Big Kev back in Canberra

Thumper 14 January 2008 96

According to Sir Kevin of antiworkchoiceshirethe and patron saint of the Blessed Millionaire Preppy Jesus Boy Club is back in business after returning to Canberra yesterday.

“He has been preparing for 2008,” the spokeswoman said

“The prime minister will hit the ground running in 2008.”

The spokeswoman said Mr Rudd’s first priority was to “continue working on the inflation challenge that the Howard government left behind”.

“He’s placing priorities on implementing policies that place downward pressure on inflation,” she said.

It’s all Howard’s fault, of course. As will be everything for the next three years.

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96 Responses to Big Kev back in Canberra
Mælinar Mælinar 3:04 pm 15 Jan 08

To talk on track here – I fail to see the relevance of this story. Rudd has applied significant downward pressure on interest rates, to the point of the impending rise under a Liberal government has not happened – or am I missing a relevant bit of news here ?

Try to refute that a Coalition government would have avoided an interest rate rise all you like, I don’t think they had the ability – yes, even after 12 years practice.

Thumper Thumper 3:11 pm 15 Jan 08


howdy howdy 3:15 pm 15 Jan 08

Same difference but better utilisation of resources (cautious on over spending u see). Plus a computer per student would be an IT person’s worst nightmare…

Having set computer per student would cause issues, especially if they were being used as part of a class activity. You could carry around a lap top – but a bit extreme as they hurt other kids when you throw them around in the playgound.

I couldn’t imagine, as a child having to sit at the same computer, in the same room, next to the same people everyday. I think that’s called going to work…

Mælinar Mælinar 3:18 pm 15 Jan 08

Microsoft or IBM or somebody like that had an ambitious project to give everybody in Peru a computer that they have only recently mothballed.

Not feasable, Not practical, completely inefficient when we actually took a look at it, or something like that, they said.

howdy howdy 3:23 pm 15 Jan 08

If some of our best hackers are children just imagine the wrath and destruction they could cause!

Or maybe they could just fix them themselves. Sense of responsibility and all that.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:37 pm 15 Jan 08

Aren’t computer harmful to the enviroment?

Where’s the giant chrome-domed loose cannon on this issue?????

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:44 pm 15 Jan 08

I think Maelinar means these:
The Third-World OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project that isn’t dead, just has problems that mean that it gets media attention in fits and spurts, and occasionally for all the wrong reasons.

But I don’t think the current Australian Government is quite so strange that they want to give out wind-up, deliberately-crippled, open-source laptops designed to survive duststorms to children in Australian schools..

Thumper Thumper 3:55 pm 15 Jan 08

It was a lap top for each student, it has morphed into school expenses which will be run like a tax return sort of rebate.

Ralph Ralph 4:00 pm 15 Jan 08

Save your breath Thumper, no point arguing with a bunch of arseholes.

Interesting to see if the labor luvvies will change their tune when they take the axe to the public sector later this year.

howdy howdy 4:09 pm 15 Jan 08

Why are Howard voters often so angry and aggressive?

Is it the ‘everyone out for themselves’ social climate I mentioned earlier? Why oh why, when we still love you so 🙂

See, I want my tax to pay for your heart operation. I’m such a big meanie : P

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:21 pm 15 Jan 08

Not all of ’em howdy – just a few like Ralph! 😛

Thumper Thumper 4:22 pm 15 Jan 08


as opposed to all those rabid Howard haters that were so prevalent during the lead up to the election.

nah, I’m not angry and aggressive, I couldn’t be bothered…

howdy howdy 4:22 pm 15 Jan 08

Ps. I actually enjoy debating thumper, its just good friendly fun, and it gets you thinking. Thinking is good.

Mælinar Mælinar 4:22 pm 15 Jan 08

wind up laptop – you mean one that has an inbuilt obesity minimiser ?

I think it’s right up their alley – it just depends on which spectrum you are looking through.

howdy howdy 4:25 pm 15 Jan 08

nah, as above, that’s not aimed at you : )

howdy howdy 4:28 pm 15 Jan 08

Ok, maybe I was a bit harsh with the word ‘often’. That would suggest some sort of plague?

: P

howdy howdy 4:29 pm 15 Jan 08

(that should read ‘enjoy debating you thumper’)

howdy howdy 4:31 pm 15 Jan 08

Is this where I’m allowed to blame climate change?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:44 pm 15 Jan 08

Climate change causes kids to get obese in front of the computer?

I think Rudd would have been better promising a footy ball for every kid at school, to get them out in the fresh air and sun. Although, isn’t sun harmful now too?????

howdy howdy 4:48 pm 15 Jan 08

yeah, cause it’s too hot outside?

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