Big Mal in trouble for time behind bar

johnboy 20 June 2013 3

The Roar have a nice take on Big Mal Meninga leaping back into the limelight with his behind bar misdemeanours:

With the Queensland selectors failing to rouse the public’s imagination with the dropping of two loyal players and selection of a third superstar halfback just to brag, the battle of the pre-match mind games seemed a foregone conclusion.

But then cometh the moment, cometh the Mal.

Sensing the gravity of the situation, Meninga once again steeled himself, had once last juicy fresh mandarin, and took it upon himself to lead his side to glory.

Yes, just like he did in the dying moments of the second Test at Old Trafford on the 1990 Kangaroo tour, Mal bumped his way to the promised land to alter the course of a series.

Straight away you can imagine the mood in camp Maroon changing.

Every press conference for the upcoming week has suddenly switched from boring QandA about Daly Cherry Evans’ purebred Labradoddle to queries about Mal’s bar shenanigans.

The SMH has a straighter take.

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3 Responses to Big Mal in trouble for time behind bar
Roundhead89 Roundhead89 1:50 am 21 Jun 13

Loved the pub’s bouncer on the Today show. “Um, we can’t comment”. Sounds like someone’s been carpeted well and truly. It wouldn’t have happened at the Caxton pub.

thatsnotme thatsnotme 9:02 pm 20 Jun 13

Aside from the media beat-up about this, which even as a blues supporter is frankly embarrassing, I’m still gob-smacked that anyone in a Brisbane bar would contemplate kicking out Mal Meninga. Especially if as has been reported he wasn’t kicked out for being pissed and stupid, but just doing something dumb.

Don’t tell me that the QLD side isn’t actually universally adored north of the border?? Or was the biggest mistake heading to a backpacker’s bar, full of employees on working holiday visas who had no idea they were kicking out their messiah?

Blen_Carmichael Blen_Carmichael 6:30 pm 20 Jun 13

It seems, as Johnboy states, that SMH was on the money. Meninga made a mistake in going behind the bar – which he acknowledges – and he left on request. End of story. As an ex-copper, Meninga obviously knows well that you don’t argue with an authority figure when you’re on a hiding to nothing.

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