism but done over the e-mail)

howdy howdy 2:06 pm 15 Jan 08

Caf, it would be interesting to look back at prev elections and see how much ‘copying’ there really was. And who first coined the whole e-tooism thing? The media, or some-one running the Howard campaign?

howdy howdy 2:01 pm 15 Jan 08

Aw, come on. You nearly convinced me I’d said that 😛

caf caf 1:59 pm 15 Jan 08

It’s true that the media tend to coalesce around a particular narrative, then report things in a way that tends to emphasise the narrative. It’s just like the “Paul Is Dead” thing, once you’ve decided on a particular story, you’ll see evidence for it wherever you look.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 1:59 pm 15 Jan 08

You could run against Chairman Stanhope of the Peoples Republic of Canberra thumper

Thumper Thumper 1:48 pm 15 Jan 08

Nope, that is NOT going to happen 😉

howdy howdy 1:44 pm 15 Jan 08

Hey I just noticed that my quote was
“We’ll never really know unless we were directly involved ourselves”

but you quoted me as:
“Well, we’ll never know because we weren’t there”

Naughty. You should be a politican! : )

howdy howdy 1:43 pm 15 Jan 08

Do you know? Do you know who spoke to who in parliament and who knew what and when things were officially prepared and allowed to be released and to whom behind closed doors? I just got second hand info from the media…

Just saying that is beyond my scope of knowledge. I am officially out of my depth as far as the inner workings (official and unofficial) of parliament go. I’m more so saying that a politician involved in the election process would be the best for such answers. We should ask them what really went on. Not me. I admit I know not what happened : ) But it’s worth looking into for some dirt.

That’s as far as being ‘right or wrong’ goes most conversations about politics are more so about opinion. Opinion being based on observation, your opinion is based on very valid observations. All I’m thinking is I wonder what the truth behind it all really is?

I think this has sucessfully managed to go off topic : )

Thumper Thumper 1:21 pm 15 Jan 08

Oh come on howdy, that’s the biggest cop out I’ve ever read!

“Well, we’ll never know because we weren’t there”

That’s like Garrett and his incredibly insightful comment about changing everything as soon as they got into power.

maybe they will, maybe they won’t, but if they do then the whole campaign was completely and utterly based on lies.

(Cue Tampa, children overboard, terrorism arguements)

howdy howdy 1:17 pm 15 Jan 08

Who really planned it first though? Can you trust that this perception wasn’t just the way the media reported things? Sure some promises were ‘officially’ announced before others but what happened behind the scenes? We’ll never really know unless we were directly involved ourselves.

Thumper Thumper 1:11 pm 15 Jan 08

Copying will happen on both sides

Yes, but hardly to the extent it happened last election. in fact it was quite hilarious after a while to hear Rudd agree with everything Howard said.

You are correct however in saying that Howard didn’t promise to reverse workplace reform and sign Kyoto.

So, because of these two things you are telling me that there wasn’t any me-tooism by Rudd, or at least it was minimal?

Sorry, but we must have voted in different federal elections.

howdy howdy 12:59 pm 15 Jan 08

How much of the me-tooism was standard election speel though?
Copying will happen on both sides. Theres always fights over who has the best promises in an election to fix things that are broken. As if Howard was going to say ‘yeah I’ve never much cared for the public health system so I haven’t promised it much money this time’.

Rather hypocritical to cut health funding and then promise it back from a healthy surplus – and he thought we hadn’t noticed?

And when did Howard promise to reverse workplace reform and sign Kyoto? I don’t remember that…

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